Thursday, January 23, 2014

Name change and will my luck change?

My last 24 days of being the old me, I have been thinking about this for so long. I have changed my name already, this time will be my forth time and will be my forth name ... I hope it will be good one. My first name was given to me when I was born, it was a good name and have a good meaning~My first name meaning is 'the beautiful girl'. When I was young, I was sick a lot like near death experience [ my mother told me] , not sure of it contributing to my name, but well the name that I use for the longest time  in my life is this name. A Buddhist  monk gave this name for me, my second name mean "will try, will do and can do" he said I was only pretty but no cleverness this name will give me that brain power. So this name is the name I use in almost every stage of my life except, last three year ago ~ I gone into depression and maybe too much free time, and also went to a few fortune teller ~ they all said it's very good name but not 100% so I want that 100 percent  and coz my life also have some kind of obstacle when it come to love and career. So I did I change my name for the second time. Though when I change it and when I starting to use it, it's way too long, ppl keep asking why too so long ... Make me feel like it's not such a good name and plus I miss my second name so much~ so I changed back to the second name that I have been using for whole my life. And now I am using that name. Though now I have a good feeling about this time changing name because my soul is ready to be free and live such a joyful life, I sent my name and my birthday date and time to this famous fortune teller, he is specialist on name .. Now I am waiting for that new name so I can reborn on my 29th birthday this year. I hope he give me some good choice, I can not wait to change my ne and left that old version of me behind it will still be me but upgraded version the fresh and living in present no ~ no past and only now to push me forward to enlighten in my mind. I will report back in my blog again about my life as a changed girl. I think this will be great ~ this will be good ~ this will be awsome^^ can not wait and last but not least always and always do good people and be happy ~~~ I struggle with that bit one day I wil be happy for real xooxoo 

With Love 

Nyxie Wotcheri <3

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Gemini 2014 Horoscope

Gemini 2014 Astrology Predictions
Here are the Gemini 2014 Astrology Predictions.
New ideas and inspirations should take off for you this year. Any former plans you’ve been putting off can now be put into action. You’ll be entering a significant new phase in your life where you’ll feel less stress and worry.
Your star sign of Gemini should be twinkling this year as you make great strides to overcome obstacles that have hindered you in the past. Breaking free and casting off the constraints placed upon you by limited finances will also be a great relief to you this year. This will allow you a new found freedom and confidence to really stretch yourself and fulfil your potential.
Important choices and decisions may need to be made in regard to both your professional and personal life. Put in 100% effort and determination into your relationships with others as partnerships and cooperation will be vital to a successful and fulfilling year.

Capricorn 2014 Horoscope

Capricorn Symbol
Capricorn Symbol (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Capricorn 2014 Astrology Predictions

Here are the Capricorn 2014 Astrology Predictions.
Your horoscope forecast shows strange happenings, twists of fate and spooky coincidences that will punctuate your year. You’ll find yourself being in the right place at the right time to further both your professional and personal aspirations. Embrace options and opportunities offered to you and try to shake off your over cautious nature. Keep a tight rein on your budget though and resist splashing out on extravagant luxuries. Your money can be better spent elsewhere, particularly in longer term investments.
Your star sign of Capricorn should be glowing particular in the later months of the year. There are plenty of potentials and possibilities to really make a difference and be exactly where you want to be by the end of the year.
The Zodiac horoscope also predicts that you’ll be learning to lighten up a little and approach life with a more open mind and heart.  This new outlook on life will have positive results in terms of your health and wellbeing and also be attracting to others. Because of this you mind find yourself becoming more popular.

Sagittarius 2014 Horoscope

Sagittarius Symbol
Sagittarius Symbol (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sagittarius 2014 Astrology Predictions

Here are the Sagittarius 2014 Astrology Predictions.
The Zodiac horoscope predicts that this may not be a smooth and easy year for most Sagittarians. There could be obstacles and barriers put in your way but with your positive attitude and optimistic outlook you can overcome them. In fact you should become stronger and more resilient to future problems. Your star sign of Sagittarius also predicts that 2014 should be a landmark year when you make significant decisions, commitments and choices. Gathering loved ones around you will be important this year too, so plan reunions, family gatherings and special occasions with care to include the most important people in your life.

Scorpio 2014 Horoscope

Scorpio Symbol
Scorpio Symbol (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Scorpio 2014 Astrology Predictions

Here are the Scorpio 2014 Astrology Predictions.
There could be unexpected and unusual events punctuating your year. With March, June and September highlighted. Lucky breaks, twists of a fate and spooky coincidences will add up to an interesting and eventful year. Your star sign of Scorpio should be shining brightly as you embrace the changes these events will mean.Financially you should see a good year – better than the previous couple of years. By the end of the year you may find you are able to build up some savings or afford that vacation you’ve been hoping for.Your Zodiac horoscope predictions include some instability, particularly in terms of your relationships, but you do have the wherewithal to overcome this. 

Libra 2014 Horoscope

Libra Symbol
Libra Symbol (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Libra 2014 Astrology Predictions

Here are the Libra 2014 Astrology Predictions.
If you’ve been struggling financially and have found that your money has run out faster than you can bring it in, then this is set to change. Call it a lucky streak or shrewd financial sense but 2014 will see money matters easing with your income exceeding your outgoings. There will be far fewer unexpected financial demands on you this year compared to previous years.
The Zodiac horoscope predicts both your professional and personal life are set to undergo changes this year too. Your focus will be sharp and you will direct your energies into producing good work and positive relationships. You will become more tolerant of others and your patience will become stronger.
Your patience will be tested, however, later in the year as someone from your past is set to make things difficult for you. But if you are clever and show them how their words cannot impact upon you, then you will have the upper hand.
Some good news will also lighten your mood at the end of the year with an unexpected windfall coming your way.

Virgo 2014 Horoscope

Virgo Symbol
Virgo Symbol (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Virgo 2014 Astrology Predictions

Here are the Virgo 2014 Astrology Predictions.
You should have eagerness and excitement about the year 2014 as many unexpected events will pleasantly surprise you as the year unfolds. Some of these events are connected with your stability and security whereas others are concerned with love and romance.   
Identifying your true calling and where your real passions lie will be key to a successful 2014 and beyond. Taking some risks and accepting unusual challenges and opportunities will propel you to new heights.
If you’re looking for romantic adventures, whether serious or casual, then 2014 is very likely to provide them for you.

Leo 2014 Horoscope

Leo Symbol
Leo Symbol (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Leo 2014 Astrology Predictions

Here are the Leo 2014 Astrology Predictions.
There should be many small surprises for you this year in 2014. All that you’ve worked for over the past couple of years should begin to bring you the rewards you’ve been hoping for. Lots of options and opportunities will be offered to you and could lead you to enjoy great success.Your horoscope forecast should include your wishes and dreams being fulfilled particularly in relation to romance. Enjoy this year of 2014 and you should count it as a landmark Zodiac year with many happy events punctuating the year. Don’t dwell on the past but instead look forward in anticipation to a bright future. Your star sign of Leo should be shining brightly this year.

Cancer 2014 Horoscope

Cancer zodiak sign. Also at Unicode U+264B (♋).
Cancer zodiac sign. Also at Unicode U+264B (♋). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cancer 2014 Astrology Predictions

Here are the Cancer 2014 Astrology Predictions.
A turn around in the way you think, believe and act will come as somewhat as a shock to you and others this year. You’ll be shedding your old ways and taking and embracing new excitements. You‘ll also be more independent and less reliant on others both financially and emotionally. The path of your life may become clearer and more defined as you find focus and structure to where you want to be in 2014.
Becoming more expressive and creative will also be a feature of 2014 and you’ll find ways to discover where your true talents lie.
Your horoscope forecast shows a year filled with evolving and developing, both professionally and personally. You may barely recognise yourself this time next year. The person you hope to become – more creative, more confident, more respected - are all within your reach.
Your star sign of Cancer should be twinkling brightly in terms of your love life but you are warned to be cautious.  

Taurus 2014 Horoscope

Taurus Symbol
Taurus Symbol (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Taurus 2014 Astrology Predictions

Here are the Taurus 2014 Astrology Predictions.
As the 2014 begins you may feel that you are just treading water and that you cannot progress further without major intervention. Be this a financial injection, dramatic career change or new romantic relationship. But you will find your way by the springtime and you’ll know just what decisions and choices you need to make.If you’re not careful your personal life may be overshadowed by your professional life. So although work is important, ensure you take time away to concentrate on yourself and your loved ones.You’ll be in demand this year from friends and family who may need either emotional or practical support. Offer a helping hand in any way you can, but don’t forget to make time for yourself.Later in the year some magical times await you and you’ll find yourself experiencing a very lucky streak.Your star sign of Taurus should be shining brightly as many pleasant surprises will bring rays of sunshine. 

Aries 2014 Horoscope

Aries Symbol
Aries Symbol (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Aries 2014 Astrology Predictions

Here are the Aries 2014 Astrology Predictions.
What a lucky year you’re in for! Both your professional and personal life are set to have things going your way in 2014. They’ll be plenty of pleasant and unexpected surprises and lots of options and opportunities offered to you this year.Your horoscope forecast shows a year in which whatever your aspirations are and wherever your talents lie, you’ll be finding ways to make the most of them. You have the chance this year to be more successful, more productive and more creative than you have in the past 7 years combined. But you’ll need to put in plenty of hard work and constantly keep busy and active.Your star sign of Aries should be shining brightly this year and good fortune and luck in love or money matters will be a highlight for you.The Zodiac horoscope predicts that not only will you be working productively to better your circumstances and your future but will also have an impact on those you love. Giving a chance or helping hand to a family member will allow them to find their place in the world and also give you a sense of reward and pride. Their achievements will give you a “money can’t buy” feel good factor.

Pisces 2014 Horoscope

Pisces Symbol
Pisces Symbol (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pisces 2014 Astrology Predictions

Here are the Pisces 2014 Astrology Predictions.Your star sign of Pisces should see you becoming less dreamy and more down to earth and practical. 2014 is your year to get detailed about your future stability and security in terms of your finances and your relationships. Make an in-depth plan about what you want and how you are going to get it.Be very specific about your budget restraints and what steps you need to make in order to achieve all the things you want for yourself. This may mean turning a hobby into a business, taking on a second job or getting down to finishing some of your creative projects so that you can gain financially from them.Socially you should be very busy and may often be the centre of attention. Special occasions, family gatherings and reunions should all feature for you in 2014. So search your wardrobe for some party wear and strut your stuff!

Aquarius 2014 Horoscope

Aquarius (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Aquarius 2014 Astrology Predictions

Here are the Aquarius 2014 Astrology Predictions.Lots of opportunities should be flowing your way in 2014. Your horoscope forecast shows a year filled with social and professional connections. There will be plenty activity centring on friends and family life with news of births and other happy events.But rather than placing your full focus on the happiness and wellbeing of those you love, you should ensure that you look after yourself so you have the strength and stamina to embrace opportunities, overcome challenges and deal with commitments, duties and responsibilities.Learning and stretching yourself to take on new skills, knowledge and experience will also features in the horoscope predictions for most Aquarians. But as you like to use your intellect fully, this should not be a problem for you in 2014.Your star sign of Aquarius should be shining brightly this year, particularly around your birthday, so ensure you make this year extra special by doing something memorable.

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