Alluring Gemini Woman

Alluring GEMINI
Natalie Portman

Gemini Woman
Geminis are freedom loving, who like to live life on their own terms. They are highly individualistic and do not like to be told things. Any kind of rules or restrictions do not go down well with a Gemini.

One of the drawbacks of a Gemini is that they are unable to take decisions on their own. This indecisiveness is a peculiarity commonly found in both males as well as females. Although they are very intelligent people, yet due to the duality in their nature, they are unable to decide on one particular thing.

Great Communicator
Marilyn MonroeNo one in the Zodiac can talk, argue, put his point across and impress other people with his communication like a Gemini. They are the communication kings of the Zodiac, who are very good at giving advice or persuading people. This characteristic makes them ideal for jobs such as a talk show host, publicist or a marketing professional.


Geminis are very curious people who like to explore new places and meet new people. They like to do all such things which add to their experience and knowledge. They are intelligent, witty and bright, and can be great company for someone looking for a mental stimulation. 

Adept at Multitasking 
Geminis are capable of taking care of a number of things simultaneously. Although they can be quite fickle and may not even finish the projects that they have started, when they do put their heart in something, they can work very fast and efficiently, taking up a number of things at one given point of time.

Gemini Love Traits
Geminis make excellent partners for somebody who is looking for fun, excitement and adventure in life. They want someone who will understand their need to socialize, and at the same time, be there for them when they come back home. They like to have intelligent conversations with other people including their partners. A well experienced, intelligent person, with a strong personality, who can match wits with a Gemini, will be their ideal partner. Their ideal partners in the Zodiac are Aquarius, Libras and fellow Geminis themselves.

Geminis, being indecisive and dual in their nature, are quite capable of cheating, once in a while. Since they crave for variety, adventure and excitement, they have an instinct to stray sometimes. So the partners of Geminis should always look for ways to hold their interest. They should not be boring or laid back, otherwise they can soon lose interest, pack his bags and go. Looking at the characteristics, it can be concluded that Gemini people are highly energetic, lively, witty, versatile, intellectual and communicative. On the flip side, they can be indecisive, impulsive, flirtatious and superficial. Though there is lack of depth in their personality and emotions, still Geminis are excellent to be around, for their optimistic and fun-loving outlook towards life.


Angelina Jolie
A good looking woman with brains, a very interesting person. She has a fast movement and she could not sit still or stand still long. She is able to do many things at the same time and do it fast. If you date her, you will feel like dating many women at the same time. You can not tie her down with the word “Love” because she cares about love but is it not a major factor of her life.

You have to be able to adjust yourself to get along with her many different characters. She is a dreamer and has many dreams. She is eager to learn something new all the time. Even she is the 2 in 1 mixed character type, she is quite lucky in love. You have to put all your efforts to win her affection. Even when she likes you and wonder about your wit, she will also see and inspect your bad side at the same time, because it is in her nature. She able to keep all kinds of mixed emotions without annoying you or letting you know at all. She can cheer you up by acting like a free little bird. Her conversation will not bore you. She is able to talk to you in any subjects. She can make you feel like you are the luckiest man alive.

Angelina JolieShe can make you feel like she needs all your care, but once she needs to stand alone, she can stand alone firmly and comfortably. She can be your best buddy and talk to you about anything. She can join all your activities with the same energy that you have. She is a quick a wit person and learn new things very fast. She can see your projects and she can give you good advice. If she thinks you are not sure that you want her for yourself, she will act like your best friend only, a cool woman.

She can easily make a guy fall in love with her. Her multiple changes and many moods is a “Charm” for many men. She can be laughing for 2 minutes and later suddenly quiet. She wants to find only 1 true love and she wants to meet her dream guy. She expects a lot and nearly too much. She is constantly waiting for her knight shinning armor even she is with a steady boyfriend. She can fall in love or fond of someone else while she is with you.

Angelina JolieIf you break up with her, she will forget you quite fast, because change is in her nature. The Gemini woman breaks more heart than woman in other Zodiac. Because she is a dreamer and always waiting for her knight shinning armor, so her love life can be complex or a mess. She hates to write a long letter, so if you write her a letter and expect a prompt reply, forget it.

Because she has a multiple personality and multiple ideas, so she hates to put them down in written proof. Because she knows what she belief today can be different tomorrow. She could communication with more than 1 language, a real gifted linguistic. If she wants to tell you any bad comments, she won’t say it straight away, but she will talk to you about many other things and accidentally come to that subject without offending you.

Normally she will not lie. She will work hard and once a while take a long rest. She can get bored and tired with her own surrounding more than at work. She never feels content with her present work, money, or reputations; she will drive to have more. Don’t ask her what is her ultimate contentment for she will not have an answer. Once you get to know her, she will be a supportive person and always be beside you. She has a beautiful dream and she loves to have someone walk side by side with her, together and equally.

A romantic relationship 

Love can liberate the Gemini woman from all her inhibitions, but her friendliness can attract problems.

Born between May 21st and June 21st the Gemini woman is lively and intelligent; she enjoys an element of surprise in her relationships and that's why life is rarely dull for her friends and her romantic partner. She needs time to dream and drift, to enjoy social outings and explore the magic of romance with her man without getting too serious too quickly.

Natalie Portman

A man who expects her to settle down, make commitments and fall into a comfortable routine is the epitome of whom the Gemini woman doesn't need as a partner and consulting a psychic will help her acknowledge her romantic nature, the best ways to get what she wants in love and who, too, to avoid!

The female Gemini is looking for a man who is open and communicative and who will delight in doing fun things with her without making her feel childish. Friendly and talkative, she will happily reveal what is on her mind and this leaves her open for the more practical or dominant partner to mock her for being immature and thereby possibly stifling her light-hearted and playful side.

Here's a quick look at the Gemini woman's relationship with the other zodiac signs to give an idea of which offer the best romantic prospects for her:

Aries ~ March 21 - April 19

The Gemini woman's ideal male is someone who shares her sense of fun, who enjoys exchanging ideas and hopes and who will happily indulge in the occasional spur-of-the-moment whim. Gemini is curious about life, the world, people and anything that attracts her attention at that particular moment. Aries is spontaneous, loves adventure and would never try to tie the Gemini down.

Taurus ~ April 20 - May 20

As someone who likes routine, security and planning for the long-term, the Taurus is the kind of man Gemini should avoid! It might seem as if they share similar dreams at the start of the relationship but Gemini wants to have fun, be young and enjoy life before she settles down. Taurus is tender, warm and loving but in her heart, the Gemini will know he isn't the man for her.

Gemini ~ May 21 - June 21

Gemini needs to feel she can be herself with her partner and when with another Gemini, communication is one of the many areas that will make for a perfect fit. They might spend hours talking, sharing ideas and encouraging each other in their joint aims. They're likely to lead an active social life and will share many fun experiences together.

Cancer ~ June 22 - July 22

Sensitive, sentimental and passionate, Cancer will offer Gemini romance galore but in the long-term they will find they have different expectations when it comes to lasting love.

Leo ~ July 23 - August 22

This would be a partnership based on mutual enjoyment; both are fun-loving, sociable and friendly. Leo will be the more practical and sensible one in this union and he will inspire her with his affability and creativity. Where problems could occur is when Gemini gets all the attention and Leo becomes jealous. He will be passionate but maybe a little too demanding in the bedroom for the Gemini when Leo won't always have time to indulge in the pillow-talk Gemini so enjoys!

Virgo ~ August 23 - September 22

Although both Virgo and Gemini are ruled by the same planet, Mercury, Virgo won't always have a lot of patience for Gemini when she is at her most frivolous. This serious man cannot be swayed once he has something serious on his mind and the Gemini might find him too critical, too grave and too subdued for her lively nature.

Libra ~ September 23 - October 22

Some men genuinely touch the Gemini's heart and the Libran will be one of them. Both Gemini and Libra are Air signs and this can be an important consideration when thinking about psychic compatibility. The Gemini's type of man should be romantic, laid-back, cool, friendly, interesting and interested in her. Someone just like a Libran!

Scorpio ~ October 23 - November 21

Scorpio is serious, often complicated and rarely spontaneous. The Gemini and Scorpio might anticipate sharing stimulating conversations on subjects of interest to them both but when it comes to love and romance Gemini needs less secrecy and more openness to feel truly happy.

Sagittarius ~ November 22 - December 21

With the Sagittarius Gemini can enjoy plenty talk, plenty action and a lot of fun. He is happy-go-lucky and won't ever try to curb the playful and impulsive side of her nature. Sagittarius is the Gemini's zodiac opposite; there will be an instant chemistry between the two and a romantic spark that will make her feel as if she has found her soul-mate.

Capricorn ~ December 22 - January 19

Stability and routine are some of the essential components a Capricorn is looking for in a relationship and it is unlikely Gemini can (or will want to) offer either!

Aquarius ~ January 20 - February 18

Aquarius could well be the man of her dreams and the Gemini woman will instinctively know she has found someone she won't ever want to let go, the moment they get together. Aquarius is as spontaneous as the Gemini and will know how to spring surprises on her that will give her a much needed boost whenever she is feeling low.

Pisces ~ February 19 - March 20

Gemini needs friendliness and romance and Pisces will seem to offer both but is he the one?

The Gemini is a woman who is completely open about her thoughts and feelings and who will readily reveal her deepest worries and highest hopes. Finding a partner who understands her and who will help her develop her true potential rather than curb her high spirits is essential if she is to find true happiness in romance.

Adriana LimaMarriage
Once you've proposed to her and she's accepted, you can pity all those men who are doomed to a life of monogamy with just one woman. You'll have several wives when you marry your Gemini.

Wife Number One will be able to adjust to anything you require of her. If you require faithfulness, she can manage that, too, providing you're interesting enough to have won her real love. I refer to that blending of mental, spiritual and physical compatibility, with the physical part added last, like the paprika, after the other three are well mixed. This wife will never sulk if you take a new job out of town. With her ingenuity, taste and sense of color, she can make a new home look lovely with a light touch of her dainty, clever hand. Besides, she'll love the adventure, and there will be no nagging reproaches that you're gambling with future security. The excitement of new horizons inter­ests her more. She may have a surprisingly good head for business and she'll back all your original ideas. You can count on her to go to work if you need extra income, and she'll be pretty practical about how to spend it. Although she may give an outward impression of flightiness, she's not as nighty as she appears. She's a thinker, and a very clever one, underneath all the bright small talk.


Lana Del ReyWife Number Two will be moody. You might just as well expect it. She'll have her satirical moments when she can be cynical and flippant, by turns. At the same time, she'll challenge you mentally. But a man needs to be stimu­lated, doesn't he? Go ahead, top her in an intellectual argument. (It's what she secretly wants anyway.) This wife won't be easily shocked by life or have any preconceived prejudices. She may decide to march in a protest parade or join a sit-in and forget to come home until midnight. What if you do have to join the fellows while she's out making a speech or going to night school to pick up a few extra credits? At least she probably won't hound you with • suspicious questions about who you were with, where you were, and what you were doing. Don't question her, either. You're on the honor system. So is she. This one is a highly independent individualist.


Kate Upton

Wife Number Three will be bored and depressed with housekeeping routines. The beds will be unmade and the dishes will stand in the sink while she daydreams, reads or writes the outline for a play. She may serve you a can of beans for 'dinner without even bothering to open the can. But you can have the most soul-satisfying conversations with her into the wee, small hours. She'll sympathize with your frustrations at the way life has treated you. She'll satisfy both your emotional and your intellectual cravings, be curious about your opinion of Buddhism and excited about your attempts to write a song. In short, she's pretty good company. She'll be very affectionate, too, since you haven't bugged her about dusting and baking and all that nonsense. This wife may make a mess of the checkbook now and then. But if you suggest a sudden camping trip or a few days in Las Vegas, she'll enthusiastically pack her suitcase without a bunch of silly objections, like how it's going to affect the budget or who will feed the Siamese cat and what if the bathtub leaks while you're gone.

Lana Del Rey
Wife Number Four will be a gay and laughing mother. She won't let the children restrict her, because she'll prob­ably have too many projects going constantly to smother them with over-protectiveness. They'll imitate her inde­pendence and benefit by it. If anyone asks her how much time she spends with them, she'll probably answer, "In our family, it's not a matter of how much time. It's a matter of how much love." And she'll be right. The children may not always obey her, because she's inclined to be emphatic one day, then melt and give in the next, but the youngsters will love their long talks with her. Her imagination will match theirs, and they'll amuse each other. She'll probably be a permissive mother, but she'll worry about scholastic averages, and she'll probably insist on good grades. They won't get by without doing their homework if she can help it, although they may get by without hanging up their clothes.

Carey Mulligan
Wife Number Five will be a beautiful hostess, an expert at the whole candlelight, flowers and sterling silver routine. You can bring anyone, from your boss to the Governor home to dinner, and she'll be so gracious and charming, they'll never want to leave. Shell organize her life efficiently and effortlessly, dress like a fashion model and love the theater. You can take her to art galleries and concerts- she'll be right at home in any kind of society. Everyone will stare at you enviously and wonder who the glamorous woman is who hangs on your arm so sweetly. She'll be romantic and ultra-feminine, maybe even write you a poem for your birthday. You'll want to buy her velvet dressing gowns and expensive perfumes, because her gracious style will make you feel like a country squire. If you mention a trip to Europe, her eyes will sparkle. She's a sophisticate.Well, there you are. I may have missed a few girls in your Gemini harem. Every husband in town will be green with envy when they see you with a different woman every day. If they ask you how you get away with it, play it cool. Polygamy is against the law, you know.

Money and Career
Anja RubikGenerally, the Gemini women lend toward generosity with their money and like to share.

They have an inherent ability to adjust to any set of circumstances, which is good, since their finances tend to fluctuate many times during their lives.

The Gemini woman likes to play with money, unlike her financially steady sister Taurus or somewhat reckless Aries who might gamble all at one go. The more intellectual Gemini girl will tend to play the stock market and are often very entrepreneurial, in that they can be involved in several businesses or investment areas at the same time

Kat DenningsGemini woman values friendship and always has new and interesting thoughts to share. She will keep her friends amused with endless stories bits of information or network gossip. She is a great friend to share interests, passions and exciting things with. Gemini woman likes to leave her mark on everyone she meets. Gemini woman is never snobby and will have a diverse group of friends to satiate the many facets of her nature. She does best with friends who are similar to her: people who have quick, curious minds and like to discuss a wide range of topics, go shopping and seek new opportunities whenever possible. Gemini woman is extremely dependable and her friends look to her for guidance and she is there to give them a practical assessment of the situation without any embellishment or bias. Her cleverness is useful in keeping her friends out of trouble. Her ability to see both sides of a situation makes her an excellent mediator between friends. Gemini woman can be hard to get close to and she usually tries to keep herself afloat and refuses to attach herself to one particular person. She moves from one group of friends to another with unmatched grace and a warm innocent smile on her face. Gemini woman’s intellect and understanding of human nature makes her natural balance point in groups of people and she will often be at the center of a close-knit circle of friends.

Anja RubikSpontaneity is one of your greatest assets, but it can do you in when dinner time rolls around and you find (1) you don't have anything healthy to eat in the house and (2) you have no interest in cooking something healthy even if you did have the ingredients. Eating too many processed foods and TV dinners can make you feel lousy, as my Gemini editor can attest. Gemini is always doing two things at once. When you eat, rather than read or talk, concentrate on the flavors. Otherwise you might not remember having eaten at all! Luckily, your sign is usually slim. This is because you were born with an abundance of nervous energy and are normally in perpetual motion. But being slim does not always translate into being healthy. Resolve to eat more fresh foods. Gemini is the sign of the writer, so if you discover your behind has welded itself to the chair in front of your computer, be sure to pry yourself away, and get up and go. Brisk exercise will help your mood as well as your health! 
Lana Del ReyIf you ever find yourself with a weight problem at all, it is because of nervous tension. You tend to eat quickly, obsessively, to calm yourself down. At those times, you find yourself consuming crunchy foods (popcorn, pretzels, chips) to get out your aggression. Try eating a crisp, fresh apple instead. The lungs and upper part of your body needs strengthening, so start doing some aerobics or jogging. Working out on the Nautilus or Nordic Track would be ideal. Gemini likes quick, active sports that stress agility rather than anything slow and meditation-like (like yoga), which might make you fidgety (there are exceptions, of course). Since you are prone to bronchial problems, you need to take extra-good care of your lungs, and avoid anything that could lessen their ability to perform! You know what that means, so I won't be your Mom and tell you again: don't smoke! 

Kat Dennings All Gemini are prone to illnesses that stem from nervous tension. Therefore, it is more important for you than most signs to find ways to unwind and keep life in its proper perspective. If you can afford to, get away frequently on weekends. The change of scene will give you gentle stimulation and relax you at the same time. Vitamin B complex addresses anxiety, so make sure you get enough--take more if you think you are lacking. Small frequent meals might give you more energy than one or two big ones--as long as they are nutritious and not junk food! Oddly enough, tension goes not to your neck so much as to your hands and fingers (probably because you are at the keyboard all the time--like now!) Women Gemini may want to treat themselves to soothing, hot cream manicures. Gemini guys can talk their sweethearts into extra-long arm and hand massages--with special attention from the elbow to fingers--with special oils and creams.

Anja RubikFamily is important to Gemini woman, especially those with like mind. Gemini woman brings a sense of fun and humor to her household. She loves to challenge her family intellectually. Gemini woman finds marriage exciting and interesting. She will have a large share in the decision-making within married life. She also has quite the nurturing side and will be able to make an excellent mother. She will be able to provide a loving home for her family and a loving partner for her mate. As a mother, she will not be a bundle of sentiments, she will adore her children, however she won’t coddle them. Gemini woman will be very much soft-hearted and attached to her children and won’t be a strict parent as she will give her children liberty to live their lives their own way and will prefer to stay close to them as a friend. She will take time to get used to motherhood, but once she does she will be a fun mom. Meeting responsibilities with family can be quite challenging at times, but almost always, Gemini woman comes through.


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