⣿ ❤ Gemi ⣿

✥✥✥ BEING THE GEMI!! Gemini! ✥✥✥ 

 ♊ Gemini ♊  
able to get things in order under confusion, able to react fast.   

¤ May 21 - Jun 21 ¤
Geminis like to do many things at the same time, hate to do things one by one, they also will not gather everything up and make a complete plan. Sometimes, they already plan it well but they do not have the patience to work it out. Although there may be other person feel that they are not organized, they still able to get things in order under confusion, because they able to react fast and their crisis management capacity is high, even without any plan they also able to handle those unexpected events very well. Geminis have many opinions. They do not bother about the rules and do not care what other people think. Their greatest advantage is responsive and has thorough opinion, unique and creative ideas. So let them play freely while working rather than asking them to write the work schedules will give the greatest effect.

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