Mars in Leo

Mars in Leo Men + Mars in Leo Women

Confident, Generous, Self-Absorbed
People born with Mars in Leo have a bold but reassuring and quiet confidence. They are strong, courageous, capable and they know it, they don’t need to boast.
These people are often very popular. They can be arrogant and self centered but they are also usually very generous and kind. They go after they want by being themselves, being confident, and being courageous. For them, there is no competition, they are already the best. They have already won.  They don’t like to break a sweat trying to prove their greatness. They like to break a sweat showing their greatness and all the little wonderful things they can do.   They can be showoffs and attention seeking. They can be ridiculously bossy, always feeling like they are in charge of the show and telling everyone what to do.  But they are always hard workers. They are highly energetic and never stop thinking about improving themselves to stay on top. They want to be the best forever and will always work hard behind the scenes to keep it that way.

Sex with Mars in Leo
The person possesses a strong vitality which usually predisposes to a good health and fast recuperation. They have long and string physical endurance but do not act very expansively or bluntly despite of the fire element. They judge if and where it is reasonable to apply their energy and strength. They do not use rough power unless they are really cornered, but if so, they will roar like a Lion!
They like to impress others with their behavior and actions. They love activities with a creative spark and full of vigor and life. They do not feel happy doing things by force but will do their duty.

In love, they are very fiery, passionate and open. They impress with their strong sexual aura. They are usually honest with their partners and expect the same from them. They love to show off with the person in their life-he/she needs to be deserving of attention and admiration. They are very predisposed towards making grand gestures, presents, generosity and everything else which has an element of dramatics and theatrics.

They are attracted by strong, colorful personalities with enough energy and temperament. If you are with a Leo in Mars person, you definitely need to show them respect and enough attention, because if they feel neglected or rejected, it can get serious.  Like every fixed sign, Mars in Leo, are very attached to their possessions and close relationships and can give these up only when they have stopped desiring these. 
Mars in Leo loves dramatics. Basically very devoted; requires great quantities of attention from a partner, and will sulk without it. Passionate and a bit territorial. Can be more concerned about the performance itself than the partner. Very generous and demonstrative. Keywords: loyal, sensitive, warm.

Mars in Leo Projected: is often attracted to Leo types who are larger-than-life, dashing, and romantic. Tends to attract creative people of all stripes. Can be attracted to social or cultural distinction, which sometimes results in becoming proverbial "political wife", which may or may not satisfy.

Interesting Tidbits: Mars in Leo has a steady, passionate sex drive, but can easily get stuck in a rut. Loves to please; encouragement is highly aphrodisiac. Can be deeply satisfied by different forms of sexual worship, either giving or receiving. Loves performing, too, on film and sometimes in public.

Men born with Mars in Leo tend to be leading man movie star types.  They are the star of their own life.  They are so cool with confidence. They live their life as if the world is their oyster, theirs for the taking.  They usually say what they want and do as they feel.  They can be highly self centered and a bit domineering.  They won’t easily see any flaws in their behavior.  They want to be noticed and liked.  They often do nice things for people because they know that will lead to admiration.  
These men generally have warm bright personalities and a warm comforting presence.
They may have any style of dress but they usually do all they can to look acceptable to whatever female/sex partner they are trying to attract. They will dress the part of whatever they consider to be great.  
They love a good competition. They love any opportunity to display how great they are at something.  They can do well in any sport but learning to be a team player can be a challenge for them. They love getting all the attention. They love the spotlight and the applause.  They work very hard at being great. If they are made aware of any flaw in their game, they work diligently to remedy it.  They are very insecure and need to always know that they are the best or else they won’t really know what to do with themselves.
In relationships, Mars in Leo men can be very self absorbed. It is usually very hard to pin down these types. They are very confident and often feel “better” than whoever they are with. They may stay bachelors for a very long time, waiting for someone who they feel is good enough for them.  They will never tell their partner they think this. They will let them know by postponing commitment. They will keep them around until someone better in their eyes comes along.  When they do fall in love, they fall head over heels and might even get married that day.  If they find someone they think is that fantastic, they want to make sure nobody else will ever get her. They are very possessive. They often end up getting hurt later on though, because they have overlooked all the details and flaws about the person. They can easily get caught up in the moment and behave impulsively. They are very romantic.
Sex with Mars in Leo men should be very good. They want very much to please their partner. They want their partner to worship them and see them as some kind of sex God. They will work very hard on their skills in bed to make sure that every sex partner leaves idolizing their sexual prowess. Their feelings will get very hurt if they find out later on that their partner, was “faking” or in any way unsatisfied. They will feel horribly inadequate and insecure.  
They can also be very selfish in bed. Only focused on what satisfies themselves and not very naturally in tuned to the needs or desires of their partner.
Men with Mars in Leo can be very creative. These types are usually very popular actors and entertainers. They often choose fields in the entertainment industries and are usually very successful there,  but they will gravitate toward any career where they know they will shine and be recognized.  They want very much for everyone to know how great they are and tend to be very honest with themselves about which career can do that for them.  


May prefer a partner with the above qualities. May want a man who is confident and powerful. May only date the popular guys and/or the jocks.  May want a man who is widely admired and recognized by her peers. May be very warm and confident. May be very determined in her endeavors and courageous.  May want to be an actress or entertainer.  May be bossy and a control freak.  May be great at convincing people of things and motivating people to do things - makes a great cheerleader.  May radiate beautifully with sexual energy.
Women, if Mars is dominant in your chart or conjunct your AC, Sun or Moon. Please feel free to interpret the “Men” interpretation for yourself, just substitute the pronouns where necessary.
Famous Mars in Leo natives:

Michael Jordan, George Clooney, Robert Redford, Frank Sinatra, James Franco, Channing Tatum, Quentin Tarantino, Derek Jeter, Ne-Yo, Donald Trump, Bill O’Reilly, Duke Ellington, Anthony Kiedis, Ralph Fiennes, Ringo Starr, Leonard Cohen, Steven Tyler, Seal, Marlon Wayans, Lamar Odom, Conan O’Brien, Neil Young, Pedro Almodovar, Jim Henson, Joel Osteen, Bob Fosse, Dennis Rodman, Jon Stewart, Beyonce Knowles, Salma Hayek, Brigitte Bardot, Amy Winehouse, Mila Kunis, Serena Williams, Hillary Clinton, Cher, Sophia Loren

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