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calm and efficient, and never show exaggerated impatient

¤ Sep 23 - Oct 22 ¤


  Libra always remain calm and they are very efficient when doing something. They never become impetuous exaggeratedly, but maintain their own pace calmly. They have strong logical thinking skills, and always be able to concentrate well while doing things and also plan well before taking any action. So, sometimes they may seem leisure, however the results always seem to fulfill the original requirements. In contrast, if their plans were disrupted, or if they are working under a chaotic and disorder situation, this often will causes their rationality and efficiency impaired. Libra who always focus on balancing will also become shilly-shally between two different options at work sometimes, they always attempt to maintain the balance and integrate various elements to hope for the best results. Sometimes, they like to delay the project given to them until the whole project remain stagnant, then if no one is going to push them, they will be unable to continue their operations.


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