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Sagittarius 2014 Horoscope

Sagittarius Symbol
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Sagittarius 2014 Astrology Predictions

Here are the Sagittarius 2014 Astrology Predictions.
The Zodiac horoscope predicts that this may not be a smooth and easy year for most Sagittarians. There could be obstacles and barriers put in your way but with your positive attitude and optimistic outlook you can overcome them. In fact you should become stronger and more resilient to future problems. Your star sign of Sagittarius also predicts that 2014 should be a landmark year when you make significant decisions, commitments and choices. Gathering loved ones around you will be important this year too, so plan reunions, family gatherings and special occasions with care to include the most important people in your life.

Sagittarius 2014 Astrology - Couples
Love, Romance and Relationships

Your Zodiac horoscope predicts that 2014 is the perfect opportunity to seal your bond of love with your partner. So if you are planning an engagement, marriage or commitment ceremony then things should go very well. 

Sagittarius 2014 Astrology - Singles
Love, Romance and Relationships

If you are still looking for your ideal partner then 2014 could be the year for you. Very favourable conditions around November and December could draw “the One" towards you, as this is when your Sagittarius star sign attracting energy should be at its strongest. And if you’re just looking for fun, rather than a settled and serious relationship then the summer months should be perfect for you. People from different locations, cultures and backgrounds will be most appealing. 

Sagittarius 2014 Astrology - Career, Business and Professional Life

The horoscope predictions for Sagittarius indicate that partnerships may be problematic this year. If you are involved in a business partnership or work closely with just one other co-worker, then be aware that there could be frictions this year. For those looking for employment midsummer is the most favourable time to find the right job, with the right pay and conditions. 

Sagittarius 2014 Astrology - Health, Wellbeing and Strength

Watch out for dips in your energy level. If these coincide with extra pressure, stress or increased workload you could be endangering your health. Problematic times are centred around the September and October months. If you’re prone to headaches or migraine take particularly care to avoid familiar triggers. Keep a check on your weight also, and try to avoid fluctuations.

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