Sagittarius Horoscope 2012 [i]

Sagittarius Horoscope 2012 General

Sagittarius horoscope for 2012: This year’s astrological trends promise you new developments in life and an opportunity to overcome any obstacle. The first phase of Jupiter starts, and it will be increased by gradually going Pluto, thus allowing optimism to increase and to forget about restrictions. Nevertheless, you still will sink into sad reverie. You will feel a great desire to ensure and to put in order your personal life.

Sagittarius Work and Business Horoscope 2012

You will move forward, and that will be a good time to show everybody your talent by working actively and by concentrating on current things. Your career is in the foreground of your thoughts. On the other hand, you should not show how hard life is for you to achieve greater progress. You will act as fast as you think, that is why you might face some obstacles. It is recommended to divide work evenly in order to avoid mental overload and return to pessimistic mood, while trying to succeed. I will be times when you may have to stop, so you could evaluate the work process and the plan for moving forward. Do not focus on insignificant details. Starting from June 2012, your projects will bring profit.

Sagittarius Love Horoscope 2012

At the beginning of the year, tonality of your personal relationship will slightly change. You ask yourself too many questions to which it is not always easy finding the answers. Regardless of whether you are single or with someone, conditions that will allow you to strengthen existing relationship or create a new relationship will come up, but with one rule – that you are ready for change and compromise. You will become even more attractive, so it can get quite easy to convince, to fascinate; your expressions will become even more heartfelt, but actions – more emotional. Holidays will be saturated with love. Dates with a mild atmosphere are recommended at the end of the year. The existing atmosphere will increase harmony. For you, not only appearance is important, but you are looking for a sincere person who can enjoy simple pleasures in life. It is characteristic of you to be gentle, attentive, diplomatic; you are loyal to yourself.

Sagittarius Financial Horoscope 2012

In comparison to previous year, financial problems will not be as hard. Such conditions will develop that will make a situation in the future easier, as long as you do not miss your opportunity. We always have a choice. However, you should always think about consequences in order to avoid it. What is done is done – this expression is very suitable for your situation? You have not enough patience in order to deal with financial paperwork and to plan long-term expenses. Even if last year your aim was to solve financial problems, this year you will want to take a break and to enjoy results of the progress. I often will arise from situations when society will not understand you, for that you can blame on the position of planets regarding your star sign.

Sagittarius Relationship Horoscope 2012

You will take to heart everything related to your infatuation and close relationship. You will still be affected by Pluto, what will sometimes make you sacrifice yourself, to defend the interests of certain people? Your real-life direction (Saturn) looks just like a mirror, so now it does not fully comply with what you show others. Before you start to defend it in every way possible, you should thoroughly evaluate everything, or simply to consider their weak points.

Sagittarius Health and Energy Horoscope 2012

This year will require a lot of strength from you. Some things just will not be possible to avoid. Therefore, you will have to put in a lot of effort to meet all your obligations. Saturn’s support will allow you to improve your health, but at the same time it will generate a certain inertia related to your true nature. From time to time, you will have to deal with stress, but it will not affect your health. Last three months of the year you will feel an increase of mental energy, which in an amazing way will increase your creative potential and will guide you towards new creative ideas. The overall state of the body will mobilize you to achieve more serious goals.

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