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How to seduce Virgo Woman


Have you ever met a girl that can make you hate her because you love her so much?
If not, you’re in for a treat. Virgo women hold themselves above any other other zodiac sign as the Alpha female – this does not mean that they are physically masculine, this means that she is an emotionally strong person who can handle anything thrown her way. She is determined and once she sets her mind on doing something, she completes it with finesse. She is extremely adaptive and you will be happily surprised as you learn this.
Virgos take things step-by-step so be sure that you are taking notes along the way.
She will manage to sip on champagne with your mother and sister discussing the finer things in life, while keeping up with the sports and drinking a beer with your dad and brother feeling right at home. She can make you experience heaven on earth, but this will only happen when she is sure that you are the right man for her love. Only the Virgo woman knows how much she has to offer her partner;and whomever assumes that role must ensure they keep an eye out for the little things…

As the ‘little things’ are always her subconscious test whether she knows it or not.
She puts high value on her family and friends, she wants a man that can be just as adaptive and respectful in social situations as she is. A Virgo woman is extremely tolerant to dry humour as that is of her strong suit.

This is a woman this is always ‘on’ and a man that knows when she needs her time out is a man she will want to rely on. With her mystical theories and passionate beliefs, she can be stubborn at times but she will always let you have your say while keeping an open mind for compromises. This isn’t a woman you can pick up at 3am from a nightclub, if you try this approach she will most probably turn around and laugh. She doesn’t ‘want’ to be treated respectfully, she expects to be treated that way,as that is how she tries to be in every aspect of life. Being chivalrous is an indefinite way to her heart as she will always appreciate the thought of a gift rather than the extravagance. Keep that in mind,as she will melt your heart with her oddities. Her oddities can be as simple as wishing to kiss you a goodbye after every visit, but eventually with the familiarity you wouldn’t want things to be any other way.

Being with a Virgo woman is always best after you have had a failed relationship, because it isn’t until then that you realise just how much time and effort she truly puts into every aspect of your relationship.

See, a Virgo doesn’t think about today – they are already 10 steps into the future. They will make decisions with your best interest at heart, always ensuring their partner will be comfortable with the conclusion.

Virgos as a whole are perceived as the kind of person that just has it all figured out, but they need to meet someone that makes them feel at ease with admitting they don’t. They want to talk about life but as a whole, they don’t wish to discuss who married who or what television show is on at what time..

They yearn to talk about the bigger things in life, the complex things, the mysterious things that no one has answers to. They are practical and logical at all times, their emotions hardly drive their decisions and this can be offputting to some more emotional candidates. It seems like the Virgo doesn’t need a man, which is true – they are perfectly capable of handling every situation that faces them alone and it isn’t until they find a man that takes away the anxiety and constancy of a Virgos world that they’ll consider settling down. The initial greeting with a Virgo woman can go one way or the other; depending on how they feel about you.

As they have the ability to sum a person up with a blink, they struggle to bite their tongue when it comes to loved ones. Rather than the sink or swim approach, Virgos want to save you from the heart break and protect you from the consequences of your actions… The problem with this is they can seem pushy and hasty to their partners. They are told that they are ‘jumping to conclusions’ regularly, but all they think they are doing is thinking ahead and saving themselves or someone they love the heart break and in most circumstances the Virgo will hold the right to say “I told you so”

Why can Virgo women sum someone up so well? They are over-analysing women that constantly observe their surroundings and the people in them. They observe so much that they consider people almost predictable, they feel like they could finish your sentence with ease while figuring out what topic you were going to bring up next… This can get irritating for the partner but they need to understand that the Virgos perception on reality is very unique. They see life much like a game, a game that they want to have down-pat. Due to their adaptive nature they feel like they could slip and slide through pretty much any social awkwardness with ease, however this plays with their head… after all, if they know the objective of the game what is the point in playing?
This is when their man needs to step in, they need to take a firm hold of the Virgo woman and plant her feet back onto the Earthy ground she was born on.

Any man looking for a romance with a Virgo must have patience as that is the key to unlocking each and every door that the Virgo woman is notorious to have. If you don’t have time to do such a thing, then I would step far away and leave the Virgo woman exactly where you found her. She won’t have the time or energy for useless or petty fights but she’ll love a healthy argument/debate to fuel passions on both sides. The fire behind her femineity is what will cease to amaze you, the kind of girl you’ll miss the moment she’s gone. However, we haven’t even come close to the good part yet. Virgo women put high expectations on their sex life as they believe without it; their partner may as well be their friend. She is the kind of girl that when the curtains close and the doors are locked, you will both look at each other and think “Game on”. Keeping in mind that this girl likes to set the pace, she also wants to feel and connect with you on an intimate level you may have never experienced before. Virgos have the ability to hypnotise someone in the bedroom, they are generous lovers from head to toe and genuinely feel disappointed when sex doesn’t meet up to scratch. They want someone who can dominate them unannounced, but know when the roles are going to be switched. With their physically sensitive demeanours, all it takes is the right touch from the right person and they will be yours. Virgos fall deeper and harder than any other zodiac sign, but don’t forget that this won’t just happen for anyone; they expect a connection in all areas of their relationship. They want to find a man that can be their best friend, husband and partner in crime All-In-One. This is why they don’t tend to lean towards relationships in their early years, as they think so logically and practically about the way it will end. Whereas other zodiac signs tend to jump head first without weighing out the potential consequences if things don’t work out. My advice? Take things Slowwwww.


Seducing a Virgo woman is an extremely difficult task, I would suggest starting off as friends if you are looking for a long-term gig. They base high value on trust and will erase you immediately if they feel you don’t hold their best interest at heart. The Virgo woman can be a hard character to judge, they can be charming one minute and contradicting the next. To judge a mood of a Virgo woman isn’t hard, as their weakness seems to be their utter honesty. However if a Virgo woman is giving you mixed signals, it is best to look in her eyes. Virgo women are renowned for hiding their emotions with logic, but their eyes only speak the hearts truth. If she is happy, her eyes will be as responsive as her smile. If she is upset, you will almost feel her sadness through one glance. Perhaps it is because when the Virgo woman is happy, she is so responsive that when the light is missing you can’t help but notice. Beware: Virgo women aren’t one to dish out too many chances. If you mess up once, I highly doubt you will receive a chance to mend your mistake. This is a protection mechanism that is almost inbuilt in this kind of woman, they refuse to be hurt and they condemn being anyone’s punching bag as they believe they have enough of their own issues. When they cut you off, they cut you off for good – you will be as non-existent to her as her ex-lovers are… But this isn’t always a bad thing! They aren’t one to hold onto their baggage, they more work through the pain of their past then and there rather than dragging it into their future with you.

All in all, Virgo women are what fuels the most stable and passionate relationships. Be the man that knows his place but isn’t afraid to let her know hers. Help her switch off and learn how to be calm and patient rather than impulsive and ecstatic. This woman will treat you better than any other zodiac sign but don’t damage the flowers, as there aren’t many left to pick. Take care of your woman, protect her and love her deeply and genuinely and she will happily repay the favour.

She is straight forward, reliable and gorgeous to boot. Your Virgo woman just might be perfection; it is after all what she strives for. Trust me when I tell you that when you fall in love with the Virgo Woman, you will fall hard. Are Virgo women hard to get? Sadly friends, it isn’t an act, they are hard to get. The trouble is she seeks perfection in everything. If you are less than that, then leave her alone or watch her as she runs fast away from you.
She is analytical and precise. Everything needs to be just so in order for her to be happy and move on. If it isn’t, she is not going anywhere until it is. For all that she discriminates she is also very considerate. She regards all involved before she makes a move. The Virgo woman has an extraordinary eye for detail and will exhaust every avenue, including herself, to make sure things go as planned. Being punctual and reliable is a must for her. She’s particularly fond of routines and lists. She probably has a list of her lists to keep track of them. For all the proficiency, she is fairly reserved and shy. She is uncomfortable with too much attention and perhaps embarrasses easily.

We haven’t scared you off? That’s good because a Virgo woman is worth the work.
You will need to become friends with a Virgo woman before hoping to seduce her. Knowing the quirks of her sign will get you far. Her sign is an intellectual sign which makes her a highly practical person. She is calm, collected and will never display any unreasonable or emotional outbursts in public. Though she is viewed as having little to no emotions, you will be surprised that she has a quick wit and can find humor in most things. Not only does she have a quick wit but empathy toward others you wouldn’t have expected.
Virgos tend to worry too much. So to seduce your Virgo, help her to worry less. Keep things fun and light. Bring laughter, she needs it and sometimes forgets that she can. They don’t generally like off the wall, crazy experiences or large crowds. Keep dates traditional and old fashioned (dinner and theater) until you learn more about her. Virgo women love nature so invite her for a weekend away in the country or hiking in the mountains. Let her see you as the person she can relax with and find freedom from the mind that is always running. Use your time as friends to learn her limits; it will help you make a better partner later.
As much as you may want to, don’t rush her in anything. By now you will see what a gem she truly is and will want to take it to the next level. Let the friendship naturally grow to love, she will let you know when you get there. A Virgo love needs a little time to develop. As in all things, she will analyze every step along the way to make sure its perfection. As a result do be surprised if she seems hesitant and stand-offish. She will seem that way until she’s comfortable with a partner. So when in public, keep displays of affection to a minimum. Wait to show cooing love until you get her home.
The Virgo woman is a particularly loyal person and tends to be traditional in their outlook. Giving pink roses will reach her heart and she will soon want to open up to you. Virgo females want a partner who respects and understands them. She wants someone who is also intellectual and is just as organized as she is. She demands her partner to be not only devoted but reliable and sincere. Let your creativity shine. WitH a poem or paint her a picture. Show her that you want her and that she is of high value to you. She will in turn do the same. She also places very high value on her relationships and the sex she has in it. She likes to keep her sex life private and behind closed doors.

Once a Virgo woman falls for you, you will never choose to leave. She will devote herself entirely to you and will make you feel as if you were only one ever. It is then when you see just how special she is. You will see the true measure of her strength and femininity which is superior even to that of the Aries woman. It is here where the time and effort you put into courting your Virgo pays off. You will have no doubt she wants to love you and she will have no problem showing you all the ways she wants to. Behind closed doors with your Virgo, you will understand the term “let the games begin”.

To keep her, understand that is that she is always “on.” Even if she isn’t at work or home, her mind is always racing. This is a woman that you may have to force her to relax. As a perfectionist she is always thinking of ways to improve things or critique her most recent activities. She will need someone to know when she near her limit and has to recharge. That said she hates wasting time or sitting still. Be creative in your down time with her. If you can figure out how to accomplish something while “relaxing” then she may never want to let you go.

She is a rather strong woman, stable and confident. Virgo women will seem dreary and reserved but they simply are very careful with choosing the friends and lovers they spend their lives with. Their attitude towards life and love are quite practical. She needs no fuss, just plain honesty and sincerity. When she loves it is fully, honestly and passionately. You will never want for anything with your Virgo woman. Your house will be a home and your love will always be returned. Consider yourself warned though, let her and she will give you Heaven on Earth

How to seduce Virgo Woman ? 
How to seduce Virgo Man ?

 Seduction of Virgo

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  2. @Julie Pearl David
    I am so glad Witcheri Blog can help you. I also think it is better to wait for the right love for you than just needing love because you feel lonely, or all your friends have got their bf gf etc. I wish you find your love and the love of your life soon, the love that moves mountain <3 <3 best of luck kisses

  3. I currently am in pursue of the most beautiful young woman virgo I have ever seen. I have worked my way into a close proximity and we have had some real passion and desire for one another. I see her huge heart genuine soul and unfortunately beauty. She's successful and communicates better than anyone I've ever been with. I'm a Leo man but am very self aware and have a desire for true love. We are still new and fresh but off to a amazing start and i agree with every aspect of what was written about Virgo woman. I Hope I have the pleasure of keeping this beautiful girl in my life. I see a perfect future with her.

  4. I have been happily married to a Virgo woman for twenty one years. We are very happy and I cherish my Virgo wife more and more each day. Teenage s are not fun, though.

  5. Take it slow? Be friends first? What about being in the dreaded friendzone?

  6. Wow, what a detailed explanation...You must be a Virgo yourself :-)

  7. Every word agreeable ! Waiting patiently for the right man, proud to be Virgo

  8. Every word agreeable. Waiting patiently for the right man, proud to be Virgo


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