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Celebrities Sagittarius Men

Celebrities Sagittarius
Famous Sagittarius Male

Brad Pitt, born 18 December 1963

Sagittarius is a fun-loving, happy sign that's usually a joy to be around. The Archer seems to always be upbeat, and he wants everyone around him to be the same way. If you're down in the dumps, he'll cheer you up with his witticisms and cajoling. You'll never find a Sagittarius man boring – he has a strong wanderlust and an incredible appetite for adventure and exploration.

The Archer is open and honest and never tries to hide his feelings, so you'll know exactly where he stands on most issues. Don't ask him a question unless you're prepared to hear the unabashed truth. He never means to be hurtful; it's just that he isn't a very good liar, even when a small fib could spare your feelings. On the other hand, when a Sagittarius man pays you a compliment, you can rest assured that he's being sincere. If he tells you that he loves you, he'll mean it, but you might never hear those words from him. Even if he should fall in love with you, he might still have trouble committing to marriage or any long-term relationship.

Finding and Keeping the Sagittarius Man

The Archer loves all the earth's creatures – both human and animal. So, you might find him at a dog show, a horse show, a zoo, an animal shelter or a wildlife preserve. Because he has so much compassion for his fellow man, he may volunteer at soup kitchens, homeless shelters or nursing homes. Sagittarius is fiercely competitive by nature, so you might find him engaging in sports, too. With an insatiable appetite for travel, many Sagittarius men find jobs in the travel industry. He might be a travel agent or work for the airlines or on a cruise ship. Archers tend to frequent exotic locales, so if you get the chance to visit such places, you'll likely run into several Sagittarius guys. Sagittarius is drawn to intelligent, dynamic women. Getting his attention usually isn't difficult as he finds practically everyone interesting. The problem will be keeping his interest – he becomes bored easily and finds commitment difficult. He often feels that he should experience a wide variety of women instead of settling all his energies on just one. To keep an Archer's interest, never allow him to become bored with you or with the relationship. If he ever finds himself in a rut, he'll seek excitement elsewhere, so always endeavor to keep him engaged in new activities with you. Do the same in the bedroom by being bold and creative in your lovemaking, and never be worried about shocking him – most Sagittarius men are game for just about anything.

Mark Ruffalo, born 26 November 1967

Mark Ruffalo

Ryan Kwanten, born 28 November 1976

Ryan Kwanten

Gael García Bernal, born 30 November 1978

Gael García Bernal

Tyson Beckford (born December 19, 1970) 
American male model and actor, best known as a Ralph Lauren model.

Xavier Samuel, born 10 December 1983

Jeff Bridges, December 4, 1949

Ben Stiller, born November 30, 1965

Brendan Fraser, December 3, 1968

Nicholas Hoult, born 7 December 1989

Gaspard Ulliel, born 24 November 1984

Beethoven, December 16, 1770

Thomas Sturridge, born 21 December 1985

Jesse Metcalfe, December 9, 1978

Steven Spielberg, December 18, 1946


Michael Vartan, November 27, 1968

Jamie Foxx, December 13, 1967

Walt Disney, December 5, 1901

Keifer Sutherland. December 21, 1966

Ian Joseph Somerhalder (born December 8, 1978)

American fashion model, actor and producer, notable for playing Boone Carlyle in the TV drama Lost. Somerhalder currently stars as the vampire Damon Salvatore in the CW TV teen drama series The Vampire Diaries. 

Jay-Z, December 4, 1969

Bruce Lee, November 27, 1940

John Kennedy Jr., November 25, 1960

Jake Gyllenhaal, born 19 December 1980

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