Virgo SEX

Virgo (Aug. 24 to Sept.23):

Virgo are usually shy to express their sexual interests. However they areready to display their strong carnal appetite to the right partners.Virgos are rather moody in their sexual adventures and react well onlyto trustworthy partners. Only a slow and steady approach can ignite thesexual passions of Virgos. On the surface, meticulous Virgo is a shy sign, but you are an entertaining companion for those who take the trouble to inquire into your deeper self in your search for perfection. You tend not to pursue the object of your desire openly. Given the right partner, you display an earthy sensuality and a strong carnal appetite. You are not a sign that gets carried away by love and sentiment. You are much too practical and analytical for that. But when you do fall in love, you are thoughtful and caring and will do all you can to serve your partner Virgo is careful, almost to a fault, and pays attention to everydetail. 

Love-making by the book. Virgo needs to have some control ofthe situation, and wants to learn what the partner wants – as well asto teach the partner how to return the favor. It may be kind oftechnical, but it will do the trick Virgo is a lover of refined intimacy. She is fond of futton positionwhen she lies on the edge of the bed and spreads her legs wide, whileher partner kneels and can enter her or please her with cunnilingus.Virgo likes to submit thats why this sex position is ideal for himas his partner can control the angle of penetration and the rhythm ofthrusting. Many of them may even prefer to stimulate themselves ratherthan search for a partner. Another play Virgos adore is to resist-and-to-surrender until he could burst out in exploding orgasm.Virgo always knows what he wants and his partner can be sure he will bevery persistent and methodic but dont expect outburst of sexual fantasy.


Sex of Virgo

So often, the sizzle in sex is in the details, and Virgo is a master of minutae. The lover as perfectionist is Virgo personified, someone who will see to it that the little things are never overlooked. The Virgin finishes what it starts in the bedroom, and this cozy chamber is likely to be a dreamy den done with discriminating taste. The servant in Virgo is only more than happy to be everything their lover desires; if that lover can bring out Virgo's sensual self, the reward will be a most liberated lover. A cool exterior tends to mask Virgo's wild side, often a fantasy world filled with erotica safely under wraps. The lover who can reach these sexual treats is lucky, indeed.

Sex & Virgo Man

Virgo man, His physical appetite is quite unpretentious and traditional. You arelikely to meet each other with the help of your friends, because he istoo modest for such things. Virgo prefers to make an appointment whereeverything will be planned to details. That's why it is better to givehim tangible hints before you suggest him something for a change. Heknows what woman likes and will do things methodically, giving herplenty of room for initiative. Some women like when men follow theirorders and Virgo man can be that very man to make you feel on the top.Some Virgos prefer to have sex alone rather than making efforts to finda right partner. They may prefer solo sex to relieve from sexualtension and wait for the right partner quite long.


Sex &  Virgo Women

Virgo woman will never exaggerate the meaning of sexual pleasure.Earthy and well organized, she can't believe that sex can be more thanjust a physical satisfaction. Her scenario is simple: the less exotic,the better. Probably she won't be the one to introduce new ideas inyour bedroom, so it may take you some time to warm her up for suchexperiments. It is better to start with a foreplay, tender stroking allover her body. Virgo woman is slow to fire up and prefers try-and-truetechniques of love making. Once Virgo is excited, she will be ready formore. May be she is too shy to admit that her inner self needs asubmissive role, but if you try to spank her buttocks her reaction canbe pretty unexpected.

Erogenous zones

Did you get Virgo in your bed? Do not forget about belly “ Virgos have very sensitive abdominal area. Virgo enjoy light and tender touches and stroking with tips of fingers and hair.

Being very neat Virgos like everything related to water and bathroom. Take a bath or a shower together with your Virgo, massage his/her body with sponge or with running water or try some waterproof sex toys. Your partner will appreciate it greatly!

If you have a narrow tube, let your Virgo (woman) sit on your knees and penetrate from behind. Massage her belly with the shower simultaneously.

Massage the area around the belly and finish the massage with gentle licking. Satisfactory sex is guaranteed!

What Virgo Needs

What Virgo Needs
The striving achiever that is Virgo lusts for someone who can play in their league. Sports are often the perfect release for partners, since the Virgin adores the one who shares their love for good health and excellence. Those born under this sign want, and need, a strong and free lover who will draw them out and acquaint them with sexual pleasure. A partner who is secure and can take the initiative, who can easily communicate sexual and romantic feelings, will win Virgo's heart. If Virgo can mate with someone who'd have sex at the beach as easily as in the bedroom, it could be a match made in heaven! With Virgo, it's all in the details and doing things right. The caring and romantic Virgin knows that the small things in life and love do matter. Couple that with an eagerness to serve, and the Virgin's lucky lover is in for a wonderful ride!

How to influence him (This also apply to WOMAN too): 

How to influence him:
He is a problem solver and gets things taken care of once he's had time to think it out. Give him the details and the time and he'll take care of it. He may appear cold and immune to your emotions or tears, but inside he's genuinely concerned and trying to analyze what your problem is so he can help you. he cares but he shows it differently than most people. He may set a standard for how he expects you to behave, find out what it is and stick to the format. He may provoke an argument to test you if he feels you don't care, let him know what your feelings are. He likes playing the role of "dad" so let him know that you are counting on him and he'll come through for you. He has a deep sense of fairness, so appeal to that when you want to win a point with him.


A few don'ts: 

A few don'ts:
Don't cross him or he'll pout and be out of touch until he cools down. Don't barge in or force a discussion when you see that he is thinking, give him time to break away from his thoughts.

 Best with:
He goes best with: Taurus, Cancer, Capricorn, Pisces, Virgo

He clashes with: Scorpio, Aquarius, Leo, Aries

Neutral: Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius


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