Cancer 2014 Horoscope

Cancer zodiak sign. Also at Unicode U+264B (♋).
Cancer zodiac sign. Also at Unicode U+264B (♋). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cancer 2014 Astrology Predictions

Here are the Cancer 2014 Astrology Predictions.
A turn around in the way you think, believe and act will come as somewhat as a shock to you and others this year. You’ll be shedding your old ways and taking and embracing new excitements. You‘ll also be more independent and less reliant on others both financially and emotionally. The path of your life may become clearer and more defined as you find focus and structure to where you want to be in 2014.
Becoming more expressive and creative will also be a feature of 2014 and you’ll find ways to discover where your true talents lie.
Your horoscope forecast shows a year filled with evolving and developing, both professionally and personally. You may barely recognise yourself this time next year. The person you hope to become – more creative, more confident, more respected - are all within your reach.
Your star sign of Cancer should be twinkling brightly in terms of your love life but you are warned to be cautious.  

Cancer 2014 Astrology - Couples
 Love, Romance and Relationships

Your Zodiac horoscope predictions for 2014 in terms of love and romance revolve around the change of feelings, thoughts and beliefs you have. The person you’re developing and growing into is not the same person that your partner fell for. So a period of readjustment may be needed so that both of you can accept and embrace each other once more.
There is a great potential for becoming much closer, more deeply committed and taking bigger steps to become true partners if the changes can be accepted.   

Cancer 2014 Astrology - Singles
Love, Romance and Relationships

Your Cancer star sign shows that there is great potential to pull towards you a very meaningful relationship this year. However there may be a few hits and misses along the way. Take care not to wear your rose tinted spectacles and put any potential partners on a pedestal. Look at all their bad points as well as their good points. In this way you’ll be in the best position to decide whether or not you should devote your time, energy and more importantly your heart to them.Your emotional sensitivity and intense feelings may get hurt if you allow yourself to be too easily swept of your feet without analysing the motivations, faults and failings of a potential partner. It’s not in your nature to be cold and calculating but you need to protect your heart in 2014.


Cancer 2014 Astrology - Career,
Business and Professional Life

You may feel an overwhelming urge to alter, adjust or change direction in your career. Whatever changes you feel you must make you will need to take on more skills, knowledge and experience.A strong desire to be the very best at what you do will push you forward and motivate you to excel in your chosen field. But this may be met with resistance and resentment by your competitors. Some will feel threatened and under attack by your work ethic, while others may find ways to hinder your progress.Partnerships could become strained or fracture during 2014, so ensure you do not put all your eggs in one basket and rely too heavily on just one person.


Cancer 2014 Astrology - Health,
Wellbeing and Strength

2014 is a great year for making radical changes to your diet, exercise and life style choices.
Your immune system could be weakened and you may be troubled by niggling ailments. Try to stave off these minor complaints by eating plenty of green vegetables and avoiding excess. 

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