Celebrities Sagittarius Woman

S e x y  S a g i t t a r i u s 
Famous Celebrities Sagittarius Woman

Scarlett Johansson, November 22nd(1984) 

Scarlett certainly has the fiery personality of the Fire Sign Sagittarius, plus the quick-wit and smoldering looks which make female Archers unforgettable. Whether she plays a sensual siren or a confident heroine, Johansson is a perfect example of passionate, intense Sag at their best. 

Dita Von Teese (born September 28, 1972) 
American burlesque artist, model and actress. 

Natasha Bedingfield (26 November 1981) 
British pop singer and songwriter.

Elisha Cuthbert (born November 30, 1982) 
Canadian film and television actress. Cuthbert is known as the former co-host of the Canadian children's television series Popular Mechanics for Kids. In 1998, she had her first film role in Airspeed. She followed this up in 2003 with a role in Old School. Her most prominent role is as Kim Bauer in the American action-thriller television series 24. She is currently starring as Alex on the ABC comedy series Happy Endings.

Lucy Liu (born December 2, 1968)
American actress and film producer 

Sarah Hyland (born November 24, 1990)
 American actress. She is best known for her role as Haley Dunphy on the ABC sitcom Modern Family.

Amanda Seyfried ( born December 2, 1985) 
 American actress, singer-songwriter and former child model. She began her career as a child model when she was 11 and at 15 she began her career as an actress, starting off with uncredited roles and moving on to recurring roles on As the World Turns and All My Children. 


Britney Spears (1981)December 2nd: 
Britney  has refined herself, her music, and the rules of being a hit musician and pop star since her break-out CD in the late 90s. She constantly challenges those “rules,” lives by her own set of guidelines, and flaunts her star-power and ability to blaze new trails. 

Teri Hatcher (1964)December 8th
Teri Hatcher plays Susan on ABC’s “Desperate Housewives,” a role which resurrected her acting career after a lengthy pause following the finale of “Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.” She won a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in 2005, and her strong fan-base knows her as a memorable, passionate Sagittarian A-Lister on-screen and off.

Sarah  Hyland (born November 24, 1990)
American actress, currently starring In the ABC comedy Modern Family.

Nicki Minaj  (born December 8, 1984), 
 Nicki Minaj is a rapper and singer-songwriter from New York City. 

Jennifer Connelly (1970) December 12th: 
Jennifer Connelly has enjoyed almost three decades as a famous actress, never more so than in the last ten of those years. From her 1984 performance in “Labyrinth” up to her role in the romantic comedy “He’s Just Not That Into You,” Connelly has used her beauty, finesse and quick wit to set the screen on fire. 

Taylor Swift (1989)December 13th:
Taylor Swift is gradually evolving from the shy girl who let Kanye West walk all over her at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2009 to a truly unbridled country music and fashion starlet. Her powerful voice and strong live performances hint at a flash of rule-breaking, trend-setting behavior in the future for this A-List Sagittarius. 

Vanessa Hudgens (1988) December 14th: 
Vanessa Hudgens starlet to raise beyond her break-out role, namely the “High School Musical” series, to become an A-List It-Girl for fashion, acting and even music. Scandal nearly tarnished her Disney Channel reputation, when nude self-portraits surfaced in 2007 and 2009; a flashy way to break-out of a confining, good-girl Disney persona.  

Katie Holmes (born December 18, 1978) 
American actress who first achieved fame for her role as Joey Potter on The WB television teen drama Dawson's Creek from 1998 to 2003. Her movie roles have ranged from art house films such as The Ice Storm to thrillers such as Abandon to blockbusters such as Batman Begins. 

Christina Aguilera (December 18, 1980)
American recording artist and actress. 

Katherine Heigl (1978), November 24th
Katherine who rose to fame on “Grey’s Anatomy,” has sparked a career as an It-Girl for romantic comedies. Her quick sense of humor and sharp tongue, two stereotypical Sagittarius hallmarks, make her an idea candidate for a witty, capable leading lady. 

Tyra Banks (1973) December 4th:
Tyra Banks is still refining the notion of “beauty” in America with her hit TV show, “America’s Next Top Model,” 

JoJo (1990)  December 20th
JoJo  is a singer, dancer and actress, and is one of the youngest Sagittarians on this list, along with Miley Cyrus. The pair of them defines a new generation of A-List Archer celebrities who are even more uncompromising and unthreatened by genres than older, more famous Sagittarians.

Milla Jovovich (1975) December 17th
Milla Jovovich harnesses that inner Sagittarius intensity to deliver a memorable, impressive performance on-screen in action roles, but her talent extends well beyond the flashes and gunfire. Few can question her ability to challenge stereotypes, blaze trails and define herself despite living in the spotlight! 

Alyssa Milano (December 19, 1972)
American actress and former singer. Her childhood role as Samantha Micelli in the sitcom Who's the Boss? made her famous, and an eight-year stint as Phoebe Halliwell on the supernatural series Charmed brought her a new round of fame.

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