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Taurus SEX

Taurus(April 21-May21):

Taurians of passionate nature with a strong sexualdrive. They do not act upon impulse and come into sexual action only to establish a strong relationship with their partners. Taurians prefer a sensual foreplay before finally coming into action.
By far the most sensual of the signs, Taurus has a passionate nature and a strong sex drive. You are turned on by beautiful people and places. Your earthy, solid body exudes sensuality and arouses desire, but you hesitate to move in on a prospective lover, preferring to be asked. Despite a strong libido, you are not driven by lust. You like a stable, orderly life and are renowned for possessiveness; an active sex life is usually part of an ongoing partnership.When you fall in love, you fall heavily and finally. You are committed for life. Love is something Taurus takes very seriously indeed. Taurus is almost the opposite of Aries – slow to move, slow tobe aroused, but also slow to be satisfied. Taurus takes time, in a goodway, and makes sure to do the work necessary. Taurus is not eager to seduce, nor easy for anyone else to seduce. It's a question of patienceand persistence. Taurus is there for the long run, and very physical through. Taurus is very sensual and may easily subdue to your whims. Lying downon the back he will ask his partner to stand behind and massage hisback. While he mounts her from the back, caressing her shoulders,breasts and belly. Taurus will penetrate you slowly, changing from deepslow penetration to increasing the speed and intensity of suchmovements. He doesnt like to be hasty, you must be sure your Tauruswill be slugging, savoring each stroke. Once he has trusted himself, hewill give in to love making. Believe me, he is not a newbie in art ofseduction. He knows how to please and his partners body is anendless exploration of sensitive spots


Sex of Taurus

Taurus is one alluring package, thanks in part to their love of beautiful things. Those lucky enough to snare this lover will find that the best, amazingly, has been hidden from view! In private, the Bull is an intense partner and one quite happy to have sensual encounters go on all night along. The Energizer Bunny of the zodiac has arrived! These days and nights of play should be punctuated with conversation, fantasies, even a few edible treats, the better to create the perfect mood. Sex as a release from the more practical aspects of life is often all the Bull wants. If this play date can be scheduled for Taurus' beloved home, all the better, since comfort is always on the Bull's mind.

Sex & Taurus Man

Taurus man However common it may sound, Taurus likes sex. And who doesn't? Thething is that many people use it to relieve from stress, to prove theirpower or just like a part of love play. You can never say the same forTaurus man. He enjoys sex, he adores sex and he can't live without sex.From the early age he knows the best of sensual pleasure. Don't forgetthat Taurus is very sensitive to fragrances, but sometimes he may shockyou with his preferences for the natural scent of body fluids. If youwish to have additional stimulation, don't be afraid to suggest him theidea and he will be eager to fulfill your desires.


Sex &  Taurus Women

Taurus woman knows where to find pleasure, as enjoyment is a key word to her intimate life. She adores such things as good food and drinksand erotic massage. Keep in mind that Taurus woman is very demandingand you will need a good deal of sexual potential to satisfy her. Youmay start with stroking her breasts and kissing her neck, and pleasingher body with scented massage oils, lingering over the foreplay. Toenhance her desire you need to set a gorgeous scene. She will try everysexual whim you suggest, and if you hesitate to make a choice, than asensual encounter will do its best. Don't forget to use plenty oflubrication to give a smooth slide as she can't stand feeling uncomfortable

Erogenous zones

The most sensitive zone is Tauruses is neck. Start with slight touches and stroking of the back of the head and slowly get down to the neck. Kiss the neck and very soon your Taurus will become incredibly hot.

There are numberless opportunities for touching the neck "by chance". For instance while knotting the tie you can stroke your partner's neck with fingers and scratch the neck very tenderly. You will be surprised by so fast and so hot response!

What to women who were born under this sign, they also have a very sensitive neck. Sensual kisses, tender bitings will turn her on and will make her want you no matter what she had been doing before you approached her.

Do not forget that Tauruses hate hurry. So be reserved and do not force the events !

What Taurus Needs

The Bull craves someone who is strong and practical, qualities they value in their own life. One who comes bearing gifts also wins, since Taurus is responsive to both material goods and sincere, heartfelt compliments. Making Taurus feel safe is also a smart strategy for their lover, for this approach will bring out the Bull's most sensual self. Think of the Bull as a rose waiting to be picked -- the lucky one will inhale the most intoxicating perfume. Beautiful people, as well as things, work as irresistible aphrodisiacs for those born under this sign. The Taurus lover is dependable and considerate, someone who wants to be in a beautiful world and wants that special someone to share it with. Anyone lucky enough to enter that world will find a sensual soul waiting to be nurtured and explored.

How to influence him (This also apply to WOMAN too): 

How to influence him:

He is a material person with a sensuous nature. You can definitely get his attention by wearing stylish clothes and alluring perfume. He likes to give flowers and gifts, so act graciously and be thankful when you get them, and you'll get more. He likes femininity and grace in a woman, so he can demonstrate his caring and thoughtfulness about your well-being. Drop any loud, contentious, or controlling behavior you may have and practice being "her ladyness". He may be up to date on the latest in finance and business, but he is a romantic and wants to treat you with respect the old fashioned way. Give him the reason to do it. Although, he wants you to be feminine, he doesn't want you to be a crushed flower needing constant attention all the time, avoid being an emotional heavy weight.


A few don'ts: 

A few don'ts:
He may be generous to a fault with you, don't bleed him dry or he may think that you are a gold digger. Don't bring up details about former relationships, keep him from getting jealous or the gifts may stop. Don't try to steal the spotlight away from him when out in public or socializing. When he sets his mind on something, he won't change it, don't bother trying to force the issue, it'll lead to an argument. Remember he enjoys his role of being your guardian and protector. Let him do it.

 Best with:
He goes best with: Leo, Sagittarius, Taurus, Aquarius

He clashes with: Gemini, Scorpio, Cancer, Pisces

Neutral: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Libra



  1. Taurus does NOT clash with Cancer! These two are one of the best ever partnerships in the zodiac! Totally wrong the the best matches part i'd say, i think you need to try offense!

  2. They don't clash with Pisces either

  3. What about Virgo?

  4. Totally agree with the two commenters above!

  5. Yep - you all are correct. Taurus are best with Virgo, Cancer, Taurus, Pisces, Capricorn and sometimes Scorpio. They clash with Aries, Aquarius (the worst!), Leos and Gemini. They are neutral with Sag. and Libra.

  6. Inaccurate clashes and matches!!! Virgo, Pisces, Capricorn, and Libra are the best matches. Aquarius, Scorpio, and ESPECIALLY Leo are the worst! Please revise!


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