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✥✥✥ BEING THE TAUR!! Taurus! ✥✥✥ 

Taurus ♉  

 have their own ways and criteria when they get things done, never act blindly. 

 ¤ Apr 20 - May 20 ¤  
Taurus people often do things according to their own way and criteria and do not like to be interfered. They always come out with great plan. They will consider everything clearly before they start doing something and never act blindly. So no matter what they plan to do, the chances of success are always very high. They are very practical, not over-optimism or self-righteous and always deal with people practically. Their weaknesses are do not understand the contingency and their crisis management capacity are weak. They stick to their own beliefs, and never change whatever they think that is right, even if they have different point of views with others, or unable to adapt to the environment, they will never change their concept or principle. As the result, they often do their own things, without cooperate with others. So Taurus must learn how to communicate well with society and interact with others to avoid unnecessary stress.

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