Mars in Pisces

Mars in Pisces Men + Mars in Pisces Women
Dreamy, Romantic, Martyr
Mars in Pisces natives are driven to make their dreams come true. They have a very beautiful often idealized idea of the way things should be and they aggressively push their dreams into the forefront.  They can be extremely out of touch with with reality, but they will somehow manage to make the unreal, real.  They are usually very kind, compassionate, and creative people. They are extremely sensitive, meaning they absorb all that is happening around them, they are very empathetic and often internalize the emotions of others. These people are really big dreamers. They passionately fight for their dreams.  They are often martyrs for their dreams, their weapon is their own self-sacrifice. They are the ones who end the battle by taking the final bullet.  They are often very willing to sacrifice themselves in pursuit of their idea of a more beautiful world.

Mars in Pisces in not a strong Mars, but the need for love is great. Sensuality and profundity are prized above passionate heat or common sense. Incredibly romantic and giving; often disappointed in love. Loyal when emotionally satisfied, but prone to fickleness. Keywords: dreamy, gentle, inconsistent.

Mars in Pisces Projected: is often attracted to musicians, artists, or mystically inclined people. Tends to become involved with shiftless types, and can take a role in the "savior/victim" game; especially prone to attracting substance abusers. Seeks empathy and emotional connection above all.

Interesting Tidbits: Mars in Pisces is diffusive and easily led; these folks pick up new habits and preferences constantly. Intuitive and highly responsive, this Mars will rarely make the first suggestion, but is open to anything. Prone to bisexuality and a liking for fantasy sex; role-playing is a turn-on once they are past their initial insecurities.

Sex with Mars in Pisces 
Such person is very delicate and always takes into consideration the desires and opinions of others. He does not intrude where he is not invited or desired. These people like to make others comfortable and do not expect a reward in return or special gratitude. Their way of acting is usually light and delicate, their decisions usually stay hidden from others. They do not possess an unusual physical strength and do not like to do anything by force, they need to feel some sort of joy from the actions they do and then they are capable of long and enduring effort and work. They are idealistic and rarely will do something out of selfish reasons, but sometime their actions can look a bit impractical to others. Even though others might consider their behavior as timid, weak or ambivalent, Mars in Pisces believe that real strength is on the inside and they can win by giving in to the rival and dissolving his strength with the power of their spirit and acceptance.
In love, they are especially emotional and sensitive and they need to experience deep and intense interaction. Even though they are capable of strong passions and love, they do not like and never exhibit roughness or pushiness in relationships. Everything needs to be romantic, secretive and private. But they definitely need to experience all emotions through psychical contact, as well. They are some of the best lovers, because they always feel intuitively what the partner needs. They definitely know how to give romantically, like no one else! 


Men born with Mars in Pisces are often introverted and dreamy.  They have a highly romantic nature.  They are vey emotional and there is always a bit of a storm in their hearts.  They are always day dreaming, imagining, worrying.  They are deeply peaceful, sweet, and kind men.  They genuinely care about people and feel things quite deeply.  

They are romantically confrontational. In other words, they usually manifest some beautiful drama to make their point and go after what they want.  It may be very unclear what it is they are trying to achieve because they sometimes get so lost in the drama of it all.  They see themselves as martyrs and often put themselves in situations where they know they will be defeated just so that they can later be exalted in some way.  They thrive in the underdog position.  
These men are usually very beautiful and mysterious.  They are usually well-liked and respected by other men, they are admirable but not intimidating. They are usually very admired by women as well. Women usually want to follow them, look after them, care for them.  Women worry about their path toward self destruction and men admire their unwavering commitment to their beliefs and their cause.
They have a strong anti-confidence. In their lives they truly believe they are no better than anyone, and that makes them better than everyone. They are willing to put their hand in the fire, walk on the coals, take the punches, and that makes them the bravest.

Mars in Pisces men can be very wishy washy though. They can be very self involved thinking their personal drama is the most important thing in the world.  Sometimes its seems like they are suffering just for the sake of suffering. Their intentions can be very unclear and they may wallow in their own self pity.  People may want to be on their side and fight with them, but they push people away by holding tight to the victim role and not allowing anyone to help them.  
Men with Mars in Pisces may or may not be very competitive. But if they do play a sport it is safe to say it is because they feel very strongly about that sport, they love it, they deeply care about it. They will play very passionately, they will give their entire heart to whatever game they play.  They will not be the types to boast and brag.  They are not typically cocky.  They do what they do for the love only.  
Men with Mars in Pisces usually internalize their anger.  If they are angry about something they often turn their reactions inward on themselves.  They will harm themselves before they harm someone else.  This isn’t to say that they won’t fight back if someone picks on them.  But they are not the types to be directly confrontational.  They usually find some round about way to express their anger that does not involve a direct confrontation.  

Mars in Pisces natives are often highly artistic and creative.  Usually they will turn any feelings of anger or discontent into some beautiful work of art.  Anything important they have to say, they will say it creatively and beautifully.  

Mars in Pisces natives usually make very passionate advocates for any cause. They are so deeply committed to this dream they are good at getting other people to rally to their side.  They often make strong passionate leaders because they so completely believe in a  dream
Mars in Pisces natives can be very romantic in pursuing a love interest.  When they like someone, they fall completely in love, head over heals. They will go to the depths for someone they are interested in.  They are not the types to do conventional expressions of love like sending flowers or buying expensive gifts. They will show what is exactly in their heart. They will learn what their love interest loves and they will give that to them, do that for them.  They will create something beautiful for them, nurture them, take care of them. They are incredibly sweet, caring, affectionate, and gentile.
Sometimes they are too nice though. Some women may get really annoyed with their less than masculine expressions. They may want them to “toughen up, be a man”
Many Mars in Pisces men have some insecurity about their masculinity and sometimes try to overcompensate by acting really tough, or being really athletic.    

When they are in love its like the world stops and the relationship becomes the center of their life. They can be very careless and wreckless when they are in love. This is really what they live for, what they are always dreaming of. So when it happens they just abandon all responsibility and just go to heaven.  
They are natural born lovers. They are deeply passionate and sensual in sex. They like to go to another world when they have sex.  Sex with them should always be a beautiful, otherworldly, romantic, love making experience.  

May prefer a partner with the above qualities.  May prefer a man who is sensitive, moody, and dreamy. May want a really passionate and romantic man.   May date people who are very spiritual or religious. May date men who are very “soulful”. May date men who are not typically masculine, maybe very emotional, a cry-baby.  
May prefer a man who is hell bent on self-sacrifice and not very ambitious.  May go after what she wants by empathizing with others. May be highly romantic and dreamy. May be very out of touch with reality, lives in a dreamworld.  May be extremely emotionally expressive. May be aggressively feminine and soft.
Women, if Mars is dominant in your chart or conjunct your AC, Sun, or Moon. Please feel free to interpret the “Men” interpretation for yourself, just substitute the pronouns where necessary.
Mars in Pisces Natives:Che Guevara, Lebron James, Heath Ledger, Vincent Van Gogh, Michelangelo, Keith Haring, Tom Hanks, Bob Dylan, Denzel Washington, Steve McQueen, David Beckham, Miles Davis, Josh Brolin, Christoph Waltz, Ian Curtis,  Socrates, Chris Isaak, Ray Liotta, LL Cool J, Vincent Gallo, Paco Rabanne, Desi Arnaz, Michael Cera, Phil Spector, Zack de la Rocha,  Ralph Nader, Art Tatum, Danny Boyle, Corey Haim, Marilyn Monroe, Juliette Binoche, Paris Hilton, Christina Hendricks, Tina Turner, Elizabeth Taylor, Kim Cattrall, Jerry Hall, Billie Holiday

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