How to seduce Scorpio Woman ?

To Seduce a Scorpio Woman


Simona by Vali Barbulescu (NSFW) 


Scorpio women prefer a man who appears intense or inscrutable, and has a kind of magnetic charisma about him that hints at smoldering sexuality and unexplored depths of unbridled passion.

I preface this article by saying if you are interested in a Scorpio woman, congratulations you must have balls of steel. She is THE most explosive sign in the zodiac. Her intensity can really only be matched by the fire signs of the zodiac but even there she gives them a run for their money. She is fierce both emotionally and physically but is not one to toy with at all. You play games and she will win. She will win and leave you in the corner crying for your momma.

Usually I like to write in full disclosure and give you both the up and down sides of a sign, I think it’s only fair. This particular sign – this gender, makes me want to tell you to pull up a chair while I make a pair of drinks. She is just like the arachnid that represents her; rub her the wrong way, threaten her or her surroundings and you are dead where you stand. There is no room to maneuver, for a Scorpio woman it either is or it isn’t. Are you ready for her, really ready? Once you enter her arena, you don’t leave unless she tells you to.

She is full of finesse and mystery. Your Scorpio is an enthralling woman with a very strong A-type personality. She is just the right level of challenge and gives you just the right amount of rewards. Scorpio’s are both highly emotional and highly intuitive. This gives her the uncanny ability to sniff out bullshit the second it is thought. Save yourself the time, save yourself the embarrassment and keep it real when you approach your Scorpion queen.

Though she would be very happy in a committed relationship, she won’t give her heart very easily. She may have trust issues; it is likely she has been hurt a time or two. Therefore any potential mate will have to go through a series of trials in order to get to the relationship stage. Just like the Libra before her, conversation and genuine class will get you everywhere. Open a dialogue with her, keep her comfortable and relaxed, you have your foot in the door.

Scorpios have a vast array of interests. Some they openly share and others you will have to be around a while before you find out about them. Nothing is too taboo or off limits for them. They are very open to new experiences and would love to pick up a new passion. They love passion; in fact they are attracted to it. The more passionate you are about something, the more she will admire you. Incorporate your passions in your conversations with her. Let her talk but do not force subjects, she will reveal all in due time.

Hopefully you paid complete attention during your initial conversation with her. Planning your date accordingly should be easy then if you had. Does not matter where you take her, just be there with her. She is watching you when you least expect it. Be genuine in your attention and show you want her there with you. Besides giving her your undivided attention, take advantage of her sexual nature and touch her during your conversations. Hold her hand, thumb circles on her wrists or maybe even brush her arm but randomly touching her is surely on the path to seducing her.

Scorpio women are both fire and ice. She expects you to give 100% and is more than capable of matching you tit for tat. By now if you have had a few dates with her you understand what I mean by intensity and passion. You find yourself falling deep for a woman you may barely know but she is so very captivating you don’t care. Once she knows she has you, she is going to want ALL of you. You’ve now engaged a sensual and possessive lover who will want you both body and soul. She will love you with the same intensity she carries herself with. Just hold on tight, she will take care of you.

Sex with a Scorpio woman — there are really no true words to define it. I can wax poetic with the same words I have used: intensity, passionate and fierce but none quite cover it. You need to experience it. She burns your skin yet cools you, turns you on so hot and quenches your desire. They radiate sexuality and have healthy imaginations. They aren’t afraid of experimenting and do not be afraid to share your wild fantasies. You have a BDSM itch or an outdoor kink – she might have it too. Once she mates with you, you will easily give yourself over and let her keep you.

Remember that drink I offered you earlier… see I have good news and not so good news. The good news is that she is not clingy. She likes her private time and independence. You will never have to worry about her manipulating your time. The not so good news is that if you betray her trust and you might as well kiss your ass goodbye. Scorpios have a vindictive streak that really a wonder to witness. You would admire it if it wasn’t directed at you. Just keep in mind for better or for worse, as long as you stay honest with her, you can never do her wrong.

Though it is really the key to any relationship, open honest communication is the key to keeping yourself out of the path of your Scorpio’s stinger. Maybe you got too ahead of yourself and realize she is in a league not of your own but you can’t get her out of your head. Tell her what you want, whether open relationship or booty call, whatever you want to call it but just tell her. I hate to see you decimated by her wrath because you got cold feet. In all honesty, do not let this or her intimidate you. She is the woman who will awake your senses, take you to new heights, make you feel more alive and loved than you ever have. The thin line you walk is worth it to have all her and all the rewards in the end.

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  1. I met my Scorpio girl when she was still a child thanks to her older sister. After several years we met again and I totally felt in love with her. And by totally I mean inherently much. To my misfortune she was still too young (16) for me although she wanted me too (me 25). She found another guy (16) to love and since then I fight for her heart. It's 1,5 year now and I feel the same shivering like in the beginning. It's so intense and truthful that no one who didn't pass something similar will ever understand. I've already made some mistakes but also many big nice things that keep her interested in me. There are times when she's cold a lot, but when I see her it's always like a revival. Like she looks at me with the true interest or how's she saying things about us two.

    Although I still didn't won her heart I want to write something for others who might be in similar situation!

    Keep fighting for your Scorpio girl! They don't have to seem like they want it but they do. The only thing you really have to keep in mind is not to hurry anything! They will let you know when they are ready for another stage. You really don't have to worry about that. Scorpio girls are very proactive. How can you know that she's really interested in you? She will text you first, she will offer a meeting. Don't expect anything more like touching, kissing etc. She needs to feel comfortable with you during these regular stuff first. If you pass this first test you enter to another stage which becomes more personal. If a Scorpio girl is interested in you and you hurt her it doesn't have to mean the end of the world. It really depends on what you did. She won't forget even small things, but she will get over it. Big mistakes aren't forgotten. So if you did something and she's still interested then you are really important to her and you need to START AGAIN! Yes, you are reading right. When you hurt Scorpio you can't just throw it behind and continue. You need to build everything from scratch again (date her again without touching, do just general talk etc.). That's also the reason why Scorpio girls have long relationships. When their partner does something wrong, like really wrong, and it's still not so wrong that they will banish him, there comes the "start again" phase.

    Tell your Scorpio what you really feel. They won't forgive that. Don't expect any change in their behaviour. They act regardless what you feel, but what they feel. These girls need to be ready and that will take time. Don't expect days or weeks, it's more likely to be months! If you have to then never save apologies. Scorpios love them because they see that you really mean it serious when you have guts to admit a mistake. What they really appreciate is sincerity.
    Scorpio is a water sign and what she really needs is deep understanding and good air between you two. That's the most important thing. When you have this set up you can start with gifts, because only in this phase they will have effect. Wait till she is in mood to talk with you and have a nice conversation with her. Don't push her to anyhing, talk about general things like weather, news, movies etc. just don't touch her personality or whatever. You can do this later when she's ready for it. It can take up to months
    Scorpios need powerful man/woman as their partner so if you are not strong enough to fight for them, you are not worthy and please let them be. They are extraordinary people and they need the same in return.
    As you can see I really love my Scorpio, like really, which is the reason why I know so many things about her. Just keep in mind that every girl is unique and that these qualities might be just for my crush, not yours. If you want to talk more about Scorpios you can contact me on ICQ 347307229 or email Regards, Jan