Love Magic Spells Witchcraft (Vol.2)


One thing though. Don’t blame me if the love spells don’t work as you intend.  And don’t blame the principles of white magic.  Just go back and start at the beginning.  Get your roots and wings. 

There’s only one thing you must know at this point.  You need to know that a Wiccan witch is good.  As good as we can be.  Here we cast only white magic love spells.  Come at this from any other direction and I won’t be responsible.  No really.  I mean that. 
What that means is that it would be better to summon a new lover than use a witchcraft  spell to turn the old one into a newt, or anything else unnatural you seek to invoke.  You’re gonna pay.  Trust me on this one.  Also, it’s usually better to cast a white magic love spell in an ambiguous way rather than a specific person; let the Powers give you who you really need.  Trust.
What that also means is you don’t want to force any unnatural unions.  Someone always gets hurt.   
If you just can’t heed that last caution.  And you just gotta have that irresistible compelled fling . . .  . people who really shouldn’t be together. Go for it; cast a magic love spell.  Just try to make it as easily revocable as humanly possible.  Go for a test ride if you must, no more.  As often as not, the having is not nearly as fine as the wanting. 
All you need do is give nature a little push.  If it’s right it’ll happen.  You’ll just have a little something extra up your sleeves--a Wiccan love spell or two.  Unfair advantage?  Maybe, but who cares. It’s your life.  The only sin is not living it to the fullest.
One final note: you need to be open to love for any love spell to work.  Otherwise your own closed heart will cancel every attempt. 
Okay, enough big sister.  On to the spells.   We'll start with some easy white magic love spells.


 Current Moon Phase

Love Spell of Desire 


To make a man desire you, scribe his full name and yours up on a thick red candle under the waxing moon (when the moon is getting fuller*) and when the moon is in the house of Scorpio.  Anoint the candle with your vaginal secretions; light it, repeating the following magycal incantation three times, each time with more force and conviction than the last.   

“Crimson Candle, Bright with Fire
Bewitch (man’s full name) with Desire!”   
Now close your eyes, you may lie down, and visualize1 the man of your dreams making love to you.  Continue the erotic visualization each night until the candle burns out.  (Be careful with this one it often works a little too well.  Also, if your vaginal secretions don’t appeal to you use musk but consider that this may not be a good spell for you at all.
Traditionally, anointing a candle in Wicca is called "dressing".  For love spells, start at the bottom and work upwards to build energy, downward for banishing, and from the middle when a balance is desired.   
One more important reminder: always be extremely careful with candles.  10,000 homes a year burn from candle fires, over 1,000 people are injured and nearly a hundred burned alive--especially children.  Never leave a candle burning unattended and always have a fire extinguisher ready.    Mine is consecrated and lives under my altar.    We've had enough burning in our long history for us to add ourselves and our families to the fires of ignorance, in the case, our own. 

The Path of Love 

If you’re interested in something deeper than desire and you are willing to trust the Powers to help you find love this is a good spell for you.  
Simply gather five roses, travel some distance from your home.  The further you go, the wider your net will be cast.  Drop the first rose to the ground saying,  
“This is the path of love.
My true love will find me.” 
Continue to do this with each of the four remaining roses with the last dropped on your doorstep.   


Spell to Attract a Lover With No One Particular in Mind 

At sunset on Friday when the moon is waxing, cast into a blazing fire any five of these herbs: basil, catnip, coriander, ginger, jasmine, juniper berries, lavender, lovage, rosemary, rose petal, violet or yarrow.  You should pick each fresh if that’s practical.  As the herbs burn, recite the following: 
“My true love’s face I’ve yet to see.
I know not what his (or her) name may be.
But soon his (her) heart well beat for me.
Come hither my love.
So may it be.”  


Another Easy Love Spell of the Bath


Start by thoroughly cleaning your bathroom.  Then cover the mirrors with either a pink or white cloth.  Draw a bath and scent it with rose, jasmine, violet, or lavender essential oils.  A few petals of the chosen flower is a nice touch.  Place white or pink candles around the tub.  Put on some romantic music, especially if you have something that means something to you and your chosen lover.  As you warm in the water visualize1 the person you wish to summon.  If you do not have a particular person in mind think about what qualities you want in a paramour.  Now slowly chant while washing your body:
"Cynicism and disapproval are washing away,
I am renewed as of today,
Many heads will turn my way,
the ones I choose will wish to stay."  
Do everything you would normally do, shave, wash your hair, only with purpose.

When you’re done, while you let the water out, chant:  
"Negativity is washed away,
I am renewed as of today,
Many heads will turn my way,
the one's I chooses will wish to stay.
I am loved, I am loving, I am love and love myself."  


Spell to Have the Kind of Love You Favor 

This is a good spell if you know what kind of a relationship you wish to have.   
Start with a large bowl and five colored candles: Red, Pink, Brown, White, and Green. 
Draw a Pentagram in the bowl with a marker.  Ideally your own lipstick of or that of your intended.  Note: if you are attracting a woman and want her lipstick for the spell, do not steal it.  Ask her what color she wears. Just say something like, “Your lipstick is a pretty color.  What’s it called?”  If she won’t tell you, you can still try the spell with a marker or take a guess but that’s a bad omen.  Sisters, if someone asks what color your lipstick is you may now know why. 
Set the candles in the bowl on the five points of the Pentagram.  Fill the bowl half way up the candles with pure water (either rain or from a clear stream, spring or river) and light them all. 
Now you get to pick.  Red is for passion; Pink for romantic love; white is for spiritual or intellectual; Brown is for friendship; Green is for procreation.  Pluck five of your hairs from your head.  Twist them together and melt them to the candle that bears the color of your chosen kind of relationship.  Add scent to the bowl.  Rose or is for passion, Lilac is for romance, Bay or Iris for spiritual or intellectual relationships, Forget-me-not for friendship, and Mistletoe for procreation. 
Then take the chosen candle and stir the water in the bowl five times clockwise putting out the candle.  Inscribe the name of your chosen mate on the candle or write the name of the qualities you want.  Place the unlit candle by your bed as you sleep.  Every morning light the candle and recite the following: 
“Light of dawn, light of thine
bring my lover’s heart to mine
may this day send him (her) to me
to come in willing harmony
my heart to thine
forevermore entwine.” 
Do this each morning until you dream of the one you want.  You must then contact this person.  They will be receptive to your invitation and will come to you.  Note: This is actually an adaptation of an Egyptian spell to Isis.  Most witches tend to leave out the invitation part, which is in the original spell.  Nor do you have to have a special relationship with Isis or any other Goddess for this one.   


The Musk of Bastet  

This is another spell that is said to derive from the ancient Egyptians.  No reason for this not to be true.  There were Celts mentioned in Egyptian literature and a Celtic Colony at Galatia is on the overland trade route from Europe to Egypt.  In addition, the word gypsy is a shortening of the word Egypt, where the gypsies were said to be from as far north as the British Isles.  
The Musk of Bastet is a spell to rekindle the passion of a husband and to prevent infidelity.  I’ve had no experience with it myself but it is said to be miraculous.  It starts in the same way as the bath spell above and is probably the origin of that spell.  However, it differs in one major respect.  You are to shave your entire body, including your head, eyebrows and genitals.  “ . . . ‘til nary a hair remains . . .”   I think it’s prudent to modify this one as you like, especially since you will not be able to obtain the wig you are to adorn yourself afterwards without a blood sacrifice.  If you must, get a copy of the Greek Magical Papyri in the full version.   The words of the bath spell above are a rough English translation but should work unless you want to try the original Coptic.   

After your bath, you will need a decoction (boiling of ingredients to combine them) of honey, sweet wine, cinnamon and mandrake.  There is some controversy of what the ancient Mandrake actually was.  In the bible it’s called Dudaim though it is generally thought to be Mandragora Officinarum (Latin name) however, my personal opinion was that it was probably Damiana an herb grown in Egypt.   

After you are done with your bath and dry, dip your ring finger in the warm decoction and spread a small quantity of the mixture between the inner lips of your labia minor.  When you dress let nothing but pure unmixed fabrics touch your genitals, something like silk or 100% cotton, I would think.   You must also refrain from masturbation until the spell is done.  

The spell calls for this to be done daily until your husband returns to your bed as an “enflamed” lover.    


The Peacock   

The last one is only for women so I had to locate one that is only for men to be fair.  However, this one can be used by a woman who feels she is too shy and withdrawn.  It’s very simple, requiring only a small feather from a male peacock which is simply worn on your person in a visible manner.  Ever time you look in the mirror say, “I am spreading my tail feathers, my wings to fly”.  That’s it.  If you find yourself becoming too bold just stop wearing it for a while.  


Fire Spell 

photography pretty smoke fire Halloween fall nature books Magic autumn Witch Make up Woods spells expressive fog spell wiccan october wicca broom potions candels

At midnight when the moon is waxing in either Libra or Taurus*, cast into a blazing fire a pinch or rosemary, dragon’s blood, two rose petals, and any of the following dried roots: Mandrake (see above), serpentaria or ginseng. 
As the magycal herbs burn, relax, think romantic thoughts of the one you wish to attract and chant or sing his or her name until the fire burns out. 

Ancient Gypsy Love spell 

Upon an onion or garlic bulb, write the name of the man or woman you wish to have as your lover.  Plant the bulb in a red clay pot, in fertile soil with a drop of your blood.  As you do this, repeat the name of your intended aloud.    

Every day at sunset and sunrise you must water the pot and recite these words:

“As this root grows, so shall the love of (full name of man or woman) grow for me.” 
Personal note: I did this one once but over watered the plant and it died, as did my lovers feeling for me.   

Another version of the Gypsy Love Spell but one that works best in fall when tulips are to be planted (tulips are favored by Venus, the Goddess of Love).  Simply write your name and the name of the one you love on a pink tulip bulb (red if you desire only passion) and plant it in the earth saying the same words as above.  When the tulip blooms so will your love. 
Personal note:  I did this one indoors with a tulip bulb in a small jar of water.  The bulb grew and then died just like my onion plant.  I guess I just wasn’t meant to have that person. 


Gypsy Willow knot Spell for Young Men 

To win the favor of a young lady a young man must go into the woods on Midsummer’s Eve and find some willow twigs that have grown together into a knot. With a sharp knife with white handle he must cut the twigs, put them in his mouth, and repeat the following with his eyes close:
“Willow tree, Willow Tree
Give me the luck of thine,
Then (her name) shall forever be mine.”
(also cures headaches) 


To Bring a Lover Back 

This is another spell descended from the Egyptian.  The tip off is the red Typhonian ink.  In addition, you will need parchment paper and a red candle.  Light the candle.  Write on the paper:

“(his or her name) three times
If there be still a spark in thy heart for one as me
let it now inflame your heart as well
Forget the past
Rekindle the flame
So our love may be again."
Once you have written this burn the parchment in the candle flame saying:

“As this burns so doth your love for me.
as this burns you shall return to me.
So may it be”


The Spell of Nine 

To make a man or woman desire you cast this spell at nine o’clock in the evening when the moon is in Taurus*.  Scribe the name of the one you love nine times along with yours on a pink candle.  Anoint the candle with a mixture of rosewater and honey.  Then light the candle and let it burn for nine minutes every night at nine o’clock for nine nights. 
On the ninth night after the candle has been extinguished, wrap it in a pink piece of silk and bury it in a sacred place.  


Scottish Love Spell 

Place an ivy leaf between your breasts (the symbol of marriage and fidelity) and say:
“Ivy leaf, I love you true
in my bosom I hold you.
The first young man who smiles at me
my future husband he shall be.”


To Make a Man Love YoU

On Midsummer’s Eve pick a red rose, then carefully wrap in to white silk.  Keep it hidden in a dark undisturbed place until Yule.  Open the silk.  If the rose is still intact, wear it on your person.  The first gentleman who admires it will fall hopelessly in love with you and become your husband. 



To Bring Back a Lover Who Hath Strayed 

Burn Laurel leaves on the night of the Goddess Juno’s Feast and the eve of the Festival of Lupercalia, Pagan Roman observances that later became St. Valentine’s Day.  On the feast of Lupercalia young Roman girls wrote their names on slips of paper and placed them all in a vessel.  The boys would come and draw one name, who would be their date for the festivities and sometimes throughout the coming year and often marriage.  This is the origin of Valentine’s cards today. 


Vedic Spell to Attract a Wealthy Husband 

Rub your body for five days with oil of turmeric (Curcuma Longa).  This love spell is performed mainly by the women of Orissa in India.  I don’t see why it wouldn’t work for a man. 


Witch Candle Spell 


On Friday evening, place a red or pink witch-shaped candle on a large sheet of red foil.  Inscribe the name of the man or woman you desire love on the bottom of the candle.  Anoint the candle with rose, musk or patchouli oil (see the first spell of desire above). Light the candle and say three times: 

“Witch candle
witch candle
bright with fire
summon the spirits
to bring my desire.” 

Allow the candle to burn down one inch a night.  After it has burned all the way to the bottom of the candle (always be careful of fire with candles) wrap the foil tightly around it and place it under your bed for seven days and nights, after which you are to throw the witch candle into the river and say: 

“Witch candle
witch candle
let your magyc bind
witch candle
witch candle
let (name of intended) be mine.
May it be.” 


Celtic Marriage Spell  

Find nine pea pods and place them on the lintel over your kitchen door to attract a husband to your house. 

Another version of this spell calls for a branch of myrtle (favored by Venus) to be nailed to above your door. 


Modern Photo Spell 

Take a picture of you and the man or woman you desire, stand them together against a tall candle of his or her favorite color.  Spread the petals of three pink roses and three red roses around the candle.  Chant or sing the name of your intended until you feel in harmony with his or her energies. 

Now chant three time what you love about that person and three time what you would do to make that person happy if they loved you. 


Spell to Bring Back an Unfaithful Lover 

Take the root of elfwart (Elecampane) on Midsummer’s Eve.  Powder the root and mix it with the grated rind of an orange and some ambergris (again see the first candle spell above).  By the light of a red candle, write your lover’s name on a piece of paper using red ink (another Typhonian spell) and burn it. Stir the ashes into the root mixture as you thrice repeat his or her name.  Place it in a small box along with a lock of your hair and of his or hers fashioned into a male and female straw poppet.  (A poppet is like a little voodoo doll.  Interestingly enough, Voodoo learned poppets from Celtic magyc, not the other way around) 
While you make the figures say these words: 

“Though separate you were,
now you are one.
The link of unison has begun.” 
Tie seven red strings with seven tight knots around the box.  Place the box under your bed for seven days and seven nights, then anonymously mail it to the unfaithful lover.  This will cause him or her to return to you within seven days. 
Note: watch out here.  Be very careful. This is a very powerful spell.  But If the intended destroys your popetts you’re toast.  Go immediately to the High Magic section and get yourself a good ward off spell.  
While I’m in the mood for some strong stuff watch out for the next one too.  It’s from the Santeria Witches. 


Spell to Make a Man Want to Marry You 

Hollow out the root of a lily and fill it with lamp oil.  Make a wick from a cotton wad soaked in the man’s semen.  Light the wick at nine o’clock every evening for one hour and the man will soon bow down to the witch who burns the lamp.  


Celtic Version of the Above Spell 

If you can’t get any of his juices you’ll have to use your own.  Gather an Adam and Eve Root (Aplectrum hyemale) on Midsummer’s Eve and powder it by the light of a red candle. Mix the powder with a bit of witches’ sugar or fine sand.  Sprinkle a few drops of blood from your ring finger on your left hand. Write you name in the sand.  Next chance you get, sprinkle a bit into your intended’s hair.  Save the rest.  You never know when it might come in handy later.   


Cuban Love Spell 

Here’s another one from the hot hot hot parts of the world.  Write your intended's name on a large yellow candle five times with your own name written across it five times.  Anoint the candle with rose oil and powdered maidenhair fern.  Set the candle inside a tempered glass vessel that will not break when you light it and say: 

“Blessed be with powdered fern
blessed be with oil of rose
as the candle fire burns
so the love sensations grows.” 

Place a picture of your intended in the dish.  Arrange five small fishhooks around the picture and dribble a little bit of honey over all.  Dip your finger in the honey and taste it (Oshun will not accept your offering unless you do).  Light the candle in the name of the Goddess and say:

“By the power of the great Oshun
Goddess of love, passion and beauty
I cast this spell of love upon (his or her name)
Let his love and passion
burn only for me
until I set him free from this spell
It is done!”


A Spell to Ease the Agony of Unrequited Love


Many of the spells here require lengthy preparation and must be done only at certain times of the year or phase of the moon.  This has sometimes been an inconvenience for me.  Yes, I've had my share of heartache.  Just because you can summon a lover doesn't mean that things always end well.  And yes, there are spells for keeping things going your way.  But they are not listed here.  I advise you never to use them unless you want a zombie instead of a lover.   Anyway, to ease the pain of heartache, just build a fire--no not a bag full of doggy doo-doo  on his front porch--and toss in a handful of the herb Vervain.  It helps. 


Broken Mirror Spell 

Here’s another easy one, though you have to prick your finger.  Catch you intended’s image in a mirror.  Then smash the mirror.  Take a sharp shard, sterilize it and prick you finger letting a drop or two of your blood stain the shards.  Now take all the broken pieces bury them in earth (flowerpot) and place the pot on a west facing windowsill. Every Friday sprinkle the earth with a tea brewed of spikenard (Jatamansi) and rainwater while singing your intended’s name.   


Modern Silver Pin Spell to Return a Lover 

Here’s another one that needs a bit of your blood.  Burn some basil leaves and collect the ashes.  Prick your finger with a sterile silver pin.  Then write your name and your intended’s on a circular piece of white silk.  Draw a circle around the names with the ashes of myrtle.  As you fold crumble the silk command your lover to come to you.  Stick the pin in the silk to hold it together and bury it in a sacred place on midnight on the third night of the waxing moon. 


Circle of Light Spell 

This is one of my favorite love spells as it touches on some of the tenants of High Magyc.  It is also a modern derivation of an ancient Egyptian spell. 

On the night when the moon is in its waxing phase anoint twelve white or yellow candles with rose oil (again, see the first spell on this page for a more powerful way to anoint candles for love spells)   Place the candles in a circle big enough to sit in on the floor.  If you are an Adept you can call the corners in your usual manner.  Place a photo of your intended before you and light a burner filled with African violet incense.  Say these words: 

“As this circle of light surrounds his (her) image
so shall my love surround his (her) heart
as this fragrant incense burns with fire
his (her) burning desire for me shall start.
His (her) love for me grows stronger
as the twelve candles burn.
As love is given, so shall it return. 
May it be.”  

Gaze into the photo and visualize1 a read glowing beam of love-energy radiating for your body into the picture.  As you concentrate and visualize1, sing or chant the name of your intended.  After the candles have burned down, anonymously mail the wick ends to him (her)—especially if you supercharged the spell by anointing the candle with your own juices. 


Spell to make a man desire only you 

I hesitate to include this next spell for fear of offending someone.  So if you’re easily put off skip to the next one; this is not a good spell for you.  It’s obviously only for women.  
This is a Creole spell.  It’s very easy and pleasurable and very powerful.  However, it requires a lock of hair or fingernail cuttings from your intended.  The original spell specifies pubic hair but I don’t see how you’re going to get that unless you are already intimate with the person.  Essentially, any part of the person will do.  Yes, this is Vodou.   

Get (the original spell says make) a red candle in the shape and size of his penis.  Again, I don’t know how you’re going to do that unless you already know the man.   Perhaps the spell is meant to keep a man or make him come back but it doesn’t say that.   
On the first night of the full moon melt the wax you are to include the “part of him” you acquired.  Say over the melted way: 

“Ayizan, you I summon I honor
your daughter (your name) waits on you now.
Bless me in my need. 
After you feel the presence of Ayizan, say the following:
“Erzuli, I call to you this night
Erzuli, bless this fire bright
Erzuli, within this wax imprison
Erzuli, until his soul be risen
Erzuli until it burn for (your name)” 
Now add the lock of hair or whatever.  And say: 
“(man’s full name) Erzuli hear me (three time)” 

As you add the male ingredient sing the man’s name stirring the wax. 

When the wax is cool enough to handle, solid but malleable, start to mold the wax into the desired shape.  When you are done say these words:

“Erzuli, I thank ‘ee.
Ayizan, I thank ‘ee
Stay if you will, go if you must
but leave your daughter filled with lust.”

Once the candle has hardened use it in your personal gratification while fanaticizing of only him who you seek.  Only do this the first night of the full moon that you make the candle and as the moon waxes.  Always prepare yourself by bathing carefully and adding scent to the room (incense?).  And one more slightly ambiguous task.  It’s not clear when but I think before you begin the summoning session you are to . . . taste your honey, or insult Erzuli.”


Venus Love Spell to Return a Lover


On a Friday night when the waxing moon is in Taurus or Libra* stick a silver pin through the wick of a dark red candle if your lover is a man and a pink candle if your lover is a woman.  In your heart see your lover returning to you as you say these words: 

“Light of Venus
light of love
burn in (intended’s name) heart
and return his (her) love to me.
May it be.” 


Spell to Dream of Your Future Lover

 Cut a sprig from an ash tree as you say: 
“Ashen tree, ashen tree
I pluck thee.
This night my true love
for me to see.”
Put the sprig under your pillow when the moon is full and your future lover or mate will appear before you in a dream. 





Kitchen Witch Spell for Newfoundland 

Fairytale Forest

Take a red apple and prick it full of holes as you recite your intended’s name.  On the night of the new moon, sleep with in under your pillow.  In the morning, wash, peel and core the apple.  You may slice it for an apple pie or mash it for apples cookies or cupcakes.  Feed the baked goods to your intended and he will love you.   


Blood Spell 


This spell must be done with the full cooperation of your lover.  You do it together.  So I placed it last after you have summoned him (her). Drip a drop of two of your blood on a cone of rose or patchouli incense (you go first to show him you’re not a baby in case he/she is) saying: 

“Blood of (your name)
Love of (your name) 
Then take a few drops of his/her blood and drip it on the incense saying: 

“Blood of (his/her name)
Love of (his/her name) 
Light the incense and pass a red apple through the smoke three times.  Lay the apple on it's side and with a consecrated athame cut it in half exposing the pentagram at its center.   Eat one half and give the other to your lover.  The spell takes effect immediately.  Be ready.



Reverse Love Spell

 Jvdas Berra - Liquid 1

If you find you’ve made a terrible mistake and you wish to reverse a love spell, scribe the name of your bewitched on a white candle.  Anoint it with myrrh oil and light it when the moon is waning (getting smaller).   

“I burn this candle as a token
of the spell that binds our love.
Let this magyc now be broken
by the power of the Goddess above.”

Allow the candle to burn out.  When the wax has cooled, wrap it in white silk and throw it into the sea or a river. 


The Door in the Floor

I, (your name), standing still, uttering a blessing. I go from the room to the door, from the courtyard to the gates. I go out into the open field to the eastern side. On the eastern side stands a cottage. In the middle of the cottage lies a door in the floor, under the door is the longing. The longing weeps.   longing sobs, waiting to get at the white light. The white light, the fair sun, waits, enjoys itself, and rejoices. So may s/he wait, longing to get to me, and having done so, may s/he enjoy him/her self and rejoice! 

And without me let it not be possible for him/her to live, nor to be, nor to eat, nor to drink;   Neither by the morning dawn, nor by the evening glow. As a fish without water, as a babe without its mother, without its mother's milk, cannot live, so may s/he, without me, not be able to live, nor to be, nor to eat, nor to drink, nor by the evening glow; neither every day, not at midday, nor under the many stars, nor together with the stormy winds. Neither under the sun by day, nor under the moon by night. Plunge thyself, O longing, gnaw thy way, O longing, into his/her breast, into his/her heart; grow and increase in all his/her veins, in all his/her bones, with pain and thirst for me!

*A handy resource to tell not on what phase the moon is in for your particular spot on the globe but also what sign of the Zodiac a particular heavenly body is in. 
1.  One of the best way to learn to visualize effectively is to look at something--your hand, an object in your room or outdoors, a panorama, anything that will hold still for a while.  Really see it.  then close your eyes and try to see it in your mind's eye.  Then open your eyes to see how close you came.  Practice this and pretty soon you will be able to visualize in great detail.  
Now when you do your love spells you will be able to see it happen before it does.  This is how you will know that it really will happen


Pagan love making ritual

First, prepare the room where you and your partner will be. Light candles and incense to cleanse the air, soft music to ease the spirit, and flower petals covering the bed or the area you wish to come together, to bring that feel of nature as well as yourselves back to the simple elements of life and love. This will be your sacred space.

Begin by showering this can be done seperate or together, cleanse away the elements of the day, so that you both feel fresh and new. Next, hold one another and focus on the person, allowing your energy, the essence of you to go into them and they into you, so they will feel you totally. As you make love you will have a truly mental, physical and spiritual experience with the person you want to share yourself with.

Soul Mate Love Spell

This spell is intended to draw a partner who is best suited to you at this time in your life, or one who is "meant" for you. It is supposedly "fail-safe", but remember, you must take responsibility for any results and consequences.

Components Needed:

•A clear mind and focused goal
•Special paper, such as hemp, cotton, real parchment, whatever you deem special
•A ritual writing instrument (the pen is mightier than the Athame) such as quill, fountain pen, favorite ball-point, etc. In whatever color ink desired.
•Moon Incense
•Charcoal or a small ritual fire

Timing: any time, preferably after dark during the waxing moon. The timing is more flexible with this working for many reasons; the nature of the work, and the full moon energy contained in the moon incense which is an incense of Increase or drawing.

Reinforce your personal circle/aura and prepare for workings in your usual manner. Using the ritual pen and special paper, write words of power that will call the most perfect partner to you at this time. Do not include specific names, and avoid thinking of a specific person. If you can't find quite the right words, use the following:

If there be a perfect match,
this work tonight will surely catch.
the perfect one who is meant to be,
shall find His/Her way home to me.
In perfect love and perfect trust,
I send this out, but not from lust,
This spell will guide us to unite,
free will remains with us tonight.

When you are finished, read over what you wrote and confirm that everything you want to say is included. When you are certain it is as you wish, spend some time meditating on your goal while you light your ritual fire or the charcoal. When you get "that feeling" (the one when you know everything is right, your will is focused, you know it is certain, you know the feeling...) prepare to begin the physical aspect of the ritual. When the fire has become coals, or the charcoal is glowing happily, read aloud your writing, repeating it 3 times. As you read, or as you come to the end of each repetition, sprinkle a small handful (about a tablespoon) of the Moon Incense on the fire. You will want to be practiced at this for the best effect as well as safety, so make up a full recipe of it and accustom yourself to its nature prior to the rite.

Fold the paper and keep it near you for three days. Keep it under your pillow, mattress, or pinned to your night clothes (if you aren't sky/star clad) while you sleep. After three days, light another ritual fire, repeat the Circle of Power/Protection, reading and incense procedure and this time, burn the paper when you are done. OR you can keep the paper in a special spell box if you use this method. Many witches have special containers to keep finished workings in. These are usually decorative and personalized with engravings or painting on them that echo their contents. For example, a heart shaped heartwood box with runes and magickal symbols of love on it for this spell. Usually only similar spells are kept together, or each spell is kept in its own box.

New Moon Love Spell 
 In Mesopotamian mythology Mamitu was the (sometimes) goat-headed Goddess of Destiny, who decreed the fate of the new-borns. She was also worshipped as Goddess of the Oath, later a Goddess of Fate and a Judge in the Underworld.

Items Needed:
•Piece of paper
•New moon

On the night of a new moon, write your dream/wish on the piece of paper. Light the candle and simply look into the flames as they dance in the darkness of the room you are in. Close your eyes and visualize your wish coming true. Look to the moon and request that the Lady of the Moon grant you your wish. Thank her. Now take the piece of paper and burn it in the candle. Repeat this 12 nights. If you happen to miss a night you will have to start all over - but not during a waning moon

The Witch Bottle Love Spell

Items needed:
•A glass jar
•Spring water
•Drop of your own blood
•Strand of your own hair
•Vanilla extract
•Rose quartz stone
•Other items mentioned are optional

Witch bottles are popular in magic, and, though most often employed for protection, they can be effective talismans for drawing love into your life. In a clean glass jar place some or all of the following while visualizing love being drawn to your dwelling: spring water, a drop of your own blood, a strand of your own hair, vanilla extract, and a rose quartz stone. You may also use any from of coriander, cinnamon, hyacinth, licorice, yerba maté, rue, myrtle, jasmine, lemon, lavender, jasmine, mastic, rose, peppermint, thyme, or plum. Drawings or other love talismans representing your goal of romance can also be included. On a Friday or during a Full Moon, bury the sealed bottle near an entryway to your home. It will work for a year and a day.

Candle Spell for a Passionate Love

[no idea who the artist is]
•Two taper candles (one pink, one red)
•Red thread
•Jasmine Oil

To draw a passionate love your way, during a waxing Moon gather two taper candles, one pink and one red, and some red thread and jasmine oil. Anoint the candles with jasmine oil using your fingertips, then light them while visualizing the flames of passion growing between yourself and new, but yet unknown, love. Link the candles together by making a figure eight between them with the thread while saying over and over:
“Flames of passion and seeds of romance grow; I open my heart to love. Now the one who seeks me shall come.”
For best results, enact the spell on three consecutive nights.

Bring Love Oil

Needed to make oil:

•3 drops of lavender
•Orange blossom oil
•1 drop of lemon oil.
•Red Candle
•Pink Candle

Mix the oils together to make the "Bring Love Oil"
Speak the name of your desired and bless your altar/work. Every day, light the candles and anoint them with the Oil and let them burn for 2 hours.  Meditate on your beloved being with you for at least 15 minutes (and up to 2 hours) each day while the candles burn. Then snuff them out (with your fingers or a candle snuffer - do not blow them out! BE CAREFUL!) Repeat daily until your beloved response to you.

When you will be near your beloved, dap a tiny bit of the  Oil on your forehead, in the middle of your chest, and on your pubic bone.

   House Protection Spell Bottle

     1    Glass jar                           4 tb Dill seeds
     1/2 c  Salt                              1 tb Sage
     3    Cloves of garlic                    1 tb Anise
     9    Bay leaves                          1 tb Black pepper
     7 tb Dried basil                         1 tb Fennel
  Ideally to be put in the house as it is being built. Otherwise put it in a
  position of importance.
  on a bright sunny day place the salt in the bowl saying
  "salt that protects, protect my home and all within it."
  add the cloves of garlic saying
  "garlic that protects, protect my home and all within it."
  crumble the bay leaves into the bowl saying
  "bay that protects, protect my home and all within it."
  do this for every item.
  when finished mix them all together empowering them and visualizing
  your home as a safe protected place.
  Pour the mixture into the jar and seal it.
  place it in your home saying
  "salt and herbs, nine times nine
  guard now this home of mine.


Sprinkle salt throughout the house while repeating the following incantation.

"As this salt I sprinkle about
To keep the evil spirits out
Let no danger enter in
Any opening herein
I now invoke the law of three
This is my will,
So mote it be!"

Visualize the salt creating a blanket of protective, glowing energy around your
home. It is done.

Take cotton yarn in the appropriate color of the problem (green for money, red
for love, etc.) and pour out your fears and problems into the yarn. Tie it up in
"knots" to symbolize how "tied up" you feel. Take it outside and let the wind
blow it away, along with your negativity. Go back inside and take a ritual bath
or shower cleansing.

Many thanks to :
Via Marilyn 

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