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People born with Mars and Cancer tend to have aggressive emotions.  They allow their emotions to control their actions.  They can be very impulsive and extremely moody.   They are always acting out and responding to whatever they are feeling. As a result they sometimes do things they later regret. They clearly and adamantly express emotions.  They can be great big cry babies whining all the time, hyper sensitive, always getting their feelings hurt. They canhave anger management problems and can be highly emotionally manipulative. Or they can be big bringers of happiness and joy - cheering up the whole room with their warmth and happiness. It all depends on the person. These people use their emotions to get what they want in life and allow their emotions to drive them. They are very honest, they can never hold back what they feel.  

Sex with Mars in Cancer
This person is rarely capable of direct  confrontation or physical actions. Here the energy of Mars is really weakened and less available(unless Mars is in the 1st or 10th house-becoming very strong). One is not capable of doing physical feats or hard work and does not like such kind of activities. When a critical situation comes up, the first reaction of this person will be to hide, so he can have a time to think and prepare how to act. One needs time and finds surprises unpleasant. Mars in Cancer person is maximally effective only in very familiar environments and situations. His main motivation for action is when he/she is pressed by the wall and have no other option. They one is capable of real Mars feats and actions.

These people learn very well from their past experiences. When a Cancer Mars has to deal with a certain problem for 2nd or 3rd time,  he is able to solve it in the most effective way.
Because they approach things in a more gentle and delicate way, others are not aware of the intentions they have and they only realize it when the Mars in Cancer person starts the actual action. Because of that, they might be considered as having a secretive or manipulative manner for achieving their goals.
In relationships, they are extremely sexual, every intimate experience is a deeply emotional and multilayered process, in physical and emotional way. Since they feel the needs of the other instinctively and have a strong desire to satisfy these, they often are very good lovers. In relationships they look for and give total security and trust.
Mars in Cancer has a nurturing, emotional style. Often has a maternal quality, regardless of gender. Incredibly sensitive partners, but can be moody and inconsistent in their affection. Forms deep attachments, but can become overly dependent. Keywords: caring, protective, sensitive.
Mars in Cancer Projected: often attracted to protective, emotional types who promise to care for them, sometimes resulting in being unwittingly smothered. Sex drive is deep and passionate, strongly affected by mood. One of the signs most often involved in parent-figure relationships.

Interesting Tidbits: Sensual and passionate, sex is innately tied to emotion with Mars in Cancer. Can appear prudish on the surface, and it can take several sessions for the initial insecurities to fade. This Mars tends to like rear-entry positions and different varieties of anal play. Spanking is also a turn-on.


Men born with the Mars in Cancer are quite frankly a handful, I won’t lie.  These are highly sensitive creatures. Not only are they sensitive, they are very aggressively sensitive. They often feel the need to be babied, taken care of, looked after. They often feel entitled to good treatment, whether or not they have earned it. It will be near impossible for them to acknowledge their own flaws and they often feel like their lovers owe them something.  They feel they deserve to be nurtured more than others. They won’t want to be left alone. They will often need coddling. These men are often just grown up babies.
That being said, they are often more compassionate and nurturing than the average man. They will like to make their lover feel good.  They are often the types to give backrubs and foot massages and cook their girlfriend dinner.  They are highly in touch with their emotions and can be very soulful. They may be the types to write a song about their girlfriend and sing it to her.  They love emotionally bonding with their lovers.  Men with Mars in Cancer are the Emo nice guys that you want to love and slap at the same time.  

They often have some strong attachment to their mother. They could be a momma’s boy or they just may have wanted a better or stronger relationship with their mother. They may also date women with a motherly quality or who like to mother their partners.  They may need their girlfriend to take care of them like a mother would. They may also be really into breasts and may choose women according to the type of boobs he likes. :-)
Men with Mars in Cancer are usually very soulful. They usually love music, food, family.  They often make great musicians, dancers.  They can be very traditional or old-fashioned.  They usually have a very casual and lazy style of dress.  They want to be comfortable. They love jeans, sandals, sneakers, hoodies, t-shirts, the more worn out the better.  

They like rituals and routines.  Once they find the things they like to do, they pretty much stick to those things. They are not the types to venture out and try a bunch of new things.  They may have a bunch of different activities, interests, that they like to do that may change with their mood. But they usually don’t like for their rituals to change. They get into a routine and they like things to stay that way.  
Because of this need for rituals they often form habits.  They are highly inclined toward alcoholism and should definitely control their intake of controlled substances.  They can easily get addicted things. So its important that they choose healthy things to be addicted to.
When a Mars in Cancer man is angry there are an infinite amount of ways he might express it.  Basically whatever he is feeling he will act on.  They can be highly impulsive and often react instantly and aggressively when the anger is ignited.  They often act first, think later.  It is very very difficult for them to control their emotions.  They can get themselves into all kinds of trouble with their impulsive behavior.  
Usually though they will just go somewhere and cry, write a song, complain to their mother.  They are so sensitive and don’t mind crying. They innately understand the mental health benefits of crying and frequently do it.
People with Mars in Cancer can do very well in water sports. They will instinctively have a natural relationship with the water. It is an ideal place to really activate their aggressive energy. Water sports also require both surrender and self control — two of Cancers biggest issues.  They are natural at surrounding to their emotions but must also learn to control their emotional responses.  Water sports give great practice by learning to surrender to the density of the water but also strictly controlling your breathing while doing heavy physical exercise.
Men with Mars in Cancer tend to be very passionate in sports and can often be sore losers. They take winning and losing very much to heart.

May prefer a man with the above quality. May like for her partner to be impulsive, passionate, emotional.  May need to be nurtured and cared for by her man.  May be a bit of a brat. May have manic emotional issues.  May love music and comfort food.  May go after what she wants by being sweet, compassionate, and genuine.  May throw tantrums and act like a baby to get what she wants.  May love to swim. May choose men that are similar to her mother or that her mother would approve of. May choose men that are from her home town or share her cultural background.  May like to flaunt her boobs.  
Women, if Mars is dominant in your chart or conjunct your AC, Sun, or Moon. Please feel free to interpret the “Men” interpretation for yourself, just substitute the pronouns where necessary.
Famous Mars in Cancer natives:

Michael Phelps, Chris Brown, John Mayer, Keanu Reeves, Ashton Kutcher, Roger Federer, Ryan Reynolds, Pablo Picasso, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, William Shakespeare, Stephen King, Robin Williams, Al Capone, Notorius B.I.G., Ludacris, Noam Chomsky, Penelope Cruz, Halle Berry, Audrey Hepburn, Miley Cyrus, Reese Witherspoon, Cyndi Lauper, Julianne Moore, Dolly Parton

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