Monday, May 26, 2014

Disney Princess in Art Nouveau

 Rebirth by Hannah-Alexander

 "Ariel, The Little Mermaid.

So, I've been obsessed with Alphonse Mucha and 50s Pin Up recently, and this is the result. I may do more. It's certainly a style I could get used to!

I chose to surround Ariel with Lotus flowers because they represent rebirth. I wanted the whole thing to come out bluer but green just came about naturally. I guess it makes sense, considering the rebirth theme anyway "

Innocence by Hannah-Alexander

 "Snow White.

Part of my Alphonse Mucha/art nouveau obsession.
Flowers are: Freesia for innocence, lilies for purity and monkshood (which are poisonous) for caution."

Disney Fairy Tales, The Original Ending

Original Version of Princess and the Frog

Original Version of Tangled

Original Version of The Little Mermaid

Original Version of Sleeping Beauty

Original Version of Beauty and The Beast

Original Version of Snow White

Original Version of Cinderella

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