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Famous Celebrities Libra Male

Ryan Reynolds, , born 23 October 1976

Loving, warm and compassionate, Libra is one of the most charming of all the zodiac signs. Ruled by Venus, the Libra man is also a helpless romantic who loves the idea of being in love. He's rarely alone and will often choose a bad relationship rather than none at all. Libra is upbeat, with a positive outlook on life. He loves beauty in any form, along with comfort and luxury, even when he can't afford it.

As the Scales symbol suggests, Libra seeks balance and harmony, and has a deep sense of fairness and justice. He often takes up causes to help his fellow man or creature and right the world's wrongs. He expects his partner to take on these lofty causes, as well, and to fully support his efforts. Libra hates confront ation, which makes him fairly easy to please; he generally won't complain much. On the down side, he may be very indecisive and hard to pin down to an opinion. True to his trademark fairness, he weighs all sides carefully first, and even after he finally does make a decision, he's likely to change it after giving it more thought.

These same qualities, however, can sometimes make him fickle in matters of the heart. He loves people, and they love him, so he's often viewed as somewhat of a flirt. He wants a perfect relationship, and if he doesn't have that with a partner, he's not above finding a more suitable mate. Once he falls in real love, however, Libra is faithful and devoted.

Celebrities Taurus Men

Celebrities Taurus Man
Famous Taurus Male

Channing Tatum (born on April 26, 1980) 
American actor and former male fashion model. After beginning his career as a male fashion model, he has branched out into acting roles, appearing in the films Coach Carter (2005), Supercross: The Movie (2005), She's the Man, then Step Up

Celebrities Cancer Men

Celebrities Cancer Man
Famous Cancer Male

Chace Crawford, born 18 July 1985

Celebrities Virgo Men

Famous Celebrities Virgo Male
Celebrities Virgo Man

Chris Pine, born 26 August 1980

Celebrities Scorpio Men

Celebrities Scorpio Man
Famous Celebrities Scorpio Male

Ryan Gosling ,born on November 12, 1980

Celebrities Pisces Men

Celebrities Pisces Man
Famous Celebrities Pisces Male

Adam Levine, born 18 March 1979

Celebrities Capricorn Men

Celebrities Capricorn
Famous Celebrities Capricorn Male

Jude Law, born 29 December 1972

Celebrities Leo Men

Celebrities Leo Man
Famous Celebrities Leo Male

Chris Hemsworth, born 11 August 1983

Celebrities Gemini Men

Celebrities Gemini Man
Famous Celebrities Gemini Man

Chris Evans, born 13 June 1981

Celebrities Sagittarius Men

Celebrities Sagittarius
Famous Sagittarius Male

Brad Pitt, born 18 December 1963

Celebrities Aries Men

Aries Man
Famous Aries  Male

James Franco, born 19 April 1978

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Love of Aries (March 19 - April 18)

Aquarius Seduction

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Aquarius SEX

Sex with Aquarius

Aquarius LOVE

Love of Aquarius ( January 20 - February 18)

The "Age of Aquarius" and the futuristic explorations it brings to mind are very much in synch with those of people born under this sign. The Water Bearer is a visionary, a caring and giving lover who sees the beauty in friendship and the mutual attainment of shared ideals. These independent souls are a fount of ideas, forever dazzling friends and other groups with their quicksilver mind and humanitarian spirit. Mental fireworks are the sexiest kind for the oft-overflowing Water Bearer, and they are captivated by a lover who shares their quest for a better world. An intuitive partner who is willing to look outside the box in the hopes of becoming a more complete being will win an Aquarian's heart straightaway. The Water Bearer is a flirtatious charmer who is at home with many but also appreciates the pleasures created by two.

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