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act according to their interest and acting strangely!

¤ Mar 21 - Apr 19 ¤

Aries people usually have bold aesthetic, sloppy, do whatever they like and acting strangely sometimes. They can get things done, but cannot stand by the rules, their principle is “ told me what to do, but do not tell me the way to get it done! ” As for the other red tape, for example, carry out morning exercises, having spiritual lecture, preserve the environment, doing chores like filing, will make them even more headache. Their strong point is able to take action fast full of spirit and energy. If you insist them to slow down to take care of other chores, it will just like killing their spirit. Instead of letting them suffering the pain of writing report, fill in the documents, it would be better to let the other person which is earth signs to help them share and carry out the daily administrative operations. It will be more efficient


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