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♐ Sagittarius ♐
anti-tradition, suitable to stay in flexible environment.   

¤ Nov 22 - Dec 21 ¤ 

  Freedom-loving Sagittarius must stay in a very flexible working environment. Their nature is anti-tradition, no matter reasonable or not, as long as it is the rule, they will just oppose it. So, if someone is trying to put them into a framework, this will surely causes a serious opposition. In contrast, if you allow them  to relax in their own way, you can get their loyalty and enthusiasm. Disobeying the rule has already becomes their habit. They like to take action in a strange and opposing way and they always suspected the other people including their boss's plan. Although it is annoying, they usually have very good reasons and also be able to throw out some useful suggestions. They always committed to their work and able to deal with all things with an alarming rate. Although they might seem like not organized at all, their working efficiency is still remarkable. They seldom finish things one by one. They usually do several things at the same time and of course, sometimes they done it well, but there is times that things become anticlimactic which is because of the task is above their ability.


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