How to seduce Pisces Woman

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Pisces females are born between February 20 and March 21. They belong to the twelfth and last sign of the zodiac. These women are very kind and charming. Their deep eyes gives you the impression of looking into the world that is beyond your imagination. They show vague longing, filled with kind desire.

The Pisces female don't talk allot but when she does, the meanings are always twisted, two-way, and sometimes incomplete, as if she expected you to clear them up. Appreciate this personal power of hers, but keep your eyes wide open because most certainly there is a pain or a wounded sensitivity in there, something that she refuse to tell anyone.

She is extremely romantic. In her heart, you can find confusion and boredom, but also dreams. she is always very careful not to reveal her inner world or expose it to attacks from others. so approach her very carefully.

The Pisces woman seems to resist a man that comes from an unexpected direction, but honestly, she is only scared of what she don’t know. She can find herself responsible for a specified wrongdoing every day while she is in fact waiting for an expressing of praise and evidence proving that you still love and desire to have her.

From a sexual point of view, the Pisces woman struggles between the fear of committing a sin and the fear of being left without help. Her emotion is a weak point. Stir it and it will not be hard for you to seduce her.

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A tad bit mysterious, compassionate and polite woman – that is your Pisces. She makes you want to know what she is thinking, what she dreams of at night and where in life she wants to go. You want to protect her, make sure she smiles and keep her happy. She makes you want to try to settle down and try out being in a relationship. It is as if you are enchanted but you can’t think of anywhere else you would rather be. If you want to seduce her you must remember to respect her femininity, turn on your romantic charm and be genuinely compassionate. In doing so she will want you just as much as you want her.

Seducing a Pisces is much like a period piece romance novel. There will be talk of proper courting and romantic gestures, things that our grandparents and those before them did. You may have no idea where to begin but honestly don’t let it scare you. They like everything about relationships and want to be in one. The best way to start is being direct with both sensitivity and class. Pisces generally fall for a person who is strong on the outside and tenderhearted inside. She wants a partner who is positive, protective, supportive and also thoughtful. She can fall in love easily and some have taken advantage of that but you can be the one that makes things better.

A creative way to capture her heart is through good old fashioned love letters. Now there is no need for pages and pages of you pouring your heart out but a few good lines of genuine emotion will work. This is an easy way to “court” her. Maybe a quote might work or even short poems but begin with something positive and uplifting and move forward from there. As you move forward, give her honest tidbits of yourself, little thoughts or dreams of your own. The idea of a clandestine love affair will excite and charm her while the secrecy intrigues her. You can either be a bit mysterious at first not letting her know it’s you or you could be a bit bold and reveal yourself. Either way, keep it as only something you two know.

As you work up to asking her out, remember that politeness goes a long away. If you see her, hold open the door for her and find a way to compliment her as you do so. Find out how she likes her coffee and bring her a cup. If her birthday is coming up, bring her some flowers. Since Pisces love the color purple, I suggest Sterling Roses. By sweeping her off her feet and giving her a reason to fantasize, you have already positioned yourself in her mind. The unassuming romantic gestures, coupled with a polite and courteous manner will get you that date and put you well on your way.

When thinking of where to take her on your date remember your Pisces woman is very visual and very romantic. Be creative. Does your art museum have a café? Does your local symphony practice outdoors (weather permitting of course) near some street food vendors? Maybe walking through the park or near a lake might be better. As a water sign she is drawn to her element in the form of lakes, streams, beaches, etc. Where ever you choose try to accomplish something visually stimulating as well as quixotic. You want to be able to create an atmosphere where she can feel only you two exist and provide a sense of comfort to lead to good conversation.

Pisces want someone they can love that is educated and can hold a great conversation. They are talkers and dreamers. The Pisces woman wants someone who can speak unabashedly and dream vividly. Within your conversations feel free to be honest and candid. She will want to know all about you from your first heartbreak to your favorite fabric softener. Take the opportunity to show her your strengths and even share a few dreams. Make her think of you as a rock, a person who can ground her and support her. If you can stimulate her mind and get her heart to trust you, then you can definitely stimulate other places.

A Pisces makes love with their entire being. Normally she will not have sex with someone who does not have her heart. For her there is so much emotion behind it, she may liken it to bonding. She views sex as the ultimate expression of love and it mirrors the relationship. Behind closed doors she is physical and passionate. Her sexual intensity though is balanced by her creativity. She likes a little role play from time to time and even likes a little bit of domination. She might like you being a tad firm and powerful with her. So you know if you happen to find yourselves in the shower one night, having fun while holding her against the wall is probably a damn good idea.
Keeping her is simple… continue as you were. Pisces always prefer the understated over the blunt and the unspoken over the obvious. If you used the love letters to seduce, every now and then, send her another. Take her away to somewhere beautiful or help her attain a dream. Simple gestures mean more to her than expensive items. Your love and support or your ability to pull her back when she takes on too much, will mean more to her than some trinket.

As the poster child for the sensitive romantic type, your Pisces needs a soul mate more than most. She craves a companion who is on the same level that she is on. She needs someone to understand how deeply she cares for all that surrounds her and can share in her passions. Her partner on some level must be like her, gentle and caring, sentimental and romantic but strong enough to ground and protect her. You may have had to dust off your romantic side but her whimsical nature and big heart makes it all worth it.

How to seduce Pisces Woman ? 
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