Mars in Aries

Mars in Aries Men + Mars in Aries Women

People born with Mars in Aries have a innate sense of confidence, focus, and drive. They have a strongly sexually magnetic and they will have a very high sex drive.  They are self motivated and independent. They go after what they want with speed and without hesitation.  They are the fiercest competitors.  They fight to win and they hate to lose.  They can be very aggressive and maybe mean.  They have an immense athletic potential.  If you ever get in their way, you will get run over.

The power of Mars is expressed in its purest vibration in this sign. Life is seen as a battle, the overcoming of difficulties and solving problems is one of the favorite activities of these people(unless Mars is with the Sun or Saturn, which will make one frustrated when dealing with Mars situations). One is always ready for tackling challenges and thrives on these.

The physical energy is strong and powerful, which can give a wonderful health and ability to overcome illness. The sex drive is strong and burning and is displayed in a really direct manner in front of the world and the love interest. Everything is perceived in black and white-there is no half tones-one is either friend of enemy. They assess situations from the point of view of power: whoever is the stronger one, wins.
The owner of a Mars in Aries, is vey honest and sincere in love, without backside thoughts, but whatever he/she desires, he/she needs to receive now! Such a person cannot tolerate long love games or foreplays, they need to get to the core of the matter fast!
These people consider the physical side of the relationship a necessity and a main criterion for its health and longevity.
The person is courageous, active, and is not afraid to gain experience through try and failure. One can handle great physical exertion and activity, but shorter in duration. This person acts impulsively and thinks only after that.
 There is a bit of the knight in shining armor about these people and they will fight for a cause they consider honorable and meaningful, and especially in the face of unfairness or for the downtrodden. Most problems or challenges you give them, they will tackle fearlessly, with logic and directness.

Men born with Mars in Aries have the tendency to be very “cocky”.  When they are good, they know they are good and they are not afraid to advertise it.  They are very self driven, confident, and competitive.  Whatever they set out to do, they want to be the best.  
They are individuals who don’t mind standing out in a crowd. Especially if they are standing out for being the best in that crowd.  They are very straightforward and usually very opinionated.  They get straight to the point.  Their masculine energy is incredibly strong and they can be very aggressive.  
Men with Mars in Aries have an immense creative energy.  In creative fields they can be quite outstanding. They are very inventive and open to inspiration.  They are confident in their work and are very original.  When they have an idea they follow through with power and speed. They don’t let anyone or anything discourage them. They want to be the best in their field and don’t allow anything to stop them.
Men with Mars in Aries may have been the types to get into a lot of trouble as kids. They may have picked fights or always seemed to attract some trouble. 
The Mars in Aries man probably LOVES sports, to play them and to watch them. He will be the type to get VERY into a game yelling at the TV and getting very involved.  He may also have an interest in war or the military. Maybe he is a soldier or just a military or history channel buff.  He may also have an interest in martial arts or political strategy. 
When they are mad at someone they tell them and they may find it extremely difficult to back down from a fight or an argument.  They will defend themselves with full force. They fight to win. But they always fight fair. Nothing below the belt. They respect the art of war and would never want to win a fight by playing dirty.  
They can be very athletic and should be. They have so much energy that they usually do very well in sports and athletics and tend to be really grumpy and unhappy if they get too overweight or stationery. These types need an active lifestyle full of challenges and physical competition.  They tend to have lots of muscles and a unique sense of style that is distinctly them or just very sporty.
They may be a bit rude and may come on very strong. They are very aggressive in going after they want and may get mean when rejected.  They can be major assholes.  They can be the types to respect people more after they have fought them in some way.  
Men with Mars in Aries are great in bed.  They are passionate and confident. They want to “conquer” their lover.  They want to leave their lover a messy quivering mess. Watch out though, they can also be very “quick” in bed and may not be very good at foreplay or lovemaking. They may be more concerned with getting straight to the point and won’t care about any frou-frou romantic stuff.  They could the “wham-bam,-thank you ma’am” types.  Mostly though, they are very manly and aggressive in bed and very exciting.  
They LOVE sex, they are usually very good at it,  and they want to do it often.  They are very sexually confident. They have such a raw sexual energy that even when they are not typically good looking, they often have no problem getting sex. They have a sexual rawness that often pulls people in.  


May prefer a partner with the above qualities.  May prefer a very masculine man. May only date athletes or athletic types.  May want a man to fight for her. May love sex a lot and can be very aggressive in trying to get sex.  May prefer her sex to be quick and dirty.  May be very passionate with a very strong drive. May have an extremely high sex drive. May be very athletic.  May be very creative and uninhibited in her artistic endeavors.  May have a temper or a loud mouth. May be the type to pick fights.  May be youthful, spirited, confident, and aggressive.
Women, if Mars is dominant in your chart or conjunct your AC, Sun, or Moon. Please feel free to interpret the “Men” interpretation for yourself, just substitute the pronouns where necessary.
Famous Mars in Aries natives: Steve Jobs,  Andre 3000, Russell Crowe, Clint Eastwood, Tobey Maguire, Michael Pitt, Prince, Paul Newman, Daniel Craig, Marquis de Sade, Russell Brand, Iggy Pop,  Malcolm McDowell, Zachary Quinto, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Confucius, Allen Iverson, Erik Satie, Nat King Cole, Kris Humprhries, Larry Bird, Otis Redding, Mos Def, David Cross, Ron Jeremy, Rod Serling, Idi Amin, Dr. Seuss, H. R. Giger, Tony Goldwyn, Lee Scratch Perry, Jeb Bush, Angelina Jolie, Kate Hudson, Claire Danes, Lauryn Hill, Coco Rocha

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