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♌ Leo ♌

energetic, express preference for the important and troublesome work!

¤ Jul 23 - Aug 22 ¤

Fire element people are usually energetic, hyperactive but Leos are able to control this stamina well and will not scatter shot waste it, but exert them under a stable condition to produce the greatest effect. They are very organized, pay great attention to order that gave to them and they like everything things went according to the plan to avoid the occurrence of unexpected event. So, before they do anything they will design a comprehensive framework and included all the relevant factors in it to enable them to control the entire process easily. Leo often prefer important or difficult task, because this kind of tasks are able to meet their conquest and self-esteem. For many times, as the tasks are getting difficult, the more concentrate they are. The dedicated side of their personality will be shown entirely and they will be very proud of themselves for accomplishing the tasks. On the contrary, if they feel the task is not that important, they will feel like they are above the business and soon they will become floppy.

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