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always good at abstract thinking, their strong point is being cautious and creative.

¤ Feb 19 - Mar 20 ¤


Pisces are not organized and also do not know how to plan because they do not like to be carried away by a fixed plan. They would rather follow the crowd. They will make the decision of the step only when they reach that step. They do not to confront difficulties stubbornly. They also do no have the sense of responsibility. So, if they encounter irresistible adversity, they will just give it all up peacefully as that is the arrangement of God and it is useless to struggle. They had been the masters of abstract thinking. Their advantage is being cautious and creative but because of the emotional impact of their work, it is not easy to be fully unleashed. They are less aggressive, dislike competition and do not mind being beaten because they are not very concerned about the rules of the game in reality. In contrast, they pay more attention to the ideal country in their inner heart.

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