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taking surprising and unpredictable action is their usual style.

¤ Jan 20 - Feb 18 ¤


Aquarius is always changing their mind over and over again. After they have decided something they will change their mind once again immediately. Taking surprising and unpredictable action is their usual style. They often break the established norms and pay attention to the unimportant things that people do not care, or suddenly change their plan at the last second when working on the most complex projects. They dislike fixed job because their talent lies in innovation. So, they required a great deal of freedom and space to experiment. They like to regulate the progress or set loose the time limit to accommodate the occurrence of unexpected events. Aquarians feel that the process of logical thinking is more important than the results. They often have a lot of ideas at work and did a lot of planning. They do not really care what benefits can the ideas brought, but their creativeness can usually bring profits to the company. 

Fly that freak flag high, Aquarius. You may look like an all-American girl on the surface (or not), but behind that distressed-denim jacket beats the heart of a true bohemian. You have the unique ability to combine logic and creativity into pure genius. Few people understand your vision when you simply talk about it. Get into action. Once a tangible product has been brought forth, you catapult to the heights of popularity and respect, like barrier-smashing talk-show queens Oprah Winfrey and Ellen DeGeneres. You have an innate concern for human rights—especially when it comes to fighting for the underdog. Find an appropriate outlet for your inner revolutionary, the more public the better. As an air sign, you’re a gifted communicator who is capable of reaching the masses with your message. Like Aquarius author Alice Walker and comedian Chris Rock, your world vision can be funneled through moving works of fiction or politically charged comedy. Few people can match you when it comes to humor, which also makes you popular with a broad spectrum of people. As the sign that rules groups, you thrive in a collaborative environment, managing your teammates with the motivation of a cheerleading captain. 

Romantically, you could use a little more oomph. Since you generally eschew all things sappy, you may deprive yourself of the lovey-dovey emotions that go along with relationships. A partner who is in tune with the emotional realm would be ideal for you, even if he feels a bit like an alien from time to time. Work on cultivating a clear connection to your own wild streak. Otherwise your connections could fall flat; or your feelings may explode in sudden bursts of anger. You're more comfortable raging than you are crying—you'll need a release for those pent-up emotional lightning strikes. Your sign rules the calves and ankles, so activities like running and biking could become marathon-level obsessions for you. Team sports are also a happy fit for your sign's needs. Scout out the local kickball league or roller derby club and pile on the bonus cool points—not like you really need them.

  • Ruler: Uranus, the planet of innovation, revolution, and surprises
  • Your gifts: ingenuity, open-mindedness, a desire to fight for the underdog
  • Your issues: people pleasing, coldness, flashes of unexpected rage
  • Your saving grace: an endless roster of friends owing you favors
  • Your path: to create a society based on true equality and democracy
  • Your fashion inspiration: Anna Sui, Celine
  • Love 'em: Gemini, Libra
  • Not so much: Virgo, Cancer

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