Celebrities Virgo Men

Famous Celebrities Virgo Male
Celebrities Virgo Man

Chris Pine, born 26 August 1980

If the Virgo male had to be summed up in a single word, it would be "practical." He sees things as they are, with no sugar coating. Virgo is a down-to-earth, hard-working guy who sees no need for the outpourings of emotion. If he has strong feelings about something, he usually keeps them to himself. Likewise, he tends to prefer the company of others who are similarly reserved.

This doesn't mean that Virgo can't form strong attachments. He can and does, but he does so slowly and carefully. It usually takes him a while to fall in love, but once he's truly smitten, he's in it for the "long haul." Once the Virgo male has committed to a relationship, he is forever loving, patient and supportive.

The typical Virgo is usually very intelligent and appreciates and admires this quality in a potential mate. He's actually a male who will love you for your mind. On the negative side, Virgo can be intensely critical and territorial. Once he learns to completely trust a lover, however, he's dedicated, caring and faithful.

Finding and Keeping the Virgo Man

If you're interested in meeting a Virgo man, forget the local bar. Virgos eschew loud, crowded places and instead prefer quiet venues where they can enhance their mind. They have an immense thirst for knowledge. With these things in mind, you might try libraries, museums, historical sites and planetariums for potential Virgo encounters.

To attract a Virgo, use the part he most admires: your brain. Let him know that you're smart and have a wide range of intellectual interests. Don't brag; Virgo hates braggarts. If you're smart enough to be with a Virgo, however, you're smart enough to figure out how to let him know that you're intelligent without being too "over the top."

The Virgo man has simple, yet specific tastes in mates. He has little use for loud, rude people and is rarely attracted to "bimbos," at least when it comes to serious relationships. He's much more attracted to women who dress fashionably, yet conservatively, and who actually know how to think and reason. He has no time for silliness or insincerity. To catch his eye, be polite, sincere and soft spoken. Let him know that you're interested, but do so subtly. If you shower him with too much attention too soon, you'll scare him away.

Once you have his attention, you might find it difficult to keep. Virgos are often loners, and they survive bachelorhood better than most men. Keep him interested with new ideas. Let him know that your mind is always working, and that you enjoy learning and sharing new things.

The Virgo male is willing to give his all in a relationship, but he expects the same from his partner. Virgo is somewhat of a "neat freak," so make sure your appearance is always tidy. Keep a neat home, too, and never give him any reason to mistrust you. Virgos generally are not the breakup and make-up type. Once he's done with a lover, he's done, and no amount of tears on your part will convince him to give it another try.

Armie Hammer (born August 28, 1986

American actor. After appearing on television and playing the title role in 2008's Billy: The Early Years, he became known for his portrayal of the Winklevoss twins in the 2010 film The Social Network.

Niall Horan, born 13th September 1993

Niall Horan, born 13th September 1993
Just like his One Direction bandmate Liam, Niall is a Virgo. According to the star sign he is analytical, observant, helpful, reliable and precise.

Liam Payne, born 29th At 1993

Liam is the One Direction middleman – Louis and Zayn are older than him while Harry and Niall are younger.

Dave Annable, born 15 September 1979

Ryan Phillippe, born 10 September 1974

Ryan Phillippe

Paul Walker (born September 12, 1973)

Paul Walker

Richard Gere, born 31 August 1949

Richard Gere

Gabriel Aubry, born 30 August 1976

Chad Michael Murray, born 24 August 1981

Chad Michael Murray

Kevin Zegers, born 19 September 1984

Kevin Zegers

Thomas  Felton (born September 22, 1987)
English actor in films, television, radio, and videogames. He is best known for playing the role of Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter series.

Tom Felton

James Marsden, born 18 September 1973

James Marsden

Marlon Teixeira, born 16 September 1991

Marlon Teixeira

Marlon Teixeira

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