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ASTROLOGY Horoscope Signs and the sexy erotic Erogenous Zones......

Some astrologists associate a certain astrological sign with the particular part of the body. Here would provide a kind of seduction plan that we hope will be very helpful for you in discovering the sensual sexy erotic world of your partner.

Aries: the head and the face.
Aries are more sensitive when you stroke his forehead and temples. They adore if you are playing with their hair: combing and running through his hair with your fingers. Aries women like kissing with the bristled or bearded men. A light graze of their lips will make the sensations just great.

Taurus: the neck
You may begin with a gentle touch at the back of his head, slowly going down and kissing his neck. You can surprise him if you touch his neck while adjusting the tie as if it was incidentally. Your sensual kisses and gentle bites should proceed slowly and naturally.

Gemini: hands, arms, shoulders
Try to run over his fingers, kissing inner side of the arm beginning with the elbow till the armpits. You will feel him shivering as long as you linger this foreplay.

Cancer: the breasts
Men as well as women are especially receptive to French kisses. And still the breast is one of the most sensitive parts of their bodies. Their reaction will be pungent when you use oral and manual stimulation of their nipples. Careful tingles can increase the pleasure.

Leo: the back
You can start the main performance in the bathroom. When you slightly rub his back with a sponge, he turns into a fluffy tomcat. Being on the peak of pleasure you may scratch his back. Don't forget about erotic massage with scented oil.

Virgo: the stomach
Virgos most easily react to you, when you touch them with your tongue and hair along the stomach. Linger over and kiss the navel and you will see how it works.

Libra: lower back and the buttocks
You can easily distinguish Libra, as they have the sightliest buttocks. In the most intimate moment gently tap on their butt, tingling it archly. You can spice him up if you touch him with you nipples on the lower back.

Scorpio: the sex organs
You shouldn't be ingenious to find the most sensitive Scorpion's zones. The slight stroke of his penis can drive him wild. And nothing can turn him on more than oral petting.

Sagittarius: the thighs
Stroking the inner side of their thighs and slight touching of the area that is close to genitals can guarantee to awaken his senses. Sagittarius woman is also sensitive to a gentle play with her hair. Both women and men like when you massage their hips with warm oil.

Capricorn: the knees
His passion fires up when you kiss him under his knees. Slide over his body with your nipples, taking you time near a navel and thighs.

Aquarius: from the calves till the ankles
All the poses that allow touching these zones will prolong his pleasure. They are receptive to a slight caress.

Pisces: the feet
They react when you begin a soft massage, fondling their heels and feet tenderly. With you fingertips or a feather smoothly touch the feet, going round and biting a little and this will give them the most desired pleasure.

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