Friday, February 08, 2013

The bitch of a man called Aquarius!

I hate to love u! Aqua man!
Maybe it's good us girl don't have them, eventually they will break our heart and its better now than later.

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Libra SEX

Libra (Sept.24 to Oct.23):

Libras' sexual satisfaction lies in making their partnercompletely satisfied. You will respond in accordance with yourpartner's sexual interests. You may even tend to be a littlenarcissistic during sexual interactions. Beautiful things will easilyraise your sexual instincts. You need a partner to make yourself complete. For you, togetherness is what life is all about. You delight in pleasing people and because you adjust to the needs of others, your relationships are always harmonious. You are blessed with enormous charm and sexual charisma, and you don't hesitate to use it to get what you want. Libra is a sign much given to sentiment and romanticism. You do all you can to make your partner happy. You are an accomplished lover and adept at pleasing your partner. Libra is a very refined sign and has very discriminating tastes. You enjoy the finer things in life and this applies to your sexual encounters as well. 

Scorpio SEX

Scorpio (Oct.24 to Nov.22): Scorpios possess the most powerful sexual desires. They are ready for any kindof sexual adventure. Their sexual drives are seen as dynamic,threatening, voracious, insatiable, overwhelming and generallymysterious. Their sexual charms almost hypnotize the opposite sex intothem. However the partners must be ready and willing to be consumed, ifthey wish to get the best from Scorpios. You are a sophisticated and highly adept lover. Scorpio rules sex, birth, death, and rebirth. You have an urge to explore dark places of life where others fear to tread. 

Monday, February 04, 2013

Greek gods and goddesses iv

Greek gods and goddesses 

Greek Gods and Goddesses


The primeval gods or "Protogenoi" of Greek mythology were the basic components of the universe which were emerged at creation. They included Earth, Air, Sea, Sky, Fresh Water, Underworld, Darkness, Night, Light, Day, Procreation and Time.


Goddess of night.


NYX The Protogenos of night, Nyx drew the dark mists of her consort, Erebus, across the heavens at night, cloaking the bright light of the heavenly aether. Her anthropomorphic form was of a woman clothed in star-spangled mantle.

Sunday, February 03, 2013

Virgo SEX

Virgo (Aug. 24 to Sept.23):

Virgo are usually shy to express their sexual interests. However they areready to display their strong carnal appetite to the right partners.Virgos are rather moody in their sexual adventures and react well onlyto trustworthy partners. Only a slow and steady approach can ignite thesexual passions of Virgos. On the surface, meticulous Virgo is a shy sign, but you are an entertaining companion for those who take the trouble to inquire into your deeper self in your search for perfection. You tend not to pursue the object of your desire openly. Given the right partner, you display an earthy sensuality and a strong carnal appetite. You are not a sign that gets carried away by love and sentiment. You are much too practical and analytical for that. But when you do fall in love, you are thoughtful and caring and will do all you can to serve your partner Virgo is careful, almost to a fault, and pays attention to everydetail. 

Cancer SEX

Cancer (June 22- July23):
Deep emotions and profound sensitivity remain as a shell for Cancer's strong sexuality. Their environment has much power indetermining their sexual moods. Cancers can be creative in their sexual encounters but; most of the time they remain moody. They will even use their partners for their own sexual satisfaction. Their partner can win them sexually only through constant praises.

Taurus SEX

Taurus(April 21-May21):

Taurians of passionate nature with a strong sexualdrive. They do not act upon impulse and come into sexual action only to establish a strong relationship with their partners. Taurians prefer a sensual foreplay before finally coming into action.
By far the most sensual of the signs, Taurus has a passionate nature and a strong sex drive. You are turned on by beautiful people and places. Your earthy, solid body exudes sensuality and arouses desire, but you hesitate to move in on a prospective lover, preferring to be asked. Despite a strong libido, you are not driven by lust. You like a stable, orderly life and are renowned for possessiveness; an active sex life is usually part of an ongoing partnership.When you fall in love, you fall heavily and finally. You are committed for life. Love is something Taurus takes very seriously indeed. Taurus is almost the opposite of Aries – slow to move, slow tobe aroused, but also slow to be satisfied. Taurus takes time, in a goodway, and makes sure to do the work necessary. Taurus is not eager to seduce, nor easy for anyone else to seduce. It's a question of patienceand persistence. Taurus is there for the long run, and very physical through. Taurus is very sensual and may easily subdue to your whims. Lying downon the back he will ask his partner to stand behind and massage hisback. While he mounts her from the back, caressing her shoulders,breasts and belly. Taurus will penetrate you slowly, changing from deepslow penetration to increasing the speed and intensity of suchmovements. He doesnt like to be hasty, you must be sure your Tauruswill be slugging, savoring each stroke. Once he has trusted himself, hewill give in to love making. Believe me, he is not a newbie in art ofseduction. He knows how to please and his partners body is anendless exploration of sensitive spots

Sagittarius SEX

Sagittarius (Nov.23 to Dec.21):

Sagettirius are lively, lust and adventurous intheir sexual activities. Once they are stimulated; they want immediateaction and never pay much interest for foreplays. Sagittarians act onimpulse and always seek new and exotic feelings. A spicy chat canstimulate them easily and drive them to action soon. Freedom-loving Sagittarius is a natural philanderer who hates to be tied down for too long. Ever-impetuous, you revel in a spontaneous, inflammatory sexual adventure with plenty of passion. You fall in love easily. Half the time it is infatuation, but you don't mind and you rarely differentiate between the two until the affair is over. You enjoy being in love. You are an unemotional sign who does not agonize over the future; you simply enjoy what is happening now with great verve and passion. One of your difficulties in love is that you always want more. You have a nagging feeling there could be something more exciting around the corner. It takes a strong love to hold you, but once committed, you are usually faithful. Sagittarius is elusive by nature, seemingly unattached by longing, lust, and such feelings. Therefore, Sagittarius is difficult to seduce, and rarely a seducer, but often attractive – because of it.Sex might be quick, as if meaning nothing, but sometimes, at the spur of the moment, intense as a forest fire. Sagittarius is a wild lover, who gets pleasure from fast love. He may take you half way up the stairs or while you are cooking in the kitchen. Doggy style is one of the most favorite positions for him.Simultaneous stimulation of his genitals together with the frequent penetrations from behind is extremely attractive for Sagittarius. Heal ways tries new positions and new scenery for making love. And what can be more delightful than his erotic massage. His fingers will run over your body, delicately touching and stimulating all your erogenouszones

Gemini SEX

Gemini(May 22- June 21):

A restless seeker of new sensual adventure, Geminiis ever sexually active. Communication during sex plays an importantrole for Gemini.They are adventurous and would always try anything that will stimulatethem. Gemini tends to be ambi-sexual and not unduly averse to multiplepartners of either sex. A partner with tolerant appreciation may satisfy your passion. A restless seeker after new sensations, Gemini never stays still. You dance with partner after partner in an intricate sexual gavotte. Your urge for communication demands continual movement for you, sex is an intellectual activity. You may like to discuss feelings, but you don't feel a need for them. One of your greatest problems in relationships is understanding how other people feel. Indeed, you can be so insensitive to people's feelings that you unthinkingly dash their hopes of love without even noticing. To overcome this, you need to listen as well as talk. Gemini values friendship over love Gemini treats sex, like everything else, with a light heart,taking few things seriously. Everything is a game, and done with agreat sense of humor. Sex, too, should mainly be fun, and not taken that seriously. The seduction is extended, so is foreplay. Intercourse,on the other hand, may be done in an instant Gemini is a joyful lover, who likes to tease and play. The best sexposition for you is when you are lying side by side and face eachother. After first penetration movements free your hands for touchingeach other. Mutual masturbation is best performed in this veryposition. Take your time and variegating the angle. Of course, Geministrives for wide range of sensations- you want to smell, to see, tofeel but most of all to hear those sweat and erotic words. His or hervoice can arouse and make you shiver for just the seconds. Gemini wouldprobably prefer to have sex in the garden than a cozy bedroom. Dontforget that phone and cyber sex is most appealing to him, so start withit and you wont regret the result

Capricorn SEX

Capricorn (Dec.22 to jan.20):

Capricorns are very cautious in their sexual activities. They indulge in physicalrelationship only with a right partner. Capricorns wait others to takeinitiatives for sexual plays. Some Capricorns are sexually repressedand can appear frigid or disinterested. However a caring partner canstimulate them through delicate experimentations such as oral stimulations. Despite having an earthy sensuality, Capricorns can be cautious when it comes to carnal passion. You prefer to wait for the right partner. You take love seriously. 

Pisces SEX

Pisces (Feb.20 to March.20):

Sex is only a beautiful fantasy for Pisceans. Theirimaginative emotions determine their sexual desires. They always wishto be sexually dominated by their partners and willing to experiment aslong as they feel comfortable with the partner. When their emotionaland archetypal streams are touched they are ready to follow anyone intopleasures of new experience. 

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