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People born with Mars in Taurus try to avoid or postpone conflict.  They will avoid conflict and do their best to live in peace. They may let their anger fester without an outlet for some time but when pushed to the brink they will explode.  They have a temper.  They will be loud, inappropriate, uncontrollable.  When they do fight, they  will most likely fight hard mean and violently. They lose all control of themselves when pushed to their brink.
They can be a bit lazy, complacent.  They are the types to be content where they are lacking the ambition to try harder.  They are very patient and can be the types to go after what they want by working long, hard, and waiting on it.  They can have great self-discipline and can be very good with money.  They have a very healthy sex drive and are masters of the art of seduction and foreplay.

Mars in Taurus has a good amount of energy but it is fully controlled, there is no impulsiveness, or super reactivity, the energy is balanced, it grows and decreases gradually. This can be pleasant but also shows that the person does not have a good adaptability for am appropriate reaction in critical situations. In peaceful times, this is good, because the environment requires a calm and reasonable application of the energy and force, but in times of fight, when one needs to protect themselves, the Man in Taurus people will not doing it so well, they will need a period of preparation in advance and longer time for reaction.
The sexual desires are present and powerful enough, but very controlled. A person is able to withstand long physical hard work as the energy is lasting. These people often act with a calm and humble perspective which should not mislead you, because if we over step certain borders, we will be faced with a powerful steamroller! This happens very rarely but keep it in mind as you can be surprised by this side of theirs!
Mars in Taurus can be headstrong, but is very willing. This is a sensual and affectionate Mars; the romantic drive is steady and strong, if a bit stolid sometimes. Generous with tokens of affection, but can give the silent treatment like no other. Keywords: loving, stubborn, demonstrative.

Mars in Taurus Projected: Attracted to Taurus types who are materially sound and emotionally together. Is turned off by constant unpredictability; real loyalty is given and expected. Wealth can be a primary factor in choosing a mate.

Interesting Tidbits: This is a sensual Mars that revels in activities such as erotic massage and body shots. Usually fairly conservative, not terribly prone to nonstandard preferences. Loves extended foreplay, and will not be hurried!

Men born with the Mars in Taurus tend to be very calm, grounded and practical with a respect for beauty. They see the beauty in life and feel best when they are allowed to sit back and appreciate it.  They are usually very choosy and specific about their clothes. They like to dress themselves up in high quality clothing with embellishments and details, but still very practical.   There may be something distinctly traditional or old-fashioned about their style.  
They may be the types to wear only one specific brand of jeans  or he may wear the same types of clothes over and over never really changing his look.   They love intricate details in their clothing and may spend lots of money to look beautiful and valuable.  They can have expensive tastes but are usually very good with money.  
Men with Mars in Taurus are sometimes very aggressive when it comes to their “tribe” or group of people they feel most naturally bonded to. They can be aggressively patriotic or nationalists.  Men with Mars in Taurus tend to feel a very strong and deep connection to their foundation. Much of their drive and motivation is rooted in their land, history, culture.  This often manifests as feeling the need to fight for their land or their culture. They often have aggressive tribalism of some sort and can be the types to be in territorial violence.   
In general, men with this placement are not the most outwardly aggressive.  They are more quiet, docile, artistic.  They may not always be very athletic.  They can be totally comfortable sitting around a lot and gaining weight.  They don’t mind it.  Though they can do very well at stationery sports like weightlifting, they often funnel their energy into creative endeavors that require more of an appreciation of beauty than a need for a lot of physical energy.  
They may also have a talent for farmwork or any outdoor work. They may love to just get outside and work in the fields, doing heavy lifting, plowing, and tending to livestock. These types can feel most masculine when they are tending to nature in some way and looking after the land.
They have an innate respect for the earth and its life and its resources and feel and look very sexy when they work with it.  
Men born with Mars in Taurus are slow seducers who often facilitate a long romantic courtship with their partners.  They may leave little love notes and flowers, slowly working up to verbal flirtation and then the first romantic and passionate kiss.  They are very romantic. They understand the art of seduction and actually feel it to their core. They don’t fake it. They do not give their love away easily and take great care in pursuing their love interest.  
When they are interested in someone. There will probably be a long seduction process slowly leading up to the act of sex. When it finally happens, they will continue to make love slowly, diligently, passionately. They are very patient in bed and relish every moment.  They can and will go as long as they need to. They want to make their lover happy.  They usually have great stamina and are highly sensual.  
These types can be very shy with someone they love and can get very fixated on a person.  If the person they are interested in rejects them. They will not easily let it go.  They may fester for a very long time and may behave very dysfunctionally as a result.  
If you make a man with Mars in Taurus mad, he can ignore you for a very long time.  he won’t want to fight you. They are aware of their temper and their strength and they prefer peace.  They are usually not the types to allow themselves to get easily agitated.  They will try to live peacefully for as long as they can. But if they are pushed to their edge they will go off. They will lose control and totally go crazy on a a person or on many people.  Its best not to anger these types, they lose control whey are are angry.  They go absolutely insane crazy when they have finally allowed whatever has been annoying them to break free. They totally explode.

May prefer a partner with the above qualities. May prefer a traditional or old-fashioned man. May prefer a long courtship and slow seduction from her love interest.  May prefer a very romantic, sensitive, and quiet man. May want a man who is stable, resourceful, and can support her financially.  May have a huge temper.  May have a very healthy sex drive and is very sensual and romantic in bed.  May be a bit lazy. May feel drawn to men that look like her or are of her own ethnic background. May feel most assertive when she spends some time in nature.  May assert herself by being pleasant, patient, and resourceful.  May be very good with money. May be very materialistic and competitive when it comes to money and possessions.
Women, if Mars is dominant in your chart or conjunct your AC, Sun, or Moon. Please feel free to interpret the “Men” interpretation for yourself, just substitute the pronouns where necessary.
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