Mars in Aquarius

Mars in Aquarius Men + Mars in Aquarius Women
Weird, Inventive, Nihilistic
People born with Mars in Aquarius are very concerned with shaping the future to their own vision. They are extreme, aggressive know-it-alls who quite frequently develop God complexes. They believe they are the smartest, most intelligent, most knowledgeable people and everything should go according to the way they see it.  They actually do possess a unique, progressive perspective and vision of the future. They really do see themselves as humanitarians who want the best for everyone.  They are overflowing with really innovative and original ideas.  And they use their unique minds to get what they want.  However, they sometimes don’t spend a lot of time learning before they act, their arrogance trumps and they fall into the God Complex category, believing they naturally have all the answers and don’t need anyone else’s input. They end up doing more harm than good.

They will shape the future in one way or another, they are the visionary movers and shakers. Sometimes the result is good. They can be catalyst for intellectual and humanitarian advancements.    Sometimes the result can be very bad though.  They can be very uneducated, and narrow minded and cause irreparable destruction.  

Sex with Mars in Aquarius

They possess flexible and unconventional approach to solving problems and reaching  their goals. The actions and behaviors of the person often do not fit the standard model accepted by society. The person loves to experiment and constantly improve themselves. Even when they confront the same problem, they can solve it each time in a different way. They do not like brute conflict and physical confrontations. They need a peaceful, intelligent environment in order to give the best they can. The physical energy is also unusual and changes constantly, they can endure long hours of pressure and work at times but at others, they can loose their vitality from the smallest exertion and need a long rest after.

In relationships, Mars in Aquarius people are open minded and liberated but they do not have the strongest sex drive. Their main motivation for action is curiosity and the desire to try something new and interesting. 
Mars in Aquarius is one of the quirkiest placements, and is traditionally the sign of the lifelong bachelor. Relationships are based on intellectual rapport and friendship. The sex drive is not strong, but is often highly individual. Can be unpredictable, but usually loyal while they're around. Keywords: cerebral, unpredictable, stubborn.

Mars in Aquarius Projected: is a difficult Mars to project, and often results in attraction to unavailable types or "distracted geniuses." Partners must be intelligent and original; more earthbound types grow tedious quite quickly. Can fall out of love or file for divorce abruptly and unpredictably.

Interesting Tidbits: This Mars is not very physical, and nontraditional forms of love and sexuality are common (such as non-contact sexuality, non-cohabitational marriages, and a preference for online or phone chat.) Not at all possessive, this Mars can usually handle open relationships with total equanimity.

Men born with Mars in Aquarius use their minds to assert themselves. They put a lot of energy into being new, original, unique.   They are usually kind of offbeat and weird.  They may have a really unique sense of style. They may draw from really unusual influences.   They often have kind of a weird look.  They are not always the most typically attractive or masculine.  Most of their masculinity shows up in the way they execute their ideas.  They are incredibly confident in their intelligence and they use their intelligence to go after whatever they want.  

They are not always the most athletic, though they can be.  They are more inventive. They may be the types to invent a new type of bicycle or a new sport. They may feel bored with or unsuited for any established methods of exercise or conventional sports.  When they do play sports they are always very concerned with outsmarting their competitor.  They want to feel like they are above their competition. They may break the rules in favor of inventing their own rules.  They may argue with the umpire or referee or judges over some rule they are trying to get around.  These types always feel as if they are above the rules or that the rules are antiquated and in need of an upgrade. They are always trying to rewrite the game in their favor.
Mars in Aquarius men are often discontent, unsettled.  They are often angry that the world is not operating according to their specific worldview.  They are often the types to start arguments and pick fights. They won’t pick fights with an individual though. They usually find some outlet to vent their anger against some cause or a group of people. They often see their enemy as a specific group in society that is doing everything all wrong and needs to be cancelled out. They can be extremely cold and very nihilistic.  
They fight by talking. They don’t necessarily try to talk themselves out of a confrontation. For them their words ARE the confrontation. They can be incredibly verbally violent.  How they do in an actual confrontation is anyone’s guess.  But they are not afraid to fight dirty, rules don’t apply to them.   These people are inventive and may have some hidden gadget under their shirt that throws the punches for them.  You never know what to expect with these people.
In relationships, they try to impress their love interest with their knowledge.  They may talk for hours about their ideas.  They want their partners to be really impressed with their intelligence.  They may be very interested in teaching their partner or showing them the way.  It is very important to them that they are the smarter person in any relationship. They will spend a lot of time sharing their opinions and world views.  They appreciate a debate, but you must succumb to the fact that they will always be “right”.

Sexually they are usually pretty outside the box. They are often very detached from the act. They are not naturally very sexual people in that they don’t really NEED sex like other signs do.  They may even feel uncomfortable with the act of sex. It may feel too intimate or barbaric. They may prefer sex with prostitutes or someone that they don’t have to make any emotional connection with.  They may also prefer phone sex, internet sex, or something where there is actually no contact.  They may think that they are actually really sexy and sexual but their partners may feel very disconnected from them during the act of sex.  They can also be very promiscuous. They are often so detached from the act that they have sex frequently with little thought before or after.

They do best with a partner who does not need a lot of emotional gratification in sex and perhaps who doesn’t have a very high sex drive. Someone who is more fascinated with the idea of sex and fascinated by all the things you can try,  but doesn’t necessarily need sex for physical or emotional comfort or stability.

Mars in Aquarius men can be very inventive with sex, they may try some really interesting and new tricks. They are not for all tastes but with the right person they can be pretty fun. 
Mars in Aquarius men tend to have very unconventional relationships.  They may date someone completely unexpected. They may date several people at a time. 

They often have “open relationships”. They don’t like to feel owned or tied down to anything.  They are typically not that jealous or possessive.  They may also be open to group sex or polyamory.   More than anything they need their sex relationships to remain light and mentally stimulating. They don’t like a bunch of emotional drama.  Their mind is too focused on what’s coming next.  


May prefer a parter with the above qualities.  May prefer a weird man who is a little arrogant and talkative.  May date really unconventional men.  May prefer a man who is emotionally distant and stimulates her intellect.  May be really sexually liberated and have really progressive ideas about sex. Maybe totally sexually clueless. May be very unsexual and just goes through the motions for the sake of procreation.  May be very arrogant and a know-it-all who may or may not actually know it all.  May have a knack for getting what she wants with her bold and unique intellect. May be a strange and wonderful visionary seemingly from the future or another planet.

Women, if Mars is dominant in your chart or conjunct your AC, Sun, or Moon. Please feel free to interpret the “Men” interpretation for yourself, just substitute the pronouns where necessary.

Famous Mars in Aquarius natives:
Justin Timberlake, Justin Bieber, Pharell Williams, Leonardo Da Vinci, Drake, Gerard Butler, Serge Gainsbourg, Jay-Z, Tupac Shakur, Cary Grant, Lance Armstrong, Gary Oldman, Axl Rose, Mark Wahlberg, Ang Lee, Jamie Foxx, Julian Assange, Alec Baldwin, Hugh Hefner, Snoop Dogg/Lion, Howard Hughes, Matt Dillon, Elijah Wood, Adrien Brody, George W. Bush, Akon, Sacha Baron Cohen, Justin Theroux, Tennessee Williams, Rush Limbaugh, Trey Songz, Karl Rove, Kim Jong-un, Michelle Obama, Scarlett Johansson, Kristen Stewart, Winona Ryder, Adele, Sarah Palin

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