Thursday, January 23, 2014

Name change and will my luck change?

My last 24 days of being the old me, I have been thinking about this for so long. I have changed my name already, this time will be my forth time and will be my forth name ... I hope it will be good one. My first name was given to me when I was born, it was a good name and have a good meaning~My first name meaning is 'the beautiful girl'. When I was young, I was sick a lot like near death experience [ my mother told me] , not sure of it contributing to my name, but well the name that I use for the longest time  in my life is this name. A Buddhist  monk gave this name for me, my second name mean "will try, will do and can do" he said I was only pretty but no cleverness this name will give me that brain power. So this name is the name I use in almost every stage of my life except, last three year ago ~ I gone into depression and maybe too much free time, and also went to a few fortune teller ~ they all said it's very good name but not 100% so I want that 100 percent  and coz my life also have some kind of obstacle when it come to love and career. So I did I change my name for the second time. Though when I change it and when I starting to use it, it's way too long, ppl keep asking why too so long ... Make me feel like it's not such a good name and plus I miss my second name so much~ so I changed back to the second name that I have been using for whole my life. And now I am using that name. Though now I have a good feeling about this time changing name because my soul is ready to be free and live such a joyful life, I sent my name and my birthday date and time to this famous fortune teller, he is specialist on name .. Now I am waiting for that new name so I can reborn on my 29th birthday this year. I hope he give me some good choice, I can not wait to change my ne and left that old version of me behind it will still be me but upgraded version the fresh and living in present no ~ no past and only now to push me forward to enlighten in my mind. I will report back in my blog again about my life as a changed girl. I think this will be great ~ this will be good ~ this will be awsome^^ can not wait and last but not least always and always do good people and be happy ~~~ I struggle with that bit one day I wil be happy for real xooxoo 

With Love 

Nyxie Wotcheri <3

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