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What is Moon Sign?

What is Moon Sign, what can Moon Sign tell about your personality?

Find Out The Inner You~

Moon Signs help define our emotional development, or express the unconscious side of our personality. It explains why we do what we do. This is where we retreat for comfort, childhood memories, and peace. This can also be the place where anger, hate, jealousy and fear may be found.

The Moon also influences our senses depending on its placement in the birth chart. Most people will have their Moon in a Sign that is different from their Sun. This is why many people with the same Sun Sign can be so different from each other. They may feel that when they read a description of their Sign, that it is not representative of them. It may feel incomplete, or even completely inaccurate. Moon Signs may be a much more accurate description of what a person is like.

Moon Signs

If your Moon Sign is the same as your Sun Sign, you may find that it amplifies the traits of that Sign. This would make you a "double" of your Sign, such as a "double Gemini." The Moon also governs the heart, stomach, brain, bladder, bowels and the left eye. It has influence with the glands and fluids of the body.
The Moon is said to represent your instinctual self, which many people keep hidden. On points where your Sun and Moon Signs are compatible, they will work together to help you get through the hardships and accomplish your goals. Where they are not compatible, you will feel conflicting desires or be at odds with yourself in some Full Moonway. For example, if your Moon is in Gemini, you may be very changeable emotionally. You may get stressed out easily, and the more people you discuss your issues with, the more confused you may become. Scorpio Moons also deal with a lot of stress, but tend to keep it all under wraps. Jealousy may be a big problem for a person with a Scorpio Moon. Aries Moons are headstrong, aggressive and may be difficult to control. They do best if they can find a physical outlet for their emotions, like sports. Our Moon Sign also offers insight in how to reach our inner child.

The colors you like, the friends you choose and even who you are attracted to receives influence from your particular moon sign. Other issues that are influenced are how you feel about staying in shape, food choices and how you process things on an emotional level. Check the link below to find your moon sign. We all know our sun sign as the sun moves regularly every 28 to 31 days. The moon changes sign position every two and half days.

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Aries Moon Sign

Creative, Aggressive, Energetic
People born with the moon in Aries tend to be Active, Confident, and Youthful.  This is a placement highly indicative of huge success. They have an innate self confidence and drive that cannot be matched.  They can be a bit aggressive and rough around the edges and fights and drama may seem to follow them wherever they go.  But they are very creative and free spirited. They love to get out and experience life. They are always trying new things and conquering new territory.  

People with this placement tend to be very attractive and radiate with a strong sexual magnetism. 

As children people born with this placement were probably very independent and outgoing. They learned to stand up for themselves very early.  Their mother may have been a bit mean or aggressive.  She may have pushed them and expected a lot from them.  They learned to see the world as a place they could conquer. They can be very driven and focused. 

When people hurt their feelings they lash out.  They can even be violent. Their emotional responses always involve some aggressive display.

They may feel very comfortable when sparring. They may argue for sport or pick fights with those they feel most comfortable just to pass the time.  They may not feel comfortable unless they are expending a huge a mount of energy in some way.

They are usually highly athletic and can have amazingly toned bodies.  They can be hard on people who can’t keep up with them athletically. Pushing everyone around them to their physical limits.  

They are immensely creative. They are always starting new projects. They can get very inspired.  They are instinctively open to new and fresh ideas and love putting them into action. 

They can be very VERY self absorbed. They think of themselves first ALWAYS. Their selfishness is paramount.  They have to be taught to think of others.  They should always be told when they are behaving selfishly because most likely they won’t know it.  
They tend to think every little situation is about them.  They may often feel like people are picking a fight with them when people are actually not even thinking about them.  They can turn every situation into an attack against them. They may actually create dramatic situations through subtle instigations. They may subliminally disturb the peace and make people angry at them. They often seem to thrive on conflict.  They often put themselves in situations where they know they have to fight.   It does them very good when they learn to choose their battles and to not turn everything into a war. They love giving themselves new challenges. That’s what makes them so successful and dynamic. But they first have to learn not to make EVERYTHING into a challenge.

As parents they can be a bit careless. They may need a lot of help in the beginning from relatives, friends, and neighbors.  Getting the hang of being nurturing often starts out with a lot of clumsy mistakes with them.  It takes a lot for them to think about someone else when they are so used to only thinking of themselves.  

They are very protective of their children though and they work hard to train them to be self sufficient. They are survivors and they want their children to be survivors as well.  They give their children a lot of independence and train them to fend for themselves.
Moon in Aries people always keep an innocent youthful spirit. They can look and behave very young well into their senior years. They always want to keep their minds and bodies active and will try hard to do so.  These types may sometimes have trouble sleeping. At night they come alive and sometimes can’t calm down.  

Famous Moon In Aries natives:

Angelina Jolie, Pamela Anderson, Rihanna, Marlon Brando, Whitney Houston, Steve Jobs, Celine Dion, Tyra Banks, Daniel Radcliffe, Joaquin Phoenix, Eva Longoria, Selena Gomez, Tupac Shakur, Salma Hayek, Christian Bale, Daniel Craig, Janet Jackson, Pink, Sade, Stevie Wonder, Thom Yorke, Tom Brady, Malcolm X, Immanuel Kant, Anderson Cooper, Cate Blanchett, Louis Armstrong, Chris Rock, Lebron James, Mark Twain, Sally Field, Gemma Ward and many many more…

Moon in Taurus

Grounded, Fertile, Indulgent

People born with the Moon in Taurus tend to be very down to earth.  At their best they are beautiful, peaceful, creative, sensual, practical people with a very healthy and realistic relationship with their place on the Earth. These people usually live very stable, comfortable, and abundant lives.  They are very in tuned to their own needs strengths, weaknesses and understand how to use their available resources for their own well being.  They have a very realistic relationship with their own resources. They have a strong will and determination.  They often weather all kinds of difficult life events by staying grounded and focused on their creativity.

They tend to have a peaceful outlook and realistic appreciation for the cycles of life and death.  They are very good with animals, plants, and children.  They are passionate and sensual lovers.  They are good natured and warm. 

Their home is very important to them.  They may have built their own home or it may have been in their family for a long time. They may choose to live in a very old home or on a very old peace of land. They do very in well in rural, spacious areas with lots of sunshine, vegetation, and natural beauty.  

They have a very strong attachment to their home.  They recharge there and feel safest and most powerful there.  It is very important that they have a space they can all completely their own.  

Their homes are usually very beautiful, colorful, warm, ornate.  They fill their home with life and beauty. Their may be intricate decorations, antiques, artifacts. Their may be emblems and relics of their heritage and culture.  Their may be lots of plants, sculptures, fountains, decorations with nature motifs.  They draw their strength from the Earth and their home is like an alter to nature. 

They don’t like to move around a lot. They are not usually the types to have a lot of homes in different places. They may live in the same city, neighborhood, or even house for their whole lives quite contently.  It is a horrible experience for them to be uprooted. If during childhood something happens where they have to move from their home, it will be an incredibly impacting experience for them. They need stable, solid foundations as children. A big move at a young age could be devastating for their development.   

As children their mother was probably very stable and domestic.  They may have been brought up in some type of specific family tradition or cultural tradition.  

People with the Moon in Taurus usually make very good parents.  Often it comes very natural to them.  Women with this placement may have or want lots of children. They can be very fertile.  They are very nurturing with their children and realistic with them.  They are very domestic and usually make good cooks and may have some skills of sewing or weaving.

Moon in Taurus people are best when they live simple lives without many ambitions.  They are content and appreciate the little things like family, good food, and natural beauty. They are very creative though, and often make excellent artist. They love color and have a deep appreciation for beauty.

People with Moon in Taurus have a very strong connection to their “roots”. They are often nationalists, patriots, or just very proud of their individual culture or heritage. They can have a tribal or clan mentality and feel most comfortable around people who share their heritage.  

They are not the types to be very moody.  In emergency situations they remain calm and stable.   Their emotional responses are usually very measured and appropriate.  They can have a temper though and may have a tendency toward indulgences in food, sex, alcohol.  They get too comfortable sometimes and party too hard without thinking about the future.
Moon in Taurus people often have to watch their weight because it is a very natural tendency for them to stay home, relax, and just enjoy delicious food and drink.  

Famous Moon in Taurus natives:
Frida Kahlo, Lindsay Lohan, Christina Aguilera, Cameron Diaz, Meryl Streep, Carl Jung, Bob Dylan, Kelly Clarkson, Elton John, Robert Downey Jr., Quentin Tarantino, River Phoenix, Kobe Bryant, Karl Marx, Ronald Reagan, Allison Dubois, Taylor Lautner, Joe Biden, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Bill Maher, Pam Grier, Lisa Bonet, Fairuza Balk, Demi Moore


Moon in Gemini

Cool, Witty, Changeable

People born with the Moon in Gemini are always changing their mood. they are not necessarily “moody”, they just don’t go that deep into one emotion before switching to the next.  They prefer to keep things light and easy. They are usually very cool and charming.  When something bothers them, they intellectualize their problems before responding emotionally. By the time they begin to understand why they are bothered they have already moved on to a different emotion. They can be very hard to read and hard to follow.  They are always changing.  

They may seem a a little dishonest. They change their feelings so fast people wonder if they ever really felt anything at all.  

They are very curious and their heart gets pulled in so many different directions. They may literally love someone one day, honestly. But feel nothing for them the next day.  They follow whatever their heart feels at that specific moment and go wherever the day takes them.  

These can be very flighty, flaky people.   
They have to be careful not to come off as cold, insensitive, rude. They can come off as very superficial and shallow - because essentially they are. They don’t like to go deep into emotions. They like to keep everything at surface level.

People born with this placement tend to love talking, sharing, and meeting new people. They are very social and tend to have a knack for easily meeting and impressing new people.  They have a gift for communication. Writing, speaking, reading comes vey naturally to them and they probably love doing it. They usually make excellent, speakers, writers, actors. They are sometimes multi-lingual or are drawn to people who are.  They love small talk, gossip, and getting around.  They feel most comfortable when they can just meet new people and chit chat. 

People with Moon in Gemini often have a knack for being very funny. Probably as an aversion to facing their pain, they develop a quick sense of humor. They are very perceptive to the behavior of others and are often great at imitating it.  They often laugh to keep from feeling.  They love making people laugh because it keeps things light and easy.
Their mother was probably very emotionally distant.  She probably engaged them with lots of games and activities. She may not have been very physically nurturing. She may have nurtured them by talking to them, relating to them. She may have been more of a friend than a mother.  

As parents they may be a little cold and distant.  Be assured they will love their children very much, but they won’t be the types to smother them with hugs and kisses.  They may always want to keep it fun and may not want to get their hands dirty with the more serious parts of parenting.  They have to really try hard not to run away and turn cold when the going gets tough.  

People with Moon in Gemini may move many times. They may even be the types to travel for a living.  They feel very comfortable seeing new places, trying new things. They never get too attached to their place of residence. They are always on the go. 

They do best in large airy spaces with lots of space. Moon in Gemini people need lots of space to feel good. They have a lot of personal freedom and do not like to be weighed down with a lot of clutter and relics of old times. They are always looking at what’s next and their homes may often be very trendy. They may always be redecorating and moving things around.  Everything is always in motion in their home and in their lives.

Famous Moon in Gemini Natives:
Jennifer Lawrence, Gwyneth Paltrow, Brigitte Bardot, Sigmund Freud, 50 Cent, Jennifer Garner, Barack Obama, Heidi Klum, Sigmund Freud, Jim Carrey, Edith Piaf, Jake Gyllenhaal,Khloe Kardashian, Karl Lagerfeld, Dita Von Teese, Ella Fitzgerald, Fred Astaire

Moon in Cancer 

Nurturing, Instinctive, Bohemian
People born with the moon in Cancer are very in tuned to their emotions. They do as they feel and allow themselves to fully experience any emotion that is happening. They are honest, nurturing, and warm. They are free spirits whose lives are always morphing and changing.  They can be very moody.  You have not known a moody person, until you have known a cancer moon native. They can be very guarded, shy, introverted. But then they can all of sudden act out in a violent fit.  They always honestly express their emotions. They give themselves time to enjoy and to heal.  Their emotional expressions are usually contagious. When they laugh others can’t help but laugh, when they cry, others cry too.  
People with this placement are generally very warm, caring, understanding, and fun.  They love to experience things.  They often make amazing musicians and artists due to their deep emotions and honesty at expressing them.  They often feel relaxed at night time.  They are very magnetic and mysterious. They may have a mystical or ethereal quality about them that inspires admiration from others.  

Moon in Cancer natives run the most risk of addictive behaviors. They are highly habitual in their behaviors. They are all about cycles, rituals, routines.  Their lives tend to be abundant with experiences, but they stick to the same habits of soothing and comfort.  Comfort is of the most importance to them and they have to be sure not to form too many unhealthy additions. They can be food addicts, alcoholics, drug addicts.  They often use substances to help deal with their incredibly deep emotions, and the habit can be very hard for them to break.  

Moon in Cancer natives usually have excellent memories. Their memories usually go back very far.  Some even have clear memories from before they were 2 years old.  Moon in Cancer natives are very emotionally attached to their memories. They can be very nostalgic, reminiscing about the old days.  They may also possess a fondness for things from an earlier period. They often love vintage clothing and design.

Moon in Cancer natives often have mothers that are very nurturing. They allowed them to be free to feel and experience all of their emotions very naturally. Their mothers probably cared very much for them and taught them to trust their instinct.

Moon in Cancer is the placement for motherhood. These natives often want very much to be mothers. They are very protective of their children. They are very emotionally bonded to them as well, sensing their emotional needs quite acutely. Even if they never have children of their own, they always end up taking care of people.  People come to them when they need healing, nurturing, or a listening ear.  Moon in Cancer natives are always used and then forgotten about until they are needed again.  Moon in Cancer natives often feel unappreciated.  They give so much of themselves freely and people often don’t understand how much they are really taking from them.

Cancer Moon natives also need  a lot of nurturing. They often retain close relationships with their mother or a close member of their family.  They need to keep a solid emotional foundation and its important they have someone they really trust that can help them. They are best when they surround themselves with people who understand their deep emotions and can help them when it gets difficult.

Moon in Cancer natives can be very attached to their home.  They definitely need a place of their own to feel whole.  They often retreat and recharge in their home.  They usually have very cozy and comfortable homes.  They will organize their home to be as relaxing and comfortable as possible.  They can be Feng Shui masters, placing everything in a position that just “feels” right.  Their homes will usually be very relaxing and well decorated to match their colorful personality. They may have lots of trinkets from all parts of their history. Cancer moon natives have to be careful not to become hoarders. They can get very attached to things that others might find meaningless. To them, anything can hold some sentimental value and they often have trouble letting things go.  

A cancer moon native without a solid, reliable place to call home will be very unstable and manic.  They do best near some sort of body of water and often love going to the beach.
That being said, Cancer Moon natives love to move around and experience life. They  are “nesters” and can make a home wherever they are.  They have a very Bohemian mind set.  Their greatest ambitions are to experience sublime love and will go wherever they need to, to experience it.  

Moon in Cancer natives are highly instinctive. They often sense trouble, danger, natural events. It is ironic because they are highly emotional and often big cry babies but in emergencies and serious/crisis situations they ALWAYS do the right thing.  They are usually the most reliable people in an emergency because they are so in touch and guided by their instincts.  

They are very much creatures of the night and are usually not afraid of the dark or typically spooky things.  They tend to have a very deep relationship with animals. Its like they can speak their language and see into their souls.  They often do well with children too.  Children usually trust them easily and feel comfortable around them. 
They often sense the emotions of others and sometimes their mood will change according to the energy of the people they are surrounded by.  They love being surrounded by fun and good people. They instinctively know to surround themselves with people who really experience life, it helps keep them comfortable and in good spirits.

Famous Moon in Cancer Natives:
Jemima Kirke, Aretha Franklin, Janis Joplin, Bettie Page, Drew Barrymore, Liza Minelli, Lena Dunham, Janelle Monae, Taylor Swift, Keanu Reeves, Marion Cotillard, Heath Ledger, Jimi Hendrix, Robert Pattinson, Drake, Mariah Carey, Mark Ruffalo, Claude Debussy, Tom Waits, Emily Bronte, Vincent Gallo, Penelope Cruz, Gwen Stefani, Nancy Sinatra, Chaka Khan, Left Eye, Mary J. Blige, Kurt Cobain, Courtney Love,  Kris Jenner, Nico, Werner Herzog, Kerry Washington, Julie Newmar

Moon In Leo

Confident, Talented, Dramatic
People born with the moon in Leo are both confident and insecure.  They are very childlike.  They demand a lot of attention. They need a lot of people to help them, serve them, take their shit. They have very dramatic emotional displays and are often emotional wrecks.  But they have a very strong sense of self. They are confident in who they are and can’t be held down by anyone.  They, by nature, are very bossy.  They instinctively want to always run the show.  They also have an inherent need to be the center of attention. They will always steal the show whenever they show up.  They are naturally very glamorous and admirable. They are often very beautiful and/or charismatic.  

They usually have some sort of talent.  As children it is very important that they get the proper training in whatever talent they have. They will take it very far. They love to perform, entertain.  They usually have a very bubbly, colorful personality.  
Moon in Leo people retain a childlike personality for their whole life.  They are very energetic and they love to have fun. They need a lot of attention and care. Moon in Leo people tend to keep a very innocent perspective throughout their lives. They can be very naive. They are often blind to the subtleties of life and are often too self involved to sense danger. They often fall into the trap of trusting the wrong people or making bad decisions in general. They often don’t think about what might go wrong until it’s too late.   They can be very irresponsible too.  They often expect people to do things for them and take care of them. 

People with Moon in Leo often have beautiful, colorful, and sometimes extravagant homes.  They may choose to live somewhere that gets a lot of light and has a lot of personality.  They love being surrounded by beautiful vibrant things.  They love life and need to feel alive wherever they live. They do great in sunny places that don’t get too much rain and clouds.  Their home may be very colorfully decorated. They may love to throw parties at their home.

People with Moon in Leo sometimes spoil their children and sometimes they push them too hard.  They are often the “stage mom” type always showing their kids off. "Look at what my kid can do".  They are very proud of their children and they want them to be the best. They may tend to smother their children or push them too hard to succeed.  
Sometimes, their children may feel like their parents are always trying to steal attention away from them. They may often feel like they are competing with the parents for the spotlight.  

People born with the Moon in Leo may have gotten used to being excessively cared for and looked after as children and throughout their lives they expect the same treatment from everyone else. They may throw huge tantrums when they don’t get their way. 
People with Moon in Leo have a very strong innate confidence. They have a strong determination and a clear vision of what they want in life. They know how magnificent they are and want to share themselves with the world.  They often become emotional wrecks when people are not on board with their plans.  They want to be completely in charge of their destiny and usually are. They don’t allow anyone to stand in their way.

Famous Moon in Leo Natives:
Halle Berry, Mahatma Gandhi, Paris Hilton, Megan Fox, Julia Roberts, Tom Cruise,  Tom Hanks, Clint Eastwood, Charlize Theron, Marilyn Manson, Renee Zellweger, Lil Kim, Vivienne Westwood, Larry Flynt, Jean Seberg, Gloria Steinem, Idris Elba, Anita O’day, David Bowie, Jane Fonda, Shia LaBeouf, Oscar Wilde, Eva Mendes, Kirsten Dunst, Anna Kournikova, Anne Frank, Queen Latifah, Venus Williams, Aleksander Skarsgard

Moon in Virgo

Workaholic, Healer, Naturalist
People born in Moon in Virgo are very matter-of-fact in their emotional expressions. They can be very real and raw in expressing their emotions. It can be nasty, messy, ugly but is usually quite beautiful. 
They are never afraid to express exactly what they feel down to the last bead of sweat. They are highly feminine in their emotional expressions in that they are very honest about their emotions and don’t try to feel something that isn’t there. They own their emotions and don’t try to supress them. They let their emotions run their course and don’t pressure themselves to feel better when they don’t.  
These people are often very successful people. They are notoriously workaholics. Being still, relaxing, chilling out is very difficult for them. They are usually very neurotic and they often feel better when they can funnel their energy into some work. They continue working for their whole lives. Staying busy often feels necessary to their survival.

They are naturalists. They are very in touch with nature and with their own senses.   They believe in experiencing every moment honestly for what it is. They are sometimes hippy types that never shave anywhere and don’t use products with chemicals.  They may not even use deodorant. They may want to move to a farm and live off the land  OR They may be obsessively shaving and grooming themselves. Living in a neat apartment in the city and cleaning every day. It could go either way and it usually happens both ways at some point in the life of a Virgo Moon native. They go back and forth. 

They are usually very pure of heart.  But their emotions are frequently changing. They are very sensitive to their surroundings. They can easily relate to other people’s experiences. But unlike water signs, whose moods may match the moods of those around them, people with Moon in Virgo tend to want to help or heal the people around them. They can be “fixers” always trying to help people, heal people, and solve their problems, even when people are not asking for help. They are very good at sensing any kind of physical discomfort or pain. And may be the types to give an impromptu neck massage that hits all the right spots if they notice a little tension in your forehead.  They usually have all kinds of magical tricks up their sleeve to help people feel better.

They are highly critical and it’s pretty safe to say that they will always feel something wrong with every situation. They search their minds for the appropriate solution and obsess on correcting it.  They feel this way wherever they go and whatever they do. They may seem pathologically miserable. They may be in a constant state of working out some inner tension., but they aren’t as dissatisfied as they seem.  They like it this way. They can annoy everyone around them though with their constant fault finding and nagging.  It may seem like nothing ever really satisfies them.  

As parents, Moon in Virgo types tend to worry excessively about their children. In extreme cases they may be the types to never let their kids play outside out of fear that they might get sick or hurt themselves. They may shelter their kids and may want to keep them innocent forever.  They may want their children to live with them forever and need them forever.

Moon in Virgo types may have felt that their parents were sick in someway.  Their mother may have had some type of problem with her body or health. She may have been very modest or just the opposite.  People with Moon in Virgo often have mothers who were either very pure or very impure. They may think of their mother as perfect or they think of their mother having been sacrificed or ruined in some way.  They tend to have a very fragile relationship with their mother and sometimes that continues on with their own children.

Usually though, they make good parents, they are very natural at looking after their child and keeping their children clean and healthy. They usually have a very friendly and close relationship with their children, though they may tend to worry and smother them a little more than the average parent. 
Moon in Virgo people can be very obsessed with wellness and often need some type of meditative workout routine. Their homes are usually very relaxed with lots of calm spaces to meditate and workout. Moon in Virgo types are very adaptable and can make do out of practically any living situation. They are highly resourceful and know how to survive in any level of accommodations.  Though they can be picky about their living situations when they have the choice, they have the remarkable ability to be satisfied with whatever they have and live with it until they can afford better.

Famous Moon in Virgo natives:
PJ Harvey, Fiona Apple, Madonna, Blake Lively, Kate Bosworth, Nicki Minaj, Natalie Portman, Sharon Tate, Michelle Pfieffer, Aaliyah, Jane Birkin, Serena Williams, Linda Evangelista, Jenny McCarthy, Anna Paquin, Gina Lollobrigida, Betty White, Coco Rocha, Sanaa Lathan, Kat Von D, Sean Connery, Robert Redford, Jack Nicholson, John Travolta, James Franco, Lance Armstrong, David Lynch,  Charles Bukowski, Frank Zappa, Deepak Chopra, Jack Kerouac, Notorious B.I.G.,  Stephen Hawking, Marvin Gaye and many more

Moon in Libra

Fashionable, Dependent, Wise

People born with the Moon in Libra are often highly fashionable, cool, relaxed, and emotionally vacant.  They can be very lazy.  Taking it easy, floating on a cloud, and living off everyone else’s hard work.  They can also be brilliant peace makers, stunning designers and artists, and the only people in the room remaining cool as a cucumber in a crisis.  In their hearts they know that everything will always be fine. Things tend to work out for them. They have a talent for bouncing back from almost any crisis.

All that said,  they are often highly emotionally dependent. They don’t know how to feel unless someone else is there to show them. This is what gives them their cool relaxed look. Its really as if they are in emotional limbo until a partner shows up.  Their feelings may change depending on who they are with.  Relationships are extremely important to their emotional security. They often just don’t know what to do or how to feel when they are alone.  It isn’t that they are using their partners emotions as their own. Its just that they need someone else to reflect their own emotions. They see who they are and what they are feeling through their partner.  

This often makes them seem very needy and dependent. They are often looking for relationships wherever they turn and depending on people who don’t necessarily want to be depended on.  They often expect from people more than they are able to give.  People may want to scream and yell at them “figure it out on your own” but they just don’t know how.  They can be like lost puppies waiting for someone to give them a home, some meaning.  They are empty until someone comes along and fills them up.  

They can be very crazy, manic, erratic, and just emotionally out of whack when they don’t have some type of emotional partner. This partner can be a lover, a family member, a close friend, a pet. But it must be someone who understands their emotional needs. Partnership can also come in the form of their work and creative expressions, whatever gives them emotional fulfillment.  When they have that partnership they are amazing. They are peaceful, balanced, beautiful. Cool, calm, and collected.

Moon in Libra natives are usually very social and can easily meet lots of people. They love to talk and they are usually very kind, well mannered, and charming.  Lucky for them finding all types of relationships isn’t usually very hard.  

When emotionally secure, they radiate harmony, symmetry. They often make great models. They have a natural sense for high fashion. They understand interesting angles and are detached enough that they can pull any look off. They don’t have this beaming personality that detracts from whatever they are modeling. They just look cool, beautiful, and balanced. Libra Moons can look very expensive and they love it that way.

Moon in Libra often is not very empathetic. Though they may have very dramatic emotional displays it is very difficult for them to actually relate to other peoples emotions.  They may frustrate people by pulling them in with their kindness then apparently emotionally withdrawing when people get close. It isn’t that they are withdrawing emotionally. They just are not very strong emotionally. Though don’t always understand the workings of people with deeper emotions and don’t really know how to respond.  They are the types to offer a cup of tea when you really want a hug.  They can be very hypocritical.  They may have very wild emotional displays and can be very needy, but as soon as someone needs some emotional help from them, they turn cold, distant.  

As children, Moon in Libra natives probably wanted very much to have a playmate. Maybe they were left alone a lot and didn’t want to be.  They may have had some problems learning to relate to people on an emotional level.  They may have spent so much time looking for a companion that they didn’t spend enough time getting to know themselves. Their mother may have seemed beautiful but distant.  She may have taught them to just take it easy and just enjoy life. They may have been spoiled in some way or maybe had it a lot easier than their siblings or peers. They may be used to things being easy and don’t know how to deal with the heavier more realistic aspects of life.

They may struggle with parenthood at times.  They can be notorious ice queens and not very nurturing at times. They may shut off emotionally during difficult times and may even run away when it gets tough and give their kids to someone else to raise for a little while. But when they have a good solid partner to help provide them emotional support and to help raise their children,  they are wonderful parents. They love having fun with their children and encouraging their dreams. They want their children to be educated, worldly, cultured. They want them to make peaceful change in the world and will encourage their children to be selfless and wise. They may dress their kids up in the latest fashions. Their kids will always leave the house looking “cool.”

Moon in Libra natives often have beautiful homes. They are often the types, when they can afford them, to have have all the latest appliances and the most fashionable furniture. Their houses may often look like pages out of magazines. Their design sense is uncanny, especially when it comes to their home.   Even if they don’t have a lot of money they tend to make the most with what they have. They can be very creative when it comes to decorating their home and they’ll arrange things to look more expensive than they are.  
Moon in Libra natives usually become very wise.  Once they have learned to balance their emotions on their own, they can apply that understanding to their natural knack for harmony and balance. They are social and will come across many people and various perspectives broadening their emotional horizons. They will understand much about the world.  They can be the cool voice of peace and reason in a room full of violent chaos.
Famous Moon in Libra natives:
Jessica Stam, Kristen Stewart, Kate Winslet, Anne Hathaway, Adriana Lima, Marie Antoinette, Anna Nicole Smith, Lilly Allen, Emma Stone, Kim Novak, Iman, Amber Heard, Claire Danes, Tina Fey, Sylvia Plath, Grace Jones, Rosario Dawson, Josephine Baker, Sarah Chalke, Annette Bening, Kate Upton, Leonardo DiCaprio, Justin Bieber, Jude Law, Mel Gibson, Jay Z, Bradley Cooper, Walt Disney, Fidel Castro, Alec Baldwin

Moon in Scorpio

Secretive, Obsessive, Subversive
People born with the Moon in Scorpio have a deep dark emotional world that they often keep hidden. They often are having some deep and dominant emotional drama that they may never talk about but governs their whole lives. They may seem light, happy, cheerful, but are secretly carrying some of the darkest emotions you can imagine. Or they may seem gloomy, sullen but are secretly in girlish romantic love bouncing off the walls in secret.   They are experts at hiding their emotions…when they want to.  But they also fear that they are transparent. They are afraid of losing control of their emotions and their private dramas being made public. They hate being vulnerable like that.

It may be extremely difficult to gauge what they’re feeling.  No one can really know what they are experiencing. They are often very afraid to admit what they are feeling out of a fear of getting hurt or humiliated.  They are often extremely defensive.  They can even be offensively defensive and very paranoid. Committing pre-emptive actions out of a fear of someone one else’s thoughts or possible actions.  They often jump to conclusions and prepare themselves for the worst even when it is not always that serious.  

That said, they will never lie about their emotions they will just hide them.  They are very honest people and they hate bull shit. They can see right through any con game and don’t like any kind of sugar coating or superficial charm.  They keep their emotions guarded until they feel comfortable enough to express them. But if you ask him how they feel they won’t tell you they are happy if they are sad.  They may just deflect the question like “Well, I don’t know how are YOU feeling”.  They can be very sarcastic and cynical.  

They are deeply intuitive.  Part of their paranoia comes from the fact that often their sixth sense is right.  Their instincts are sharp and they can spot danger from a mile away.  They understand human nature at a much deeper level than the average person. They are comfortable taking themselves to dark, scary places. They love freaking themselves out.  They may frequently put themselves in dangerous situations just for the thrill of it.  They can easily spot monsters because they often visit where monsters live, study their habits.  Moon in Scorpio natives know how to maintain their own purity while subjecting themselves to very swampy experiences.

They are always pushing their emotional boundaries. They may intentionally put themselves in situations where they know they may get hurt just for the sake of feeling something they haven’t felt before.  They want to be the most emotionally experienced, and they often put themselves through hell to get there.

Their tendency towards emotional exploration often invites a lot of drama into their life.  They may hang around people who are doing chaotic, harmful, weird, or just bad things because they feel this need to experience the danger.

Moon in Scorpio natives may need sex to feel emotionally secure. Sex can be a necessary ritual for them. They may not be able to go very long without some kind of sexual release. Their emotional stability may depend on it.  They have to be careful in choosing their relationships. It’s easy for them to choose partners that are not very well suited for them, just because they like the sex with this partner. They must be very careful to choose people who can fulfill more than just their sexual needs.  They must also be careful not to focus too much of their energy on sex.  Scorpio is very sexual but it is also very compassionate, intuitive, creative, and spiritual.  Moon in Scorpio natives would be wise to remind themselves not to always default to the easiest most enjoyable aspect of their emotional personality, which is often sex.  

They often make great confidants. They are excellent listeners, are naturally curious, and are great at keeping secrets. They are highly empathetic.  They really understand people’s emotions and sympathize greatly.  They are the kind of people you can talk to and tell your deepest secret. The one you’re scared to tell anyone else.  Most likely they will understand because they’ve got a few secrets of their own.  

Moon in Scorpio natives are usually very creative.  Their emotions are usually balanced by some type of creative expression.  They can easily sink to dark obsessive depths when they don’t have some creative project to keep them a float. When they apply themselves, their work is always innovative, exciting, beautiful, and unique.  Their emotional depth gives them a unique creative perspective.  Their creative work is usually a juxtaposition of fun with a dark cynical angle.  

Moon in Scorpio natives usually begin their lives as very naive people. They can be very innocent and pure for a long time.  They often experience something very serious, dark, or scary at some point. They become fascinated with the depth of the feeling of that experience. They spend their lives looking for deep feelings that can match and surpass the one before it.  When they are disturbed by something they may think about it and think about it and till it no longer disturbs them.  They are huge obsessors.

Generally they make very good parents. They are highly intuitive and often develop very close bonds with their children. They are very protective of their children and will go out of their way to keep them out of danger.  They are also very possessive of their children and may be very controlling of the people they allow their children to hang out with.  They can also be very subversive parents though. Exposing their children to things that they maybe aren’t yet prepared for.  They may remember their own loss of innocence and may want to spare their children from that disappointment by showing them too many adult issues a little too soon.  Children of Moon in Scorpio parents tend to grow up a little faster than other children. They may get depressed when they are children or just have a really deep emotional experience very young.

The home of a Moon in Scorpio person could more appropriately be called a “lair.” They are not the types to pick a big extravagant home that draws a lot of attention. Privacy is key for them.  They often prefer out of the way homes in less populated places. When they can afford it, their homes may have lots of secret rooms and entrances.  They love their privacy and often have all the windows covered and doors securely locked.  They love anything exotic.  Of course exotic will be different for each person depending on their culture. But they are often very fascinated with decor from far, beautiful, tropical, or sexy places.  Exotic can also mean anything that isn’t native to their own culture.  Their homes are often well suited for sexual escapades.  They like very comfortable, relaxed, and exciting homes.  These are often the types who love throwing night time pool parties or tiki themed cocktail parties.  

Moon in Scorpio natives:
M.I.A., Bjork, Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Scarlett Johansson, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Gisele Bundchen, Elizabeth Taylor, Mila Kunis, Miley Cyrus, Alanis Morissette, Shannen Doherty, Jenna Jameson, Raquel Welch, January Jones, Tori Spelling, Raven-Symone, Ellen Pompeo, Nia Long, Selma Blair, Debi Mazar, Bruce Lee, Tyler the Creator, Mitt Romney, Bob Marley, Ryan Lochte, James Dean, Alfred Hitchcock, Steven Spielberg, Johnny Cash, Eddie Murphy, Rupaul, Snoop Dogg, Miles Davis, Jason Momoa, Francis Ford Coppola

Moon in Sagittarius

Optimistic, Mystical, Explosive

People born with Moon in Sagittarius are always having emotional adventures.  At their hearts they are wild and free and they hate feeling pinned down.   They have an instinctive need to explore. When the going gets tough, their heart goes a wondering. They love the open road metaphorically or literally.  They may be the types to feel most comfortable and at home when they are out exploring life and learning.  They may get emotional fulfillment from philosophical studies or big trips.  

They need a lot of time on their own just to think, experience, and observe.  This is imperative to their emotional well-being. 

Moon in Sagittarius natives can be the types to start a lot of drama and then leave.  They want to experience huge explosive emotions.  They want emotional trips that will change their lives.  And when its over. They want another one.

They can be a little out of touch with reality.  They often feel untamed and excited and often turn the simplest trip to the corner store into a grand escapade. They are their own Indiana Jones in their mind seeing adventure at every corner.

Like all moon in fire signs, they can be very self centered.  In the case of Moon in Sagittarius, their self centeredness is most obvious in their feelings of moral superiority.  They often behave as if they are more enlightened or have been “chosen” in some way.  Moon in Sagittarius natives often get a lot of lucky breaks.  Often their heads are so in the clouds or focused on their next conquest that they step right out into the traffic.  They don’t notice that all the cars are swerving and crashing around them.  They just congratulate themselves on being able to walk directly into traffic and not get hit.   "Yeah, Carpe Diem!", they think.  Often they don’t even realize how much of their “luck” has been at the expense of others.  They may feel entitled to a certain amount of respect or special treatment. They may act like you are lucky in some way to hang out with them.  They may feel that everything they do is the right thing and that others should take note.
That said, in many cases you are lucky to be around them. They are usually very optimistic and fun people who don’t ever want the party to stop. They have a knack for naturally making people laugh and cheering them up.  They can be a bit goofy but they always lighten up the mood.  Even when things are dark and ugly, they still still look on the bright side.  They default to enjoyment.  The more emotionally unsettled they may get, the more they encourage themselves to go exploring for fun.

They are by nature, very independent.  They hate when anyone tries to label them, tie them down, make decisions for them etc. They need to be in control of their own destiny.  Often they take on some moral crusade. They feel as if they are revolutionaries taking one for the team, standing up for the cause. But often its really just their own personal emotional drama.

Though they can be rather arrogant they are usually very humble. When they are not riding the high horse of morality.  They love being around people of all varieties and just experiencing them.  They have this lower nature that loves to party, and experiment, and indulge.  They love to let loose and lose control.  They can be very passionate and wild.  
They love sublime experiences. They can easily be very religious or spiritual people.  Their instinctive nature is very concerned with communing with a higher power and experiencing divine beauty.  Their emotional security is often based in a need for magic and miracles. They may be very mystical and may love psychedelic experiences as well.  They may be very into shamanistic type endeavors and letting their inner fire radiate!

They usually make very unconventional parents. They can be gypsy types who raise their children on the road. Or they may raise their kids in a religious compound. Or they may raise their kids among a tribe of pigmies in the congo or they may just WANT to do all of that.  They are not the types to follow conventional rules of parenting. They parent they way they want to because they KNOW they are right.  

They can be very good parents, allowing their children the freedom of creative expression. They will encourage them to not be afraid of their world, to be adventurous, open minded, and wise. They may give them a very solid moral center and ingrain in them the belief in something bigger than themselves. 

But… they can also be very messy parents sometimes.  They love their kids and want the best for them, just like anyone else. However they are sometimes unrealistic, heavy handed, and careless.  Their own instincts are often so loud that they are not always in tuned to every one else’s. They may let their children run amuck and get into trouble.  They may not want to try to control them or inhibit them.  They may have felt restricted or limited as children and they don’t want their children to feel the same way.  
It may take some time for them to get a handle on parenthood. They may never have children or wait a very long time, because they are aware of this tendency in themselves. Or they may have lots of children, hoping to get better with each one. Moon in Sagittarius women sometimes breed an interesting tribe of wild untamed spirits.  

Their homes are usually shrines to their experiences, their travels, their dreams. They may have all kinds of trinkets and souvenirs.  Their houses can be a bit messy and unkempt.  They are not the types to dust all the time and be very domestic. Their home is more a place to have fun and to make plans. They sometimes don’t even really see how messy their place is.  It doesn’t even really occur to them. They usually like a lot of bold colors and mystic decorations  They can be very creative and usually decorate their homes quite beautifully.   They usually like living places that are of some philosophical significance to them.  They may want to live somewhere where they can relax and think.  Or they may want to live in the heart of some crazy, busy,  loud place full of adventures they can get themselves into. 

Famous Moon in Sagittarius Natives:

Lauryn Hill, Naomi Campbell, Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Aniston, Oprah Winfrey,  Paz de la Huerta, Yoko Ono, Lana Del Rey, Adele, Naomi Watts, Ellen Page, Rose McGowan, Judy Garland, Martha Stewart,  Kelly Osbourne,  Ann Romney, Zoe Saldana, Joan Rivers, Marisa Tomei, Janice Dickinson, Ann Coulter, Amber Rose, Mahalia Jackson, Edie Falco, Albert Einstein, Justin Timberlake, Mozart, Al Pacino, Vincent Van Gogh, Michael Jordan, Anthony Kiedis, Zachary Quinto

Moon in Capricorn

Cold, Creative, Resilient
People born with the Moon in Capricorn are often hard, and cold.  They are extremely sensitive people. But in many cases they are forced to fend for themselves at a very young age. They learn to swallow their tears,keep a stiff upper lip, and keep moving. Throughout their lives they either suppress their emotions or they use them as a vehicle to make money.  They funnel them into their creative work. They are often workaholics, because they feel so much. Their creative endeavors are usually brilliant, honest, and pure because they are physical manifestations of their own emotions.

They are very tough.  Women with this sign are still very feminine but quite dominant and clever.  They are very sharp and business minded.  They stick up for themselves and don’t stand for any crap.  They can be very cut throat and sarcastic.   They aren’t to be trifled with.

Men with this placement often harbor a pessimistic and defeated feeling. They don’t always handle this placement as well as women do.  They cover their deep pain with endless ambitious endeavors. No accomplishment is ever the end. They want to be at the top of the tallest mountain.  

People with this placement are usually very no nonsense. Punctual, well dressed, and ready to work.  They often have a very dark sense of humor. They are known for their wit.
They are highly creative.  

They may tend to ignore their instincts.  They may be control freaks trying to plan and calculate when they should just let go and listen to what is happening around them.  They may often do the opposite of what should be done in a serious or crisis situation.  They are very hard on themselves when they make these types of mistakes.  They want very much to be perfect and to be strong and to do everything right.  They sometimes totally fall apart in a crisis. They hate crying but they feel so much they can’t help it. They hate not having control. They usually need a lot of nurturing and care when something stressful happens, and they are not the types you want to go to for emotional support.  They will need more emotional support than anyone.

They are sometimes annoyed with more emotionally expressive people. But they also envy their freedom. Moon in Capricorn would love to feel comfortable enough to honestly express their emotions. But they are very afraid of being exposed as weak or incompetent.
They may be cold and serious when people are relaxing and having a good time around them. It may be difficult for others to get really comfortable around them. They may seem so frosty and uptight.

Emotional life is usually a very difficult for these people. They often turn to substances to numb the pain.  Capricorn by nature can be very indulgent. With the moon in Capricorn their indulgences can be caused by a shift in their mood or a specific emotional trigger.  They sometimes develop substance problems when they are very young in an effort to get over whatever trauma they have experienced. People with Moon in Capricorn often experience some sort of trauma before they become adults.  As they grow older, it may become more and more difficult to get by without some sort of crutch.
They may feel more social, fun, and free when they are drinking or doing drugs.  They may feel like they are easier to be around and whatever weight they are carrying may feel lighter.

This is unfortunate because they really are at their best when they are sober.  Their instincts are not astute enough to properly look after themselves when they are in this state. They will still work, they will always work. Work and the substance will get all of their energy, nothing else.  It isn’t that some signs handle drugs and alcohol better or are more suited for it, its just that Moon in Capricorn commits so fully to any endeavor, that the drugs consume them so much more rapidly and grotesquely than other signs.  They commit 100% to everything they take on. So the substances just really do damage to them.  
In addition they are acutely aware of their own mortality. So much so that they are barely afraid of it. Its like they walk with the idea of death all the time. Sometimes they get so consumed by their pessimism and awareness of mortality that they slowly bring themselves to an early end. Usually though, they are too business minded to be bothered with drugs though.  In most cases they are too ambitious to let anything stop them.  Though they do have the tendency to a abuse substances, most Moon in Capricorn natives do not.  Most remain rather square and don’t do anything but work and stay in good enough shape to keep on working. They live simple, practical, even boring lives.  

Whatever their life situation, Moon in Capricorn natives are highly resilient.  They can take a lot of abuse and keep on ticking. They are strong survivors who keep on going no matter what obstacle they face.

Moon in Capricorn natives usually make very strict and stern parents.  They are disciplinarians. They are usually not very nurturing.  Their idea of nurturing is making their kids do their own chores, or making their kids run laps when they get home. They want their kids to understand the value of hard work. They want their kids to always be able to take care of themselves and look after themselves. They want their kids to know that life will be tough, so they should be tough too.

They can be very hard on their children because they love them so much.They really are very scared parents who could often use a hug themselves. Their children often teach them to be softer and more emotionally vulnerable. Often their children nurture them.  They usually have very sweet children who understand their parents pain and want very much for their parents to just be happy. They will try hard to impress them, but they will also look after them and care for them.

Moon in Capricorn natives usually dream of living in a mansion, or a penthouse, or something better than whatever they currently have.  But they can survive any accommodation. They are often the types to keep upgrading homes. Like they won’t move until they definitely have a better home. They will stay somewhere as long as they need to, until they have an even better home. They are definitely working towards the mansion on the hill.  Their homes are often spotless, meticulous, cold. They often don’t feel much like “homes”.   It is not always the coziest most welcoming atmosphere.  

Moon in Capricorn feels at home anywhere they can work. They don’t need a lot of creature comforts. They will sleep on a cot if need be.  Their homes are very functional and practical.  If they don’t need it they won’t have it. They don’t like a lot of excess baggage and clutter. They can be quite utilitarian when it comes to their home decor.  But when they can afford it, their house will be laced with elegance and luxury. They will have the best quality of everything.  Their homes will be expensive and magnificent.  They usually like very classic even aristocratic decor. They often have a taste for vintage home decorations and may spare no expense to have the most authentic decorations from some elegant earlier period.

Moon in Capricorn natives:

Billie Holiday, Nina Simone, Lucille Ball, Amy Winehouse, Lena Headey, Dorothy Parker, James Gandolfini, Azealia Banks, Liv Tyler, Stevie Nicks, Kim Basinger, Mia Farrow, Chloe Sevigny Sarah McLachlan, Wynona Judd, Sofia Coppola, June Carter Cash, Donna Summer, Dean Martin,  Ryan Gosling, Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, George Clooney, Adolf Hitler, Arnold Schwarzeneggr, Stacey Dash, Neve Campbell, Robert F. Kennedy, Ayn Rand, Lars Von Trier, Carolyn Murphy

Moon Aquarius 

Kind, Quirky, Distant

People born with the Moon in Aquarius tend to be very out of touch with their emotions. They often have no idea how they feel. They are usually very kind and very concerned about improving the world.  They are very open minded and they always have lots of friends. They may seem strangely cold though. Like there is no center.  They may be very difficult to connect with. They may be next to you, talking to you, but emotionally in another galaxy. Completely unreachable. 

Nothing phases them. They aren’t weirded out by anything. Sometimes they do want emotional connection, but they are not always aware of their emotional disconnect. They are like robots trying to imagine what emotions must feel like.  They don’t understand how disconnected with emotional behavior they actually are.

You won’t see them ever cry.  If you do, you may never see them again.  If they have ever gotten to the place, with a person, where they have to cry in front of them, that is their cue to exit.  They don’t like feeling weighed down by tears. They don’t see the point in all of that.  

It is possible that they detach themselves from their emotions because they actually are very sad with the state of the world. They are so deeply heartbroken by it that they cannot live with it.  They have to leave the weight of their emotions in a place where they cannot access it, because if they do, it will hold them down and prevent them from moving forward and all aquarius knows how to do is move forward.

They cannot handle their emotions at all. They fall apart, they have no idea how to allow themselves to feel what they are feeling. It is an extremely scary and unsettling experience for them.  They are completely overcome by pain when they actually do face it. They are manic.

So often they seem distant. Unreachable. But they do want to be there with you, just not emotionally. They need to be around people who entertain and invigorate their minds.  They want to share their ideas with people who they know will listen. They want to hear interesting, fun, unique ideas. They do NOT want to engage in any emotional drama.  That is the way to totally bore them and bring down their energy.

They don’t always want to be parents. It is way to weighty of a responsibility for them.  Often, they’d rather have pets than children. Pets are much less of an emotional responsibility than children, but yet it still allows them to do good in this world by looking out for a life in need of care. Moon in Aquarius natives  can be extremely loving and affectionate with their animals.  Much more than you will ever see them be with a human.  
When they do have children they may be an emotional distance between them.  There may be a bigger issue that has to get more of their attention, so they can’t fully give themselves emotionally to their children, though they may really want to.

People with this placement often have to try very hard to make personal time with their children to remind them that they are there and they aren’t going anywhere.
The homes of Moon in Aquarius natives are usually very tech savvy. They will most likely have all the latest models of the latest technologies. They like to be ahead of the curve. Their homes are usually very modern and quirky.  

Famous Aquarius Moon natives:
Marilyn Monroe, Britney Spears, Sasha Grey, Princess Diana, Frank Ocean, Uma Thurman, John Lennon, Bruce Willis, Jessica Alba, Sandra Bullock, Woody Allen, David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson, Jessica Lange, Jayne Mansfield, Kim Cattrall, Glenn Close, Orson Welles, Latoya Jackson, Chris Isaak, Rosa Parks, Timothy Leary, Philip K. Dick, Sherilyn Fenn, Ice T, Tom Petty

Moon in Pisces

Colorful, Introspective, Idealist

People born with the Moon in Pisces live in a beautiful dream world. They are deeply emotional.  They absorb everything that happens to them.  They can be very introspective and are often quiet by nature.  They are idealists who are always expecting magic and miracles. They ignore the odds in favor of making their dreams come true.  They can also be pessimists who get so obsessed with the worse case scenario that it may seem like they actually want bad things to happen. They love drama, romance.  When things are stormy, tumultuous, they thrive, feel alive.  They have vivid imaginations and wild dreams.  They want their life to be a dream and usually behave as if it is. They usually have very unique, memorable, colorful personalities. They may seem like characters in a cartoon. Sometimes it’s hard to believe they are really being real, they are so colorful, weird, and out there.
They are deeply sensitive. They can be very moody and depressing. They can really sink to dark emotional depths. Their moods are always shifting, though. So most likely they won’t stay in an emotional slump forever.  They can be very needy and dependent.  They may seem like they don’t know what to do or where to turn.  They get lost in their emotions, crying then laughing, then crying again. 

This is also a placement that denotes addictive tendencies and a reliance on substances.  People with this placement tend to be escapists and they may use substances to help them escape from reality.  Many Moon in Pisces people prefer never to even try any substances for fear of needing them.  People with this placement should carefully control their use of any alcohol or drugs.  It may make them feel better just to go for a swim in the sea.
Moon in Pisces people are highly creative.  They usually make amazing artists. They have such a love of beauty combined with an incredibly vivid imagination. In addition they are like emotional sponges. They absorb the collective experiences of all the people who have ever entered their life. They absorb these feelings and then weave them into something beautiful, mystical, sublime.  For this reason their art always seems to have a universal appeal.  

Moon in Pisces natives are often deeply spiritual people. Even if they are not religious or into anything spiritual they will still be very in tuned to their own purpose in this life. They are very faithful to their own emotions and committed to their individual emotional expression. 

They can be very out of touch with reality.  They may see things, the way the want them to be and not the way they really are.  They may only understand life from the perspective of their own emotions. So if they have not yet experienced something, they can be very un-sympathetic and un-compassionate to the person who has actually experienced it. They can be very self involved and absorbed in their own world.

Moon in Pisces people usually make very good parents. They are very nurturing and compassionate. They allow their children to be creative and expressive.  They love to have fun with their children and activate their imaginations.  They usually see their children as magical.  They may be the types though, to let their children walk all over them. They may not be that great at disciplining them. They may ignore or be unaware of any bad behavior in them.  They may feel too afraid of hurting their children’s feelings so they don’t do anything at all.  As they grow, their children may feel like their parents don’t really see them for who they are but who they want them to be.

As children, Moon In Pisces natives may have had an idealized view of their parents. Sometimes there is a distance between mother and child so the moon in pisces child creates a fantasy, ideal parent.  Their may even have been some emotional trauma that made them retreat into a fantasy world.  They create a little fairy tale where they may imagine their mom a magical queen who will save them or a wicked witch that they must escape from.  They are often waiting for something or someone to come and rescue them.  They often look for saviors in their lives and it usually starts when they are children.  

Many times with Moon in Pisces natives, they turn their need to be saved into actions where they are always saving others.  Moon in Pisces natives sometimes care for others much better than they are able to care for themselves.

Moon in Pisces natives love being in beautiful places. They may prefer to live near the sea or a large body of water. They may also prefer to just live near somewhere enchanting with a lot of natural beauty and mystery.  Their homes are usually very cozy and welcoming.  Their homes may be very relaxing and may feel like a sanctuary of some sort.  Moon in Pisces natives may move around a lot and may live in all different types and styles of home. But their homes will always possess a very soothing, calming element. Moon in Pisces natives function best when they have a safe and comfortable place to unwind and emerge from their ocean of emotions.  

Famous Moon in Pisces Natives:
Joni Mitchell, Martin Luther King Jr., Michael Jackson, Michelle Obama, Elvis Presley, Leonardo da Vinci, Che Guevara, Hillary Clinton, Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Robert de Niro, Audrey Hepburn, Cindy Crawford, Frank Sinatra, Prince, Coco Chanel, Winona Ryder, Ryan Reynolds, Debbie Harry, OJ Simpson, Jerry Seinfeld, Martin Scorsese, J.R.R. Tolkien, James Cameron, Steve Carell, Gianni Versace, Erykah Badu, Gustav Klimt, Alexander McQueen, Betty Ford, Michael Cera, Charlie Parker, Chuck Berry, Aleister Crowley, Edgar Allan Poe, Hugh Hefner, Leonard Cohen, Wiz Khalifa, Sam Cook

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