⣿ ❤ Cani ⣿

✥✥✥ BEING THE CANI!! Cancer! ✥✥✥ 


♋ Cancer 

understand how the wind blows, their working efficiency is satisfactory.

¤ Jun 22 - Jul 22 ¤


 Cancers are passionate about their work. They use their extraordinary memory to learn everything humbly. That is why when  they are in contact with the new duties, they will be able to adapt to the working condition very quickly. In addition, they are sensitive to the changes of the surrounding environment and understand how the wind blows. So, they are always able to maintain good relationships at their working place. Cancers like to do things using their very own way, they used to plan well first before taking any action They will not do something recklessly and hastily before making any decision. Due to their cautiousness, although their motion is not very fast, the quality of work is still very high. They hate to be ordered or urged by people but since they will not do something recklessly and their working efficiency is always satisfactory, they do not need any supervision.

   S E E   A L S O    

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