⣿ ❤ Capri ⣿

✥✥✥ BEING THE CAPRI!! Capricorn ! ✥✥✥ 


never stop working once they start, willing to take up more work. 

¤ Dec 22 - Jan 19 ¤


When hard-working Capricorn start working, they will not stop and always working self-servingly. They do not care about other people's progress or ideas. They can be very responsible and willing to take up more work. They will never complain for working overtime, or even give up vacation, because for them, work is much more important than rest and play. Because of the influence of Saturn, Capricorn have a depression character. They tend to see the dark side of suffering and hardships only, so they always pay more effort than required at work. They also try to cope with the reality and difficulties which has been exaggerated by themselves. They seem to think that work is always been strict, serious and needed to work hard to complete.

thanks: http://hubpages.com/hub/Horoscope-personality-traits-and-characteristic

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