Aquarius 2014 Horoscope

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Aquarius 2014 Astrology Predictions

Here are the Aquarius 2014 Astrology Predictions.Lots of opportunities should be flowing your way in 2014. Your horoscope forecast shows a year filled with social and professional connections. There will be plenty activity centring on friends and family life with news of births and other happy events.But rather than placing your full focus on the happiness and wellbeing of those you love, you should ensure that you look after yourself so you have the strength and stamina to embrace opportunities, overcome challenges and deal with commitments, duties and responsibilities.Learning and stretching yourself to take on new skills, knowledge and experience will also features in the horoscope predictions for most Aquarians. But as you like to use your intellect fully, this should not be a problem for you in 2014.Your star sign of Aquarius should be shining brightly this year, particularly around your birthday, so ensure you make this year extra special by doing something memorable.

Aquarius 2014 Astrology - Couples
Love, Romance and Relationships

Your Zodiac horoscope predictions centre on communication in relation to your love life. Mixed messages, misunderstandings and misapprehensions need to be cleared up if you are to sail smoothly through this year with your relationship intact. Taking a partner for granted, not appreciating their changing and evolving needs and just presuming they are on the same page as you is always a danger for couples.Refresh your romance, particularly around the summer months by planning a getaway to somewhere romantic and revitalising. A couple’s spa weekend could be perfect!


Aquarius 2014 Astrology - Singles
Love, Romance and Relationships

Your Aquarius star sign attracting energy should be strongest in the beginning of the year and in particular around your birthday. Your appeal, natural charm and unique sense of style should catch the eye of more than one potential lover.However the person or people you attract in the first few months may not be your ideal match and a one sided romance is no romance at all. Let your admirers down gently and free yourself for a true reciprocal romance later on in the year.


Aquarius 2014 Astrology - Career, Business and Professional Life

Paying it forward should be the key phrase for you this year when it comes to your professional life. Giving and helping others comes naturally to you as you are a true and caring humanitarian but an extra push this year will build up your good karma. A position of mentor, guide or advisor will use all your innate skills fully and enable you to feel good and get yourself noticed.A good résumé can become glowing if you can show you have given your time, energy and expertise to others freely. Use your skills creatively, particularly around June and July and you should reap the rewards.


Aquarius 2014 Astrology - Health, Well being and Strength

You will need to keep your strength up this 2014 and stamina will be a key issue for you. Protect yourself as much as you can buy building up a strong and healthy immune system. All the usual advice about having restful sleep, eating a nutritional balanced diet and exercising within your limits should be heeded. Your mental and emotional wellbeing will of course be benefited by a healthy physical body too. 


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