Shattered heart... The stupid fool...

Oh the Heavenly Garden .... I found this Pinked Apple. It's look so delicious. I went close and take a look. I think it is very pretty, it looks so delicious. I wondered, if I were to take a bite of this pretty piece of apple just one bite, I maybe taste the heaven inside me, should i bite this? its look so nice to be true, will it give me pleasure of feelings? Suddenly, my heart said to stop. What is it I asked heart, why can't I take this bite~ nothing wrong with just wanna try. "My dearest, there is nothing wrong with tasting this such beautiful fruit but to be warn .. As you such a pure innocent new born body to this paradise, you see it as it is because you never tasted or being touched by the real damage of heavenly heaven... To get what you called a taste of heaven, you must understand that there is a hell in every heaven." And then I said...maybe I will just try just one bite it won't hurt it won't hurt that much...the feeling of hell shall be destroy by the sensual feeling of heavenly taste of this Apple. "Alright, then I will allow your body and soul to merge with heavenly taste, don't forget I have already warned you."

My sweetest sweetest heart ~ I cried cried out ~ my soul and my body has broken into pieces since I took one bite and I want more and more and now, God would not give more of this heavenly apple. My heart is broken shattered into pieces...hear me hear and please tell me what to do. I know my Heart you have warned me about this. Now this place heaven paradise turning so dark and cold, I am lost and feel so angry that I allowed myself to be merge with this taste. Because it is so frustrated not to be able to have this heavenly feeling from it~ each day goes on I feel trap in this emotions of good feeling and for some reason I wanna get out because there is no apple around its just feelings. Though there are so many fruits in this land .. I only one, but I just don't and can't get it. The birds said they have seen this Apple far away someone was eating it. The moon said oh I am up on the sky and you don't even want to know how many have enjoy you deliciousness of this apple that you want. No matter how much I tried~ I will never catch this delicious apple again, it's just all feel like a dream now. My heart my Heart hear my calling, is this a test ?~~~ tell me will I find the real heavenly taste and not a trick. Was I wrong to try this only because it look so delicious .

"My innocent one, I have warned you. Did u taste heaven / yes / but now u r in hell because you can not get the perfect apple back. No one tricks you, it's just life is like this the innocent one. Be glad it is only an apple be glad it is not poison~ though I know it feel like it. But when u find the fruit that is truly yours, you will never feel like this ... You will see it and never second guess your decision, and you will eat it nicely and before you finish your fruit will gladly plant itself the seed^ and there will be more for you.. Because this fruit belong to you, it's wants to scarify and be under the soil and grow with you and feed you with heavenly feeling for always and forever. Don't be sad my innocent one, in someday you will understand what I say. You will know that heavenly taste will be there and the hell shall not be only suffer by you and you alone. Your heavenly taste will be that you will be happy together and suffer on hell together ( the hell will never feel like hell). You will grow together and be there for each other through the sun and the storm. If one person only takes it will never be a truly heavenly. So don't cry, in future yours truly will come to give you, be there for you and tend to your every needs. I shall bless you with happy heart again, I shall mend the heart and when i am fully healed~you will see... This experience has brought you closer to heaven. THE RIGHT Heavenly FRUIT will drop in front of you and you don't even have to ask me if this is ok or not to take a bite. Look out for future ~ I know it will be here soon~ bless you my innocent one. Bright happy Heavenly taste is waiting for you and this Fruit will be yours and yours alone no restriction of any kind. Say goodbye and remove yourself from this hell you call heaven and carry on to the path where you will find this fruit of yours and give you the real heavenly taste"

I love you my innocent one

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