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How to seduce Libra Woman

yana & chavelli by hicham riad for elle belgium september '13I guess now you’ve finally decided to take flirting with the Libra woman to a higher level. Well then, we should go straight to the point and send you on your merry way.
Simply put, you need to know what makes a Libra woman, a Libra woman. So you have to have answers to these questions: what are her characteristics, what makes her that way and more importantly, how do you use these to get closer to her in a more intimate way.
Libras are represented by the scales. This makes the Libra woman have a good head on her shoulders. They are diplomatic and tactful. They’re not quick to judge people and would expect other people not to jump into conclusions about them. She is very gentle at treating things so be gentle with her too. Make sure you don’t get wrapped around her finger, though. The Libra female is charming but she can be fierce. She likes taking control but she wants someone with a backbone so if she sees she can get you or someone like you anytime she’s going to look for someone who will not cower from her. Having the scale as a symbol he always tries to weigh things and if she can’t decide she asks someone so you should make sure she feels like you can always help her decide at the least.

Libras are governed by the planet Venus. This could mean a lot of things for the Libra woman. Venus is the goddess of love. Librans are affectionate and romantic people. If romantically speaking, you know what to do then that should give you a good push to be more close to her intimately. A Libra female has the tendency to be in love with the concept of love and will search for her ideal partner continuously. But even though this is the case, Libras sometimes end up marrying someone not because of love but because of other aspects. For example, if you’re more attentive and more romantic than a person she likes she’d most probably pick you as her prom date because she would want to show you off to her friends and other people. There’s also a big chance she will be the talk of the night and she loves being the center of attention.

She is truly an embodiment of balance. She has poise, grace, beauty and intelligence but most importantly she has caught your eye. That said, she has probably caught everyone’s eye in the room as well. She is a social butterfly, able to make others laugh and enjoy themselves all without any effort on her part. She walks in a room and can easily outshine any star in the sky. She has no shortage of available suitors waiting for a nod so your competition is stiff.

tal ben-menashe by jiyang chenRuled by Venus, the Libra woman loves everything about romance and seduction. She is the kind of woman who thrives within a partnership so she is ideal in relationships and marriage. She is always loyal to her mate and those in her inner circle. Understand now that she is NOT a notch on your belt. You want to settle down, lay some roots and GROW UP? This is woman you do it with. Otherwise, her cousin in crime the Aries, might be bored enough to throw you a bone.

With most women, being cute and funny could make you stand out. A Libra woman will laugh right along with you and move on thinking you are like everyone else. Coming to her direct, with some decorum and making her feel comfortable will help you stand out. “Hi, I’m insert name here ” – some intelligent conversation, a few well placed compliments and end the initial introduction with – “I would like to see you again.” If you get a yes then you have done your job well. Just don’t screw it up.

To seduce her, tilt the scales to her advantage. A Libra woman is a devotee to beauty and art so appeal to her natural senses. For your date, bring her to a museum and have lunch at an outdoor café. Weather permitting, take a walk through the local gardens and have a picnic. She likes things intimately casual and comfortable, like it is absolutely natural for you two to be where you are doing what you are doing. The relaxed romance of it all will do more for you than money can buy. So open her doors and pull out her chair but relax and be genuine. With a Libra woman there is no need to be intimidated, no need to be nervous just opens yourself up to her and the rest will just come together.
A Libra woman expects more than mumbles and nods from a potential suitor. Be prepared to discuss anything and everything and your opinions to be challenged. She is taking the time learn about you and what makes you tick; you should take the same opportunity and do the same. Show interest and ask questions, agree to disagree and praise your common ground. She doesn’t need or want perfection; your Libra wants to achieve a balance.
Let me remind you that famed dating rules like the “third date rule” or employing such crass charm relatable to the “slam bam thank you ma’am”, will not apply here. She descends from the Goddess of Love and is won over by the charm and passion that comes from intimacy. Thinking anything NEAR those tactics will lose you what little ground you did gain and have to win her all over again.

fetiche by ichwan peryanaIF she even lets you that is. Libra women take their time when it comes to relationships; do not make it any longer than it will already be. From the moment of your introduction and her decision to give you a chance, you have been under a microscope. Where your date was and how you handled yourself will have been analyzed and scrutinized second by second. What you do after the first date will dictate your future with her. Now, men have earned the notorious stereotype of having a great date and then not calling for another week. Do this and she will have forgotten all about you and moved on. Maybe not first thing in the morning but sometime before dinner time, send her a text or leave her a message and let her know you enjoyed the date and really do want to see her again. Show her you want to invest in “us” and in her.

When you finally get to make love to your Libra, silently and internally rejoice. Hey, I know it was hard work and it took more than a minute so take a Carlton dance moment then get down to business. Kiss her slow and firm, tell her how gorgeous she is and revel in the foreplay. Your Libra woman appreciates quality not quantity. Make it good for her and she will make it very good for you, so good that a man may turn into a 30 second brother. Look, I’m just telling you how good it is, don’t shoot the messenger.

If you made it to the bed with a Libra then most likely she is thinking of keeping you. Well in order for you to keep her favor, put your best foot forward. She is still a social butterfly with a wide circle of friends and plenty of activities to keep her busy. She will want you with her and looking like the prize you are. Her friends are very important to her but don’t worry, just be yourself and look good doing it. They will let you in just as she has. If you can win her friends over, you will be one step closer to winning her.

Winning the heart of a Libra woman may sound like a lot of work but you won’t realize it. She will captivate you with her charm and mesmerize you by her presence alone. If you are fortunate enough to win her heart, your life will be one of passion and most importantly balance. She will love you deeper than you have never known. So go ahead and take your time, do it right. You will have the pleasure of a whole lifetime with her, showing you why it was worth it.

A Libra woman likes to look good and she would expect the same from her partner. Why would she pick you if you’re always unshaved and doesn’t take care of yourself? Librans usually have a lot of admirers so if you want to stand out you have to, first, be conscious of your physical appearance because she’s the type to notice the smallest things.
Now, since she is also ruled by the goddess of beauty, she would want to surround herself with beautiful things too. Materialistically speaking, you need to shower he  with presents and luxurious things to catch her attention. Flowers, tokens and expensive things are great; romantic dinners, vacations and sensual massages are even better. Vacations will give you the chance to be intimate with her and you can make your way from there. *Tip: The Libra female is a very good kisser. ;-)

american dream by cassie yusofi As a Libra lady, I would advise some form of titillation... try your hand at romantic poetry... drop her a note...but be sincere! We sniff out insincerity immediately and can be very cutting at any fake attempts to seduce us just for the sake of getting us to bed.

We love romance and good music. A live performance is not adverse to our liking(: If you play an instrument, why not play us a tune or two and you are bound to win us over...providing it is good music.

We are emotional ladies, so expect to have us want more than just sex. We are very understanding and loyal if treated right, and expect the same back.

Don't mess with our heads...sure, a few weeks of eye contact and light conversation until you have the gumption to ask us out, but don't go on for months screwing with our heads...we are too fragile for that nonsense.

Definitely a secluded hideaway, beautiful beach setting, romantic dinner either at your place or out, a nice wine and intelligent conversation. We also like to know about you, so take lead in conversation...we do like a man to take charge...which is why we like Aries. Don't be too bossy though, that will put us on the defensive quite quickly. Always say what is on your mind...don't leave us guessing, we too like direct. Treat us with respect at all times and we will be putty in your hands (:

Libras are cardinal air signs. They are very bright, vibrant and sociable. A person under the element of “air” are said to be intellectual and like meaningful conversations. Try to get to her level of mentality and you will have a very good start. Keep some distance though and don’t push your beliefs to her. Let her decide for herself. A Libra can be indecisive with her opinions but she values freedom and independence so make her feel that you are interested in her ideas and that you won’t take away her freedom to decide on things no matter how small they are. A candle lit dinner and some wine should give the right ambiance for a nice conversation.

A person under this sign also has short interest span. She has a tendency to wander around if she gets bored. You need to catch her attention and make her feel that your own attention is fixed on her. And although they love their freedom, Librans hate to feel lonely. Give her your companionship first; but not to the point that you’re always together. Remember too much of something is not always good. Besides, a Libra woman is not conventional. She’s one to settle down yes, but not to have kids or build a family. She even tends to marry for companionship and not love. She is known to choose to commit to someone not because she’s in love but because it is convenient in some way.
A Libra woman seems a lot to handle, yes. So before you take the plunge and decide to pursue this woman, you need to be sure you’re ready for what she throws at you.

How to seduce Libra Woman ? 
How to seduce Libra Man ?

 Seduction of Libra
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