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MY CARD OF LIFE : Ten of Diamonds

This is one of a great mystical reading and guide for those of you who love it. I am using it to read about my life and guide me in general. Ten of Diamond is my card if you wanna read more and find out more about your Destiny in the Card you should go to website below to find out  :


The Cards of Life reveal the script of your entire life from birth till death. Each of the 53 (52 plus the Joker) playing cards represents a day in the year; therefore, your birthday unlocks the secrets of your personality to reveal what your talents are, what type of work will bring the most satisfaction, how you interact with others, who your most significant relationships will be with, what your biggest challenges are and how to get the most from your life.

Ten of Diamonds Card

Ten of DiamondsAs one of the most fortunate cards in the deck with its Jupiter/Jupiter placement in the Master Life Script, the Ten of Diamonds experiences many blessings in life. They often marry well or create financial abundance on their own.

Leading their own business or being a business leader will bring them the best opportunities for financial independence. Their Queen of Diamonds card in Jupiter suggests this innate leadership ability with a head for business. It also suggests a desire for a lavish lifestyle, so self-discipline is necessary to resist overspending. Their Ace of Diamonds card in Mars suggests ambition and drive with a touch of impatience as well. This combination supports one in having their own business or enterprise that should be quite successful. 

Their Eight of Spades in Mercury supercharges their mental prowess and determination. They can achieve anything they set their minds to and do it with aplomb. Practical, a tad stubborn with a very quick mind, makes this card of the deck an impressive force of nature.

Relationships may be an area of challenge for Ten of Diamonds people with the Five of Hearts in Saturn and the Nine of Hearts in Pluto. There may be disappointments and heartache in love that bring and end to a significant relationship or two.

Not exactly philanthropic, the Ten of Diamonds are tempted to withhold their wealth perhaps with a belief that everyone has equal good fortune to create their own. They do enjoy being recognized for their achievements and enjoy attention whether positive or negative.

Bestowed with good luck on their side, the Ten of Diamonds can accomplish great things and tackle any issue before them. They would be wise to consider others as well as themselves to keep the good karma flowing.

Ten of Diamonds Birth Card

Qualities of the Birth Card are modified by astrological influences of planets associated with the Sun position at the moment we are born. If you are born on February 15, 1985, the planetary ruler for your astrological sign (Aquarius) is Uranus. Your Sun is positioned approximately in the Third decan of Aquarius, ruled by Venus. Find out the exact degree of your Sun placement to make sure your Planetary and Decanate cards are correct.
Tens are called "Success" Cards - Fully Accomplished. Pythagoreans say that the number Ten represents Deity, Heaven, Eternity, and the Sun. Ten starts a new cycle - the cycle of man's Aspiration. Ten of Diamonds succeed as Master if Matter. Their domination is over "all created things".

The symbol of money, and success in money, Ten Of Diamonds is also represents the center of our society, as a replacement for Divine Plan, Receptivity and Intuition. Those Ten Of Diamonds, who feel this virtue, are value-conscious rather than money-conscious, and are apt to "full accomplishment" and given the power of all values - material and spiritual.

People who are identified with Ten Of Diamonds have a wonderful possibilities. They can be successful, wealthy, fully satisfied, accomplished. If they are willing to take necessary efforts, no one has greater power in material and financial matters. As with all Tens, the biggest problem is the lack of personal discipline. All they need to do is just apply the lucky power of their card to acquire the prize.

Ten Of Diamonds are sharp and witty, and while their education is primarily sought along the business lines, they respect knowledge and want to be educated enough to take their place in any company. There are many philanthropists in these birthdays, many with strong sense of universal obligation and a desire to put money into constructive use. They are generous and always ready to help less fortunate than they are. Many monuments, great buildings, enterprises have been established in their name.

If Ten Of Diamonds is willing to engage in business, there is no problem to commercialize their ideas. They never fear size of extent; they know how to handle it - and make a fortune. They are well protected in finances, and there is high possibility of inheritance. They may get down to the last dollar, threatened with loss of business or property - and then by clever manipulation in the last second, turn their failure into success.

Ten of Diamonds are argumentative and opinionated, good debaters, lawyers, very detailed and technical. Can drive a hard bargain, and rarely pay more than it worth. They are usually skeptical to the motives of others.

Ten of Diamonds men will benefit in association with a successful women. Women Ten Of Diamonds is likely to be in a key position of management. For Ten Of Diamonds it is very important to look prosper in an eyes of the word. They surround themselves with successful people who have something to offer - position and social status, family background or wealth.

Thank you for the infomation from a book called
"Your Birthday, Your Card"
By Robert Lee Camp 

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