Venus in Cancer

Cancer in Love

Venus in Cancer
This position of Venus grants a very sensitive, attractive, subtle and emotional love nature. You would like to just sit and ooze attraction to pull others to you from a rather safe secluded place.

Venus is very powerful in this position. The affections are liquefied and magnetic. The individual attracts what is wanted rather than aggressively seeking to obtain the desires of the heart. With this position, you tend to be a clinging vine interested primarily in home and children.
Your affections are reserved for those close to you, preferably within your own home circle. You are loyal, seductive and demonstrable. Your sensitivity produces an interest in the occult and psychic abilities. This involves you in foggy areas where your imagination plays a large role. It would lend glamour to acting.

Very loving and nurturing, but prone to smother and parent their significant others too much which can be a turn off, so be careful! This is a sweet placement, may be a talented cook and show creativity through cooking and home decoration, as well as art and music as it is a great outlet for their emotional vulnerability.

Very nostalgic and has an old and traditional taste. Loyal and loves family life. Be careful of attracting dependent people! Venus in cancer people remember all the fond little details of their lovers and time spent with them, incredibly loyal as well.
You also are very sensitive and moody. Try not to be too clingy with your lovers and give them space.At the same time, try to avoid clingy types that would feed on your sympathy! The women in your life are very protective and mother like, truly feminine and comforting.

Venus in Cancer is the big sentimental baby of the zodiac. Cancer is the first water sign, and Venus in Cancer is a very emotional lover. They express affection sensitively, comfortingly, protectively, and tenaciously. They care about your feelings and they will not give up showing it. Venus in Cancer will embrace you tightly as they express their love with a tear in their eye. The first priority for Venus in Cancer is to have a family. They need to nurture and be nurtured in order to be comfortable with life. Cancer lovers are a bit psychic and receptive; they can tell when you feel sad. They will become overly-protective of you, hardening right up and lashing out at anyone who threatens you. Venus in Cancer reflects your moods. But it will take some time before they let you get that close to them. Cancer lovers are extremely self-protective. Even if they like you, they will wait until they feel safe and sure of your affection.
Their emotions swing back and forth just like the Moon’s phases (the Moon rules the sign of Cancer). They may be happy that you cooked a lovely meal for them, and then give you the silent treatment because you have to go to work. Cancer lovers are masters of the silent treatment. They can also be stingy and mean. Sometimes their moodiness and overly self-protective feelings can become so extreme as to make it impossible to have a relationship with them. Venus in Cancer remind us that love is a great nurturing force, one that binds relationships by the care that we give to one another. Some celebrities with Venus in Aries include President Barack Obama, Dustin Hoffman, Ben Affleck, Cameron Diaz, Lenny Kravitz, Keanu Reeves, Christian Slater, Willem Dafoe and Angelina Jolie.

How to Love Venus in Cancer ?

Pleasing Venus in Cancer involve slots of snuggling and sentimentality. To make Venus in Cancer feel loved, you must become a part of their family. If you become best friends with his mother, he will love you. “Mother” him, be protective of him, cook for him, and he will love you. Venus in Cancer absolutely loves a home-cooked meal. Wear an apron when you cook, whether you’re male or female. They love to stay home. If you’re constantly dragging them out of the house for exciting dates, they will think you don’t love them. Sit with them on the couch with a tub of ice cream watching the latest romance movie, and they’ll feel loved. Never invite extra people over without consulting them. They prefer to be alone with you. They are shy in large groups; they always prefer small, close-knit groups. Venus in Cancer loves to feel needed. Be dependent on them. Be sincere with your feelings and very sensitive to their feelings.  If you’re a woman, dress pretty, not sexy. Dress like a grandmother, with soft, flowery dresses to attract a Cancer man. Always appear pretty, natural, and ladylike. If all else fails, have their baby. Venus in Cancer is probably the only zodiac sign who cannot resist the parent of their child.

Female: The Venus in Cancer woman has a sensitive attunement to nature and natural law, along with a great affinity for environmental beauty. She want a safe, solid relationship. She feels instinctively that good food and domestic felicity keep the conjugal flame glowing, and seeks through her skill in anticipating the wishes of her mate to attach him to her by the firm strands of requited affection. Venus in Cancer woman desires and needs very strong touch, holding and kissing in order to feel sexually secure and trusting. Love for her is something that is very dependent upon home, family and security, no matter how wild or adventurous she may like to think she is.

Male: He is intuitive, sensitive, warm and affectionate, with a natural sense of feeling for all that is occurring around him. This, along with his deep understanding of loyalty and devotion, makes him the natural emotional center of his family. He provides the nostalgic memories of tender moments from the past and the sincere warmth which gives a sense of continuity to those close to him. His needs are basic: shelter, love, protection, the best for his loved ones. His standards are high, but the drive, fire and ambition to obtain his desires often is lacking. Venusian Cancerian man want to be petted, cherished, and admired for his good qualities. He long for peace and quiet in his home sphere, where he make loyal, contented partner. He is competent cook and excel in the domestic arts. The Venus in Cancer male is attracted to naturally large breasts, never fake ones. He prefers the soft, natural, full, motherly look. A full-figured, even slightly over-weight, woman attracts him more than a thin, athletic woman.

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