Celebrities Pisces Men

Celebrities Pisces Man
Famous Celebrities Pisces Male

Adam Levine, born 18 March 1979

The man who is ruled by the sign of the Fish is an inspiring and charismatic individual. His passion for conversation and the exchange of attitudes is only surpassed by his vision regarding the concepts that will be discussed in future conversations. In fact, that vision thing of his, that crystal ball into what will be, is simultaneously the most enchanting and the most frustrating thing about him. He might be able to describe what future generations will think about the world we live in now, but he will not be able or willing to actually function in that same world of today. You might think that he is out of touch with reality, but the Pisces man is simply feeling removed from our day-to-day reality because he is imagining another world so deeply that part of him resides there.The Pisces man who is conscious of the day-to-day reality around him is best suited to exist among us when he senses or understands an obligation that he has and sets out to fulfill it. He is at his finest when he is performing a service. This sensibility may manifest as a grand vision in which he sees himself playing a part, or it might be his response to history. How he interacts with others is based on his comprehension of how we as a society got to the point at which we now all reside. If your experience of history or opinion about the current state of affairs differs greatly from his, expect a wild give and take. He might seem a bit ordinary when you first make contact but when given a forum to express his perceptions, watch out. A wave of impassioned intellectual analysis will burst forth from his brain in a manner so charismatic that it matters not the truth of what he states, but the level of agreement in which he submerges his audience.

Finding and Keeping the Pisces Man

Pisces men can be found on the edge of town. If they are in the center of things, it is at a church or other service organization. Otherwise, they operate on the periphery. Bars and taverns attract the man born under the sign of the Fish as often as places of worship.To attract a Pisces man you must be like-minded. If you have fundamental lifestyle differences, this is one zodiac sign that is also a "Stop" sign. If you share some of the same interests and inhabit the same establishments as this man, you will already be on his radar. Keeping him engaged intellectually means that you must always have another possibility to propose. He only wants absolutes when it comes to the consistencies in his personal life and belief system.Once you and your Pisces man are an item, keeping him faithful will require that you patrol the borders. Incoming temptation must be stopped before it can inspire him. The ultimate goal for you should be to become part of his deeply held belief system. If being faithful to you is a touchstone in his reality, as much or more than his artistic and spiritual pursuits, you will have him for life.

Justin Bieber, born 1 March 1994

Emile  Hirsch (born March 13, 1985)

Daniel Craig, born 2 March 1968

Bow Wow, born 9 March 1987

Robert Sean Leonard (born February 28, 1969) 
American actor, who has regularly starred in Broadway and off-Broadway productions. Since 2004 he has played the role of Dr. James Wilson on the TV series House. He played Neil Perry in the 1989 movie Dead Poets Society.

Jensen Ackles, born 1 March 1978

Shiloh Fernandez, born 26 February 1985

Luca Pasqualino, born 19 February 1990

Evan Peters (born January 20, 1987)

 American actor. He made his acting debut in the 2004 drama film Clipping Adam and starred in the ABC science fiction TV series Invasion from 2005 to 2006. He is best known for his multiple roles on the FX anthology television series American Horror Story, his supporting role as Todd Haynes in the 2010 superhero film Kick-Ass, and his role as the mutant Quicksilver in the 2014 film X-Men: Days of Future Past.

Freddie Prinze Jr., born 8 March 1976

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