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Love Astrology : Eros Signs Zodiac

Link find out meaning of your:
❤ Psyche 
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Link find out meaning of your:
❤ Psyche 
Link find out meaning of your:
❤ Psyche 
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Link find out meaning of your:
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Finding your soul mate or the love of your life ❤ first you need to know that there are many way that why Soul mate is a soul mate because their astrology sign match with us. so Eros is just one aspect the who made up of us. Below are basic understanding of each sign, use it as a guide to compare the compatibility of your chart.

Venus tells us the spirit of our loves, our passion, our thought of what love feeling is like.

While Venus Love Signs are in charge of romance, Mars Signs take charge of basic sexual attraction, tempered only by the astrological houses they are placed in. They will influence how sex is approached, from cool detachment to hot intensity and everything in between. Mars makes us assertive, forthright and adventurous. It can also make us impulsive, rash, impatient and forceful. Success or frustration… they can both be products of your Mars Sign’s influence.

Neptune contact are often colored by fantasy and dreaminess, and a vulnerable nature that may be susceptible to disillusionment. Here, we find hope that is sometimes unrealistic, a poetic and intuitive outlook, and compassion.

Uranus Signs represent change. Associated with innovation, technology and discovery, Uranus helps bring about progressive change in all aspects of our lives. This Planet takes us into the future; tradition is made to be broken. Uranus Signs also represent enlightenment, novelty and ingenuity. Uranus is intuitive and sometimes ahead of its time when you are in tune with its energies. This intuition may cause you to research or investigate a new angle.

The Sun describes reveals the part of our personality that is our basic self, or who we are when we are not surrounded by other people. In other words our essential personality is our most basic, broad, inner traits.  Remember that your Sun Sign is just a portion of who you are. Your Moon Sign and Rising Sign are equally important and must be blended together to get an accurate description of your true personality.

The Moon sing said to represent your instinctual self, which many people keep hidden. On points where your Sun and Moon Signs are compatible, they will work together to help you get through the hardships and accomplish your goals. Where they are not compatible, you will feel conflicting desires or be at odds with yourself in some Full Moon way. Our Moon Sign also offers insight in how to reach our inner child.

Saturn is just like listening to your parents, our Saturn Sign is out to teach us mastery over our lives. And, as usual, that means plain hard work and practice, practice, practice. Saturn is a big fan of the schools of trial and error and hard knocks. What better way is there to learn, right? For some of us, that means being ridiculed for our errors, feeling inadequate and inferior. Feeling like you need to measure up to a standard is part of your Saturn Sign’s lesson.

Pluto may bring an end to things that need to be let go of. This could be a job, a relationship or anything else that is dragging you down. It may not be easy to do, but you need to pick up the pieces and go on with your life. The psyche can't hold on to everything and remain healthy. While it is scary to let things go, it will be better in the long run.

What is Eros sign?

Eros. The sign position of the Asteroid, Eros, can reveal some of our erotic turn-on, as well as the level of our erotic nature.

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Eros Mythology

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˳̩̩̩͙ •̩̩̩͙ ˚̩̩̩͙ ˚̩̩̩͙ •̩̩̩͙ ˳̩̩̩͙✩ ˌ̩͙̍̍̍̊ ˌ̩̩̩͙̍̍̊ ˌ̩̩͙̍̊ ˌ̩̩̩̩͙̊ ˌ͙̍̊ ˌ̩̩̩̩͙̍̍̊ ˌ̩͙̍̍̍̊. ˳̩̩̩͙ •̩̩̩͙ ˚̩̩̩͙ ˚̩̩̩͙ •̩̩̩͙ ˳̩̩̩͙✩ˌ̩͙̍̍̍̊ ˌ̩̩̩͙̍̍̊ ˌ̩̩͙̍̊ ˌ̩̩̩̩͙̊ ˌ͙̍̊ ˌ̩̩̩̩͙̍̍̊ ˌ̩͙̍̍̍̊


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She wants to hear: I crave you. Cosmically activated by the Fire and Passion. Aries is demanding on the body and therefore to sex. If you want to meet her better,(usually comes to you first), you should be prepared for a very intense and passionate sex. She asks for tenderness and strength from her partner. It is advisable not to exceed the limit of politeness and discretion that  she has set itself the masculine behavior, because she will start to believe that you are weak as a character.She  prefers the wildness and the harshness of a true male IN sexual act. The men who attract her most of all have brains and a considerable social status. As a true Aries, she doesn’t like long-term flirtins, because they do not evolve rapidly and she thinks they are a waste of time. You risk to loose her  if you are from those who did not flinch and they do not decide to get involved directly. The same thing happens in the bedroom. She does not like many prequels and prefers to go into action without wasting too much time. She likes to have the upper hand and sometimes all though  prefers to have a passive attitude hedonism.  She allowed only those who know how to satisfy her. Otherwise, she takes the helms! She is available for any peculiarity of painless suggest, as long as it is not the one that degrades her.

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She wants to hear: I will always be with you til the end. The woman with Eros  in Taurus is the most interesting and obvious piece of sex herself. It is good if you want to conquer her, to create the right environment and the right atmosphere, low lights but understated, gentle and romantic music and a nice soft bed, the ideal would be to have silk sheets. And above all, make sure you have run up a beautiful and tasty dinner and an appropriate drink. Then of course they need a warm, scented bath and a relaxing massage with essential oils. If you can give her those, then you will surely win! She does not like: violence, strange movements and excesses or extreme behaviors. It would be nice not to ask her for things that she will not accept from the beginning. It means that if she disagrees and insist there is a great chance to leave. The only thing you can not accept something that has to do with food! Way you Apply honey or chocolate and to behave like a delicacy!

It is advisable not to be hasty with her. Give her the opportunity to decide when she is ready to follow you to bed and you will not miss. This woman needs confidence. So if she truly believes that you are the man of her life, she offers a comfortable and relaxed self. At bed, she is a volcano and she knows how to travel you with her fantasies. She is ready to follow you everywhere and take care of you, only if she considers that you are what you’re looking for. If she feels that you are something transient,  you will see how difficult, tough and cold she is! She is always looking for the right partner, like the most women.


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She wants to hear: I’m adaptable , I'm always a surprise, I can change with the wind. Eros in Gemini falls for the witty, silver-tongued guy. She loves the super-smart, mind-challenging man and is turned on by innuendo-laden gossip, over-the-top flirting and amazing new info. This woman is  unpredictable and an extreme condition! She lives permanently in love fantasy and when the reality comes, to bed is rather disappointing! Again! So she should have another chance to try again. But because it is doubtful whether the partner will be improved as a lover, it would be better to try another partner who has more imagination! In this way the ground this woman is unlikely to settle for only one sex partner at least for long! None of them, of course, do not understand what’s to blame because she does not reveal the secrets of her body and the secrets of her mind. For her the first act of physical love and imagination plays in her mind and after in real sex. 

She lives physical experience separate from emotion and she does not allow herself to externalize her innermost thoughts and needs. She acts with the tense of self-protection and she will never be her lover discover her inner world. She loves flirting.  She gives attention to everything you say and act, so be careful of what you say and look. She knows what she wants, when she wants and how to get it. She is fast, direct and sexual. In their effort to get experience and satisfaction, they can easily succumb to some peculiarities of their partner, but also to adopt theirs. It is very likely to participate in extreme sexual practices and patterns and perhaps homosexual tendencies. More generally, the sexual life of this women is turbulent and unpredictable, like their personality!

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She wants to hear: You are my muse, you inspired me. These women are rich in the emotional world, which does not let them succumb to one night stands with someone they do not know. The needs for emotional help is great and urgent. She can not let her body  satisfied, if she does not feel fully satisfied mentally. She wants to feel secure, you must pass through several stages of the relationship, so you get to know her and be convinced of the sincerity of her moods. She will never follow someone who is violent, brisk, gruff and pushy. Only if you give her tenderness, affection, love and maternal behavior, she can feel beautiful and to respond to her lover. Every manifestation of violence and clumsy movements will repel her.  Cancer Eros is quite classic, very accurate and not prone to bizarre sexual practices.  She is stimulated by the mind, imagination and intense emotions of love and not the images. She responds calmly and silently loving and sensual lover, without asking complicated things and circumstances. She is quiet and enjoys the warmth of family. She stimulates everything feminine tenderness and perhaps it is the only peculiarity that can cope rare in life, is the attraction to another woman! She is generally possessive and demanding as a woman to her lover, and sometimes she is more often sexually available than she needs. She does not like to lose, so perhaps many times and indulges in specificity does not want. Of course, this can not be continued for ever! An interesting point in her life is the influence that she has from her family and especially her mother.

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She wants to hear: And you can be my queen of the jungle! Eros in Leo can easily be approached, as long as you are prim, rich with many connections and social relations. If you’re none of the above, probably you do not have hope. To get a Leo Eros to follow you in bed is hard enough as she will examine you in detail! Which means that weigh all factors and eventually will be a long time for her to decide whether you are lucky or not! She usually marries early because of her internal needs of insecurity, so maybe that's why these marriages fail. But she is compatible with sexual partners who are not satisfactory,because she loves family and home. Sex is simple, has no special features and she is not particularly demanding. But she likes to take the initiative and give performances! She is sensual and passionate. She likes prequels and a beautiful and luxurious environment in which she can feel safe and secure to act. Then you will discover a fiery woman. She wants her partner to be totally hers. To keep this flame in Leo woman you should pamper her and  give love, boost  her self-confidence that is so necessary for her, to flatter, to  boost her ego and make her gifts!

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She wants to hear: I’ve already tidy it up. Virgo Eros is very grounded, earthy and logic in matters of sex and relationships. She has stimulated above all in her mind, so it counts as intellectual satisfaction sex, more than physical. If her partner has the conditions she has set in her mind, then she will meet and sleep with him. If not, she does not go in any relationship. This woman usually follows and applies the practice and the respect that the mother and father of the family has developed on this issue. She usually prefers a conventional and a good marriage to an erotic, intense and passionate relationship. So, she has developed defenses against the impact that  may have on a man. She is always being cautious and not relaxed. Analyzes and counts almost everything, even in bed making frequent criticism and comments on  hersexual partner. Sex is classical, traditional, modest and she does not take initiatives. Shee prefers to wait for the movements of her partner and enjoy the caresses. With the right partner, emerge from within the impulses of the erotic, but always within reasonable limits. Do not expect explosions of passion and eroticism, because they did not fit to her. The environment in sex must be beautiful, neat and very clean.Virgo usually keeps secret her past. She is meticulous, clean and she likes cleanness. It would be good if her partner deals very carefully with personal hygiene and he should avoid surprises to her because Virgo doesn’t like surpise her so much so maybe she gets frightened and leave. After sex, she will probably go for a bath! The frequency of once a year, in some special occasion or anniversary, in sex perhaps it is no exaggeration to Virgin! There is also the other side, some Virgos work  for money in jobs which a more emotional woman would never work.  But these might be some exceptions.

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She wants to hear: I love you , you are so beautiful to me. Libra Eros is an ethereal being that if you are the chosen one she is willing to be surrendered but you have just to follow the rhythm. She does not like so much violence, sudden movements and swiftness. It is  important for Libra woman, her lover to feel and to understand her. Many times she does not say what satisfies her, she wants her lover to be experienced and understand by himself without instructions. She really needs to get satisfied and she is suffering if you do not succeed, usually without saying it. This means that you are not able to understand her. If you fail to satisfy her, she will not say anything because she does not want to insult you, but she will think that you have unconcern for her and she will fend off. The passion and the events of his partner is an essential element for Libra Eros, who considers it as indication of interest. She likes a lot foreplay, where she can see her partner tactics and whether she is desirable to him. As long as this phase lasts the better for her! Her imagination runs wild and enables to psychologically you as a character. If she gets bored she will show it with manners! She requires from her  lover to have imagination and variety because she gets bored easily and she wants to drift waves of passion in words and deeds! She would particularly like  if there were mirrors in the room, but she hates vulgarity and leveling emotions. She is feminine, exhibitionist, smart, kind, takes initiatives. She likes to be seduced with manner.  She is attracted by the money and the professional and social status of the opposite sex. She achieves her goals. Well you have to think before you make a sudden move, because the next time you will face a cold creature. If you are the right lover she will respond to the full and you will live together very strong and happy moments. If not, she will not teach you that! Initiatives in love is the work of men! They have to take care to learn the right techniques! She feeds you with magic and sensuality! The rest is none of your business!

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She wants to hear: You take a hold over me, engorge me .  Scorpio Eros is fiery, passionate and explosive sexually. She asks for immediate gratification and the same intense response. She is sensual and sweet and she knows how to seduce her lover in the world of pleasure. Obviously, the same want from her lover. You will discover that they are very experienced and capable woman who know exactly what to do to satisfy all the desires of their lover. 
She like a man who has a hidden power that he could use it to make things happen and do things well. And her man does not like people who never try to help themselves before asking other people for favors. He is the type of guy who mostly achieved his goal in life. Once he sets his mind for something, he will put all his energy and efforts in it, whether or not it is a small matter or a big project. Scorpio Eros Girl is not prudish about sex and eliminates all the inhibitions which can have. Never takes relationships lightly and requires a mate exactly the same way. At first it may seem very difficult to conquer such a woman, but when you  finally come to bed with her is an unforgettable experience. She always leaves in her lover signs of love, either with scratches and marks or poisonous stings from the sting of the Scorpion. She is ready for any sexual particularities, but she has to be the boss. Her body leaves porn promises. Anywhere and if you touch her, she likes it too much!. A relationship with a Scorpio woman can be risky but worth!

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She wants to hear: If it’s the truth, it can’t be embarrassing. Eros in Sagittarius woman is very passionate, and erotic. She usually requires immediate gratification from her lover and she usually gets it. She love a man who loves social life and curious about every new progress, new development to make sure he is in the era and always have all up date information. He have to to know what the latest trend of fashion is and make sure he is not out of style. This Eros woman usually has many erotic experiences or she wants to have a lot of them in young age. In the practice of sex, she is simple and sensual. She usually loves foreplay and cuddling and enjoying the sexuality of her partner. She is often stressful and she can not stand in one particular spot. She wants action, passion, transitions, speed and much imagination! She hates routine and repetition of the same things. The lover of this woman must have imagination to be able to satisfy her. Otherwise he will face sarcasm, irony and attacks. Besides that will tell anyone about it!These women are not specific to sex, except for some who are associated with homosexuality. Generally, she loves the variety and learning. She does not hesitate to experiment. She has no scruples and taboos on such topics.

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She wants to hear: I’ll take care of this. Eros in Capricorn woman is a female being full of passion and love, but if caused accordingly. She is difficult to get her to bed by the first date. In general, she considers sex as  a carnal pleasure and she can separate love from body pleasure. She probably enjoys sex just for her body’s needs and she often does not enjoy it in the marriage. If  she can combine those two, then she is definitely happy! She can enjoy sex in a relationship knowing that this may be temporary, but this relation has to give her all that she need also. To be deeper in the relationship, she must first of all understand how her partner has very passionate interest to her and she wants to make her feel very feminine. Immediately, by this way awakens her female self. She may be slow but responsive. She need time to think about all the aspects of the events of this relationship, to see how she will benefit from this relationship. If she finally agrees to her partner’s touches, this means that he has won half the way to go to bed with her! It is advisable to be patient and condescending to her. Eros in Capricorn woman will tell you exactly what she wants, what to do and she has no hesitation to take the necessary steps if you think that you have some difficulties. She thinks that the satisfaction of her partner is a primary duty! If that fails, she will send him to a doctor or sex therapist, because she believes that something pathological is happening. Capricorn Eros is a bit tight and restrained. It is puzzling and hides surprises. She  like screams and scratches. She is inventive and enjoys the pleasure of all the senses. The ideal partner should have intensity and passion! She likes very much cuddlying. The vivid touches and passionate kisses should be the basic techinques of her partner. Sexual particularities are rare for this woman and she is not willing to meet any specific unless it’s  her own! Do not huff with her and especially without her permission!

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She warns to hear: I dont care about rules, it's only about us. Eros in Aquarius woman is not the most sexual woman in the way that she will not loose too much substance andspending her time on this piece. She considers it as a necessary function of the human body, a purely biological need and of course she always manages to seperate itfrom sentimental conditions. Sex does not support the relationship, nor is the contact of the partners of the sexual act. She lives with sex just for what it is, enjoys sexual gratification, but she doesn’t invest in processes of emotion and love. She can function instinctively. Aquarius eros loves strange and distinctive style in men. If she has not immediate response, she often goes. She knows how to travel her lover in the forbidden paths of pleasure. She wants to enjoy the body pleasure and she say yes to sexual preferences of her partner, but she likes imposing also her sexual particularities. This women, always want satisfaction of their lover, sometimes they use him as a sexual toy. He is obligated to do very good in bed, and is he doesn’t know, she will thinks thats he is not capable as a lover. This woman does not want a lot of emotions, caresses and kisses. She asks for more hard sex, fantasy and variety. She will be definetely the first woman that buys an orgasm pill without feeling taboo!


Cosmically activated by a stone that enhances her interest in the metaphysical. Eros in Pisces is connected to other worlds, and aquamarine’s oceanic association is a great balancer. She wants to hear: I love you in what ever your emotion is now. These girls are after Mr Unconditional Love. ‘Do what thou wilt and I’ll still adore you, darling’ has to be the motto of he who would score her love. She is a frank admirer of men who are visionary, genius or artistic. Normality sends her shrieking off into the wilderness. Ditto what she considers to be petty judgments and silly expectations. Most of all, she wants to be with the guy who is truly compassionate. The harsh and cynical man is anathema to her tender soul. Naturally, the singer of love songs or the writer of beautiful poetry has a huge head start with her. Eros in Pisces woman is a loving soul who often can not distinguish sex from love and affection. For this woman, these two are very connected and when the passion and love are over, it can not logically existsex. She is intensely feminine and indulges in sexual desires of a man who loves without hesitation. She will not react badly even in some special preferences that can be, as long as you treat her with love and tenderness. This woman loves to play many roles in bed. She likes conversation, and she gets influenced. A little wine, good music and romance would be the best for her! She is sensitive enough. Flirting and preliminary sex find her very responsive and it seems to enjoy them. She doesn’t have peculiarities, beyond those of her partner and her tendency to satisfy him. She can accept everything. She likes to receive and execute commands.



He wants to hear: Please be my hero! For Eros in Aries men, sex is very important. They can not live for long without it. Their relationships usually start very early. They rarely carefully choose their sexual partner, but it is true that they gain so much experience from quite early age. At the beginning of any relationship he is very passionate and fiery, but he later  gradually settles his passion and sometimes attains a routine practice in sex which might be tedious and boring. Aries is adventurous, passionate, hunter! He likes to make risky sex and he has a strong and violent sexuality. He can light fires in the air and he has the most amazing ideas.  He gives it all and he wants it all. He is not very loyal. He seeks for original experiences, sensual, often with older women or the opposite. Aries knows the strategy to succumb to his charm. He has no taboos and he enjoys challenging the situations. He is bold and takes chances. He likes to have sex in the most unlikely places experiencing strange postures. He does not confuse sex with relationship. For him sex is a workhorse. He likes to show his abilities and to always have the last word. But he is romantic and sentimental. Searching for wild passion and love, he lives his life to the fullest. Tensions and quarrels are aphrodisiac to him. He is heealous and sometimes he can become a masochist. He is a champion in sex and each time is even better than the previous one. Love wants imagination and creativity. If you want to stay with him, you must fulfill all his sexual needs. He is wacky, he likes to speak by vulgar words. He likes kisses on his neck, ears! Massage to the hair, excites him. He loves sex show. He is quick at all! He wants to date the woman who met two hours before! Do not go after him because he feels that he loses his identity and  his interest. He sometimes  has catastrophic instincts. If he does the same things, he constantly loses his imagination. Ii is quite difficult for him to match with a partner who seeks sensitivity simply because he cannot understand what his partner wants. So if you are in this position, you must find a discreet way to guide him and to indicate what you want. But beware! Aries dislikes suggestions and comments, so it would be good to be quite careful. Sometimes, some Aries likes threesomes, porn movies and group sex. But these are rare cases and they are always willing to follow your suggestions!


Cosmically activated by the smell of freshly cut grass and any similar fragrance. Woo him in the wilderness, walk through a field. The term ‘roll in the hay’ was invented for this guy. He wants to hear: I’m yours. A stayer, Eros in Taurus most values sensual compatibility. Seemingly insatiable, he is best won via bedwork and appeals to his so-tactile nature. Once truly in love, he is possessive, doting and demanding, lavishing his lover with athletic devotion. Despite an often-intense, sexing-it-up phase in youth, he yearns to be placed on a perfect husbandly pedestal. His libido waxes rather than wanes with a long-term love affair. Stability really turns him on … he sees soul-mating not as metaphysical but as metabolic, part of his very physical being. Eros in Taurus man is considered as one of the most sexual people of the zodiac circle, he is always seeing  sex under the light of the materialistic content. So, when, he decides to seduce you, he will want to invite you to a romantic dinner with quality, style and taste. He will create the appropriate atmosphere for him, in which he will feel familiar and convenient to suggest a relationship. Do not forget that Taurus man is a little bit shy with women and especially beautiful and unknown. After eating and drinking enough to saturate these desires, then he moves on his next need, sex. But beware, despite the importance that he attaches to the practical side of sex, you should keep some quality and character, so you can get well with him. This man will not leave room for your relationship with him if he understands how provocative and vulgar you are. He wants his wife to be pure and to have an innocent behavior. Keep a very serious attitude and graceful at least in your first appointment with him to create a mysterious and charming veil. Let him dream and imagine, but be aware that the relationship will become serious only if he proceeds to have sex with you. Then, he will feel good and comfortable to make another suggestion to you. So,when you get to this point you will be surprised by the power, the passion, strength and the perseverance he has to satisfy you. He pays importance on the foreplay and  he likes to satisfy his partner. Do not wait however long nights with passionate sex.

 Taurus Eros is very easy to be satisfied. He has not got strange demands nor expects from you extreme passions and abnormal or excessive behaviors. He is often normal to boredom and classical. He is not available for changes, new attitudes and ideas. It is quite difficult for him to adapt to new data that does not satisfy him, so he doesn’t even try it. His appetite for experimentation in sexual games is not much and if you ask him for something new in sex, he will assume that it may not be right thing for him. But, he believes that your satisfaction is above all and since he gives it to you, there is no need to offer you anything else in sex. He is sensual, articulate, lovable, and calm. He is romantic and he looks for quality. He let himself feel more free in bed and participates with all his five senses.  He gives and gets pleasure, respects each other’s needs and he wants feeling in sex. He has patience and tries to excite his partner in every way. The sensual pleasure with him is certain.  He doesn’t like unfaithful women and requires from you to be faithful and he will make to you all of your favors.  He loves the beautiful smells of the body and sex in nature. He is not weird in sex. He starts slowly in sex while he hides his burning sexuality. The bold and sensuous lingerie, massage with essential oils, massaging the back and neck, tender words in his ear during the operation, the touches and oral sex gets them crazy. He can make endless sex for hours and he is quite tender. He does’nt usually make one night stands. He prefers sex after a romantic dinner. He is one of the few signs that does not express verbally not only in sex  but also in other areas in his relationship. It is very difficult to find a Taurus who externalize what he feels into words, even to people he knows and loves. This is a common characteristic in Earth signs, because they prefer to make actions than loosing their time into talking.


He wants to hear: I hate you, i love , go away, ok i love you! Eros in Gemini man has a strange and difficult attitude in sexual issues. It is often surprising how easily can separate the sexual relationship from the deep love in his mind. This man is not particularly sentimental, so he really enjoys sex, since it is required and offers no sense. He is not combining these two together! He is available for relationships of one night and he has no trouble to cheat on his partner! Not only her, but his other wife who may have somewhere and his mistress or his other, other..wife! All kind of sexual threesomes and group sex are welcomed because he considers them as new experiences. Normal and classic sex is some how boring for him. Sexual activity exists firstly in the mind of Gemini!  When his mind is blocked for any reason, he can not function sexually. He has too many erotic fantasies, stimulated by sexual images and stories. If you are a classical and a traditional woman, you better look for someone else! He can try and experiment with anything, just to gain experience and to satisfy his curiosity He sometimes requires his partner to follow him and to succumb. He can certainly amaze you and you will not get  bored from his endless and excessive imagination. He does not want rushing sex without atmosphere. He, also wants to have a view in everything on his partner during sex. Touch him with your hands all over his body by using your imagination. He loves the spiritual dimension of sexuality. He likes to acquire experiences and when he targets to someone, he certainly wins! He likes when his partner is a partner and a girlfriend. He’s free and unfaithful, he can make sex everywhere. Sex makes the mood! That is one of his characteristic phrases! He can buy books about love and some of them do not hesitate to become gay just for the experience. They get attracted by sensual women and porn magazines. His tastes are unpredictable and the resistance arouses him! He remains forever young!


He wants to hear: Let's hug! The man who is born under the Eros in Cancer is a romantic, but quite moody. He can be terribly demanding from his partner and in the next minute he can loose his interest. In general, these kind of men are quite polite and considerate lovers. He will always be interested in the needs of his partner and his priority would be to satisfy her. They don’t usually like one night stands. They are almost always looking for the woman in their life where they will dedicate themselves to her. So, Cancer man is usually rather shy at the beginning of every relationship. He may take his time to decide to speak to his partner, but also to go with her in bed. He likes it when his partner love the safety of the family.
Generally, he does not like the behaviour of a very liberal woman or the extreme sexual situations. If you want to charm a This man, do not be vulgar in your movements and do not use hard sexual words in your speech. He is cautious and conservative till he understands what his partner wants. But he is certainly the preliminary teacher and he knows everything about the female anatomy. It is very hard to find a Cancer Eros who does not know how to satisfy you, because of ignorance.

Eros in Cancer is emotional and loving. He likes sex and he doesn’t use his hands too much. He has many erotic  fantasies, especially with his ex lovers, where all his senses are stimulated. He likes sex at home, but also romantic and full of passion. Make the beginning and then let him take the reins. The longer you are together, your satisfaction will be increased. Kisses, erotic confessions, compliments and hugs excite him. He likes sex in water and he wants to feel comfortable. He makes everything in order to satisfy his partner. He  make better sex in the dark. Invite him for a meal in your home. After a good meal, he makes better sex!  Do not cheat on him because he gets jealous and he can easily be hurt…These men have variations in their sexual behavior according to the phases of the Moon. Generally, Cancers  are induced by large breasts and maybe everything related to the female breasts is their only peculiarity in sex. There’s a minority Eros Cancers,  who are stimulated sexually by commands and humiliations. This is an extreme situation, but the dark side of the moon touches  some individuals of this sign. Finally, tenderness and discretion are the strongest things of this sign.


He wants to hear: I love the real you, beneath the fame. The sultan of love, Eros in Leo wants unconditional worship. Non-stop sycophancy is an optional extra. If you are a woman who wants to charm a man of Leo eros, you must show him the appropriate respect and appreciation you have for him! You have to show him that you will never forget those wonderful moments that you do not really deserve it, but when you are with him you do! By this way, you will gain a good lover. Eros in Leo draws his sexual stimulation from his narcissism. He is a very good lover, he knows how to listen and understands what his partner wants. The environment that prefers to have sex is always the more luxurious, which can be tolerated, full of mirrors to be able to admire himself and certainly silk sheets. He will not lose too much time in foreplay, he likes verbal expressions and prefers attitudes and practices that show his superiority. Leo loves lavish, comfortable and stylish sex. He is considered as the king of sex. He has confidence and provides pleasure. He also knows how to discover the erotic zones of his partner. Leos  are sensual and generous and they also have great endurance. He sometimes faking that he is difficult to get and that is because he requires desire and passion from his partner. He is a leader and is proud of that. He wants to have the upper hand. He is demanding and likes to improvise. Leo has a sexual aura that is difficult to resist. He does not fall in love quickly,he takes his time. He likes debate in bed and he want to hear from his partner how good lover is. He exhausts his partner and seeks quality. He makes everything to please her because he wants to be the best and he wants his partner to reach orgasm. He likes to live keenly and he is insatiable in sex. Sex confirms him. He loves fancy lingerie. Giving him a neck massage and kisses in his back, will get him relaxed. Sometimes he likes raw sex. He is an avid lover. He is usually a nice guy and after sex, he wants to sleep. Leos generally do not have any sexual preferences, are usually simple and traditional, their expressions are exaggerated, they are making something very normal and ordinary and they always wait for their partner to be proud of them



He wants to hear: I trust you. Eros in Virgo  is not the most passion lover who will lead you into paths of erotic love and erotic words.  He is entirely down to earth, sensible and he is usually limited to the essential part. He requires a partner with honesty and consistency. He really enjoys flirting, because love for him is mostly on spirit rather than  body and he usually exhausts his partner in foreplay. But he is shy and he has difficulties to express his emotions. He is attracted to intelligent and active women, who have humor and strong personality. The spirit arouse him but he hates inconsistency. Do not even consider to be late to your appointments! He will definitely dislike you! To get to sex with him, you will probably need to make the first step. Virgo man is a coward  in front of a smart woman and it  is very likely, if you expect for him the first step, to get bored. He is distinctive and very delicate in his movements. There are not violent or vulgar and they hate all these kind of  events. He has not developed his imagination in this area and  it would be better to challenge his fantasy to encourage him. Lots of Virgin men carry many inhibitions and taboos from their parent houses and they continue living with these without being able to expel them.

Most Eros Virgo consider sex as a dirty and a tedious story and often try to avoid or limit it. They do not usually consider it as an essential element in their lives and it is likely to be able to live without it. The frequency of once a month is very good for most Virgos. It is also possible to limit the number of sex at a particular time and day, and beyond this no more. You should know that he has the tendency to see the woman he loves as a woman very different from the other ones and you should make him understand that you have the same needs as all the women. You should show him that love can be fun even with his woman. He has fantasies and when he  overcomes taboos, he is a master in the genre. He requires cleanness, healthiness and beautiful smells or aromas. He wants her body to be soft as a caress. He doesn’t change his sex habits easily, he wants to give direction to the sexual act and if something goes wrong, he is able to get dressed and leave. His need to control everything prevents sensuality. He wants from his partner humor and confidence. He is conservative, stable and likes stable relationships. He’s lonely and closed. If you do not touch his soul, he can become very cold in bed. He need love to be unfold.  He has high standards  in love. He searches a lot  the person who will have sex with. He loves girls from home but also naughty ones. He wants to know with what kind of woman he is dealing with, and he is waiting from the other side to make the first step. He works better when he has finished all his  obligations. Do not give yourself at once to make him understand that you have self-control. He is compatible when he finds the perfect lover. He likes touching him in his belly. Make him massage with aromatic oils to excite him. After a good sex, he usually sleeps as he is not regarded as the most romantic. His erogenous zone is his backside. There are few Virgos that belong to transvestite, voyeurs and people who like to be humiliated and humiliate their partner. But those cases are exceptions. Most people live in a frustrating routine that is highly predictable and tedious for a more fiery partner.


Cosmically activated by classic floral. He has a highly discerning sense of smell and hates tricky fragrances, synthetics and over-application. He could easily have a fetish about body lotion or scented lip gloss. He wants to hear: You are so beautiful. Eros in Libra fantasizes about a total merger of heart, mind, body and soul. Once soul mated, he gets off on non-stop togetherness His romantic ideals are lofty. A relationship should be nothing less than poetry in motion. He can be enraptured by the idea of woman — adoring of the concept, less taken with the everyday reality. A natural-born aesthete, he thrills to beauty, philosophy and talent but is appalled by banality Keep it real? No way Make it surreal The elegant euphemism is preferable to all nature. Sex for an Eros in Libra man is an essential element for his life, because he is in love with it. But he is addicted in it mostly because of  brain and not physically. Love for a Libra man is sensuality, flirting, preparation in the mind, environment, music, romance and of course in the end sex. This man does not like vulgar movements and extremely behaviors. Everything must be done with discretion and tact. He is available for sex challenges that he never done before but he will never force you to do something you do not want. If you do not agree, he will respect your opinion. There is a case that he will do with another partner things you do not want to do in sex, but this is always in the program! He usually does not say no to love challenges, since every woman has something that the other woman has not. Love for Eros Libras is a romantic relationship of the brain, which pervades them with feelings of love, tender and mental union. He will give to you all of his heart in the relationship, but remember that he needs to be rewarded by you. Eros in Libra confuses love with sex. He’s very erotic and  he can make hours of foreplay. He likes nice words, nice atmosphere, nice body, curves and lacy lingerie. He’s sensual, he likes trying things and  he hates vulgar and extreme scenes. He’s romantic, respects each other’s needs and certainly send his partner to the seventh heaven. He knows how to excite the senses, he gives more than he gets. He has a big heart and a very little selfishness. He is a good husband. He is gentle and he often hides truths from his partner because he doesn’t want to hurt her. He has good manners and hates rudeness. He has many sexual famtasies and wants to make them true. He prefers quality. He wants sex with emotion and sensuality. He can be comforted to all situations. They are possessive and demanding and he sometimes can be a  voyeurism. He likes preliminary and cuddlies. In bed, he likes to obey orders. He likes to think that you’re the master of the game. He talks about his sexual needs. He likes to make love in strange places. He prefers the relaxed sex. He likes cuddlies at the back or neck and if you do it well, he is going to love you!!! If you neglect him, he may cheat on you to get himself affirmation. You have to win him and challenge him with a smart way, otherwise you lost the game! He will never leave you unsatisfied and he will always be available as long as he is calmed and relaxed. Libras need peace and relaxation to feel sexually capable, because the body responds only when the mind is unaffected by everyday stress. He will treat you as a queen,  but remember to encourage him!


He wants to hear: Wow! how do you know that? Eros in Scorpio man is a volcano. Do not play with him in bed! If you are what he wants and he will be the only one that knows it, you  will have a man yours forever. If you’re not, you’ll temporarily or completely possible share him with at least two or three partners. Scorpios love sex with  power. They want to control every part of your body but also your mind. Sex commands from him, should be acceptable for you! You simply obey. They like practices with the complete subordination of the female body and if you resist too much, they will not hesitate to take you with them!! In the relationship can allow you to analyze issues of high spiritual value, but when you get to  sex, everything is primitived! Generally, sex is pretty violent and they want instant gratification. When erything is quiet and romantic, he will grab you and drag you violently in bed. The earthly and completely animalistic instinct  of Scorpio man will come up, he will make you forget yout tact and discretion and you will be surrendered to him. Scorpio is sensitive and he is often emotionally involved in sex. He is modest and he needs confidence. If he overcomes his  reticence, he can make his wild fantasies come true. He is expressed by the eyes and touchment and he does not like to talk during sex. He hides tension and mystery. He does not consider sensuality and passion only in the sexual act. He likes foreplay and every kind of sex except boring sex. He has no boundaries and taboos. He has fantasies that wants to practice them. He is impulsive and passionate, loyal and trustworthy. He knows the techniques of lovemaking. He can feel and sense what his partner wants. They are possessive and they also hide their feelings. They show themselves, slowly. Scorpio looks calm and sometimes outlandish but in bed is the perfect lover. Love and desire are important to him. He explores the dark areas of sexuality, the depths of the soul. He likes to experiment and knows how to send you in the seventh heaven. Sex gives energy to him while routine kills him. He is attractive, he fascinate his partner, and he loves beautiful smells. He wants to feel that you belong to him entirely. If you flirt with another partner, you’ve lost him. Involved in love affairs, often frivolous.  His sadomasochist tenses are developed! He likes kinky underwear and body oils especially with flavors. He likes bite, lick, cuddly on his thighs and oral sex. His erogenous zone is his genitals.


He warns to hear: Don’t fence me in! The philosopher of love, Eros in Sagittarius is a fiery and a passionate lover. Generally , it is difficult for him to dedicate to a woman and prefers women with experience. He wants to learn things which he can implement them later. He especially loves flirting and conquest. That’s why his movement is so perpetual into new relationships. He wants to relive this wonderful season of being in love. He gives great importance to  the technique of flirting and in the  foreplay. He seems to hurry to go on quickly further more but certainly considers it a very important stage. He is particularly concerned about his performance in sex and he frequently requests confirmation. This perhaps explains why he likes to fly like flower to flower.
His partner’s satisfaction is the key. This man is not prudish and conservative. He is not classic and he hates routine. He is not too extreme, but his sexual mood is unpredictable, sudden and often abrupt. He can make a mess the place where he is with his partner! He will tear her clothes and make unpredictable things in sex. Maybe some of them have a tendency to homosexuality and rarely in sadomasochism. He likes cuddly on his thighs and a nice massage with aromatic oils throughout his body. He is happy, playful and knows how to excite. He is usually fertile until an old age. Sagittarius loves the intense, passionate sex and elsewhere sex outside the home.  He likes games with the tongue and lips. He likes to experience extreme things and to collect experiences. Before making a serious relationship, he is seeking for experiences. He likes challenges-invitations to sex and separates them from the relationship. They are impulsive, easily bored and they want changes. Sagittarius likes to be the hunter in the relationship! He thinks that mind and personality is the most important things. He knows the technique to make sex moments fascinating! He is other times emotional and others chilly. He is unfaithful if he is not satisfied and he does not like long-term relationships. He is constantly searching for the best partner ever. He needs security to open himself and he leaves early because he is afraid of being hurt. He has all the energy, strength that a partner wants  and he loves it when his partner is flexible!


Cosmically activated by the sweet smell of success. He likes the whole package to be clean like Virgo and non-vulgar like Leo, but so understated like the faint waft of professionally blow-dried hair. He wants to hear: Financial independence turns me on. Sex for Eros in Capricorn man is as a primary need like money. These are the two basic values ​​of his life and everything is moving around them. He is sexually aroused if money are included in the sex game. The lack of emotion that characterizes this man, helps him to separate many times completely the pleasure of body from love. The rest of his life and by the time he pleasures his body, remains unaffected and perhaps even enjoyable. No intensity, no passions, no guilt or shame. Eros in Capricorn man requires his partner to be always available, when he wants. His partner may get tired from this behavior. He never wastes time from work in order to be sexually satisfied. Work is above all! Generally, Capricorn man tries to satisfy his woman needs. His practices are often conservative and he  generally does not like something completely different from the usual stuff. His conservatism is status. Eros in Capricorn needs serious and stable relationship to yield. He does not love foreplay,variety and casual sex. He wants his time to reach orgasm. He enjoys sex when it has durance. He likes to give a battle to win his partner. He does not like bold females. He uses logic. He wants a woman who is gathered to hear the things he has to say. He needs confidence and security to open his heart. He likes to define the situations. He has strength in sex but a few of imagination. He is loyal, confident and he wants to feel secure. Sharing things with him is difficult, he prefers to take, even in love. He attracts women. He can become a championed for the woman he loves.  He likes to cuddly him on the knees and ankles.


Cosmically activated by the weird fragrances, the avant-garde, hard-to-find scents that are talking points in themselves, Eros in Aqua loves metallic and/or fruity fragrances. He wants to hear: You’re not like the other guys. Socially progressive, Eros in Aquarius believes in love Utopia. He can appear unfeeling because his romantic ideals involve mind enmeshment. His heart only softens with intellectual equality. He is incapable of playing loyalty-testing games to ensure that he is able to let his guard down. The cant of romance bores him senseless. Eros in Aquarius can forget your birthday, let alone love anniversaries, but show the deepest tenderness in unexpected ways. He is easily bored with social convention – drive him away quickly by making such obligations an essential part of your relationship. Eros in Aquarius man is cold, logical and erotic. First of all,to function in sex, he needs stimulation, exploration and communication. Women who will attract him are never so  much beautiful but they are smart, active and social. He has much fantasy and he is a very good lover! He likes foreplay, he is quite bold, quirky and he requires variety and intense sex. When Eros Aquarius, are having sex, they are into another world, the world of lust and flesh. He is not succumbing sentimentality or he does not let himself to succumb, but offers and requires satisfaction. He will definitely get his satisfaction! He can be violent and sadistic. He is not consistent with classical and conservative women. He wants variety, risk and imagination. He suggests and implements specific and bizarre postures and special places. This continuous search and demands from his partner, may tire her. Eros Aquarius is separating sex from emotion. He is open to all and he is notvery loving. He likes the variety and the foreplay. Everything is allowed, even threesome, he has no taboos and he does not get shocked. He is conventional and he does not like stereotypes. He looks for liberated paths that lead to pleasure. He is curious, playful, unpredictable and he has a lot of imagination. He always finds something spicy to renew his sex life. He has strength and appetite and likes to proceed quickly to sex with a new acquaintance. He prefers people with sexual experiences to learn by them. He is not so loyal and is constantly searching for something else because he gets bored easily. If you have many demands, he will leave. Best regarded as a friend than as a lover. He is stimulated by the spirit of his partner. He likes quick and satisfying sex and also oral. He wants to satisfy his partner. He likes cleanliness, and he usually uses contraception. He is searching for an authentic and eccentric partner. He hides his feelings to protect himself. You never know what he thinks and what he feels. He easily make new acquaintances. He can make love with his friend and then consider him again as a friend.

In sex he is often outrageous and extravagant. He gets stimulated by porn films and has a tendency to love threesomes and group sex. He can develop any kind of individuality, he can be voyeur, exhibitionist and sadistic. He is generally considered as very unfaithful or very faithful. If they find the woman of their life and what they ask in sex, they are very loyal. But if he finds it difficult to persuade her to follow him, then things are different. She will certainly be the woman of his life,  but sex is a physical matter and he will find another partner to satisfy it, who will makes his sexual dreams come true.


Cosmically activated by ylang- ylang essential oil. Unlike most men, Eros in Pisces is interested in complexity and mystery. If in doubt, try anything that’s oriental. But, make sure you use it sparingly. He wants to hear: I’m so in love with you. Eros in Pisces is the king of love and the most romantic sign of all. He yearns for the all-enveloping romance, one ‘that annihilates walls between the lovers and fulfills childhood dreams of The One. This man is capable of unconditional acceptance. Wildly compassionate, he can’t truly in love with a woman mean-hearted. Cynical arrangements or merely ‘convenient’ relationships hardens his heart. Yet, because he believes in love, he can easily be hurt by those who fail to grasp his inner goodness. This man is one of those men who want to offer you a lot in the area of ​​sex. For these people it is important to satisfy their partner and consider it as their primary task. Sex is violent and cruel or pretentious. He approaches his partner gently and sensually, responding to her needs. He makes her wishes come true and he treats to her lovingly and tenderly. This man is experiencing love first in spirit and mind and then physically. He always ensures the right sensual environment, the comfort and the right time. He likes his partner to take initiatives and he often feels the need to execute commands. He likes to tell him what to do and how to behave . He is not searching for the captaincy in bed and in general prefers more experienced women. Sometimes, he seems to be very skittish and difficult to go on beyond the preliminary sex and flirting. He needs the proper encouragement to regain the confidence he has. Then, he will prove to you that he is a skillful and incredible lover. Eros Pisces has very imagination, energy and lots of variations. He makes dreams for the person he loves. At first, he may be shy and timid but then, he becomes tender and emotional. He does not like vulgar, he is delicate and usually avoids one night stands. He penetrates the psyche of his partner and offers great satisfaction. He gives everything to his partner, but he wants her to be faithful. He likes improvisation and pays attention to the details. His words are aptly and knows well how to manipulate women. He appears and disappears easily. He can make you feel the center of the world, even its is for a while. He likes to express sensuality. He has many sexual fantasies and he loves strange underwear. He likes gently caress and to make sex in romantic places .. Some tender words in his ear and some kisses, will send him to heaven! Pisces are not known for specific sex. They are characterized classical and very normal, with some exceptions perhaps tenses to sadomasochism. A portion of Pisces likes to be humiliated by their partner and execute their orders strictly. Overall, they execute and follow the wishes and desires of their woman and also  ask them to teach them new practices in sex.

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