FASHion ♡ The LOST Mermaid ~

Words just ditched me senses betrayed,
Don’t know if I am on right path or strayed.

Moments so bright, turn gloomy in a while
At times,it doesn’t stop, at others,its difficult to smile..

Puzzle,that is the life right now, hope I am able to solve
Wish the future isn’t, the destructive one for me but the one where I evolve

The world seems to be a meander and I, completely entangled
As I am trying to unfold, its getting scrambled

Its scary out here and I don’t no where to go
Would you give me your hand, be my side and take me,on the path i don’t know??

Will you?? will you walk with me,talk with me,
Guide me through this phase be the soul in me.
Hold me tight, hold me right and help me end this chase...

Lost [Poem]
By gunjan

~The LOST Mermaid ~

From : : Bekah Jenkins , Flair, May

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