The Game of Love ~ Horoscope 2011

The Game of Love 
2011 Horoscope

Isabel Lucas ~ January 29, 1985


From July 3 to September 10, Mercury is in Aquarius relationship sector, bringing out the need in you to speak up and be heard. Following closely on the heels of this period, Mars enters Aquarius relationship sector, giving you and extra boost in your love life. Be careful that you don't set up any negative communications during the aforementioned Mercury transit, because Mars will surely trigger these off and that extra boost you were looking for in matters of the heart may turn into a boost of the not so nice kind -- in other words, a breakup. Venus is in Aquarius relationship area from July 29 to August 21, so use this period wisely to cement your relationships so they last the course of time. 2011 is also the first year Aquarius will be living without Neptune in your sign. Although it is only for a short time -- April 5 to August 5 to be precise -- it will also be a period where you get to feel a tad more clearheaded than you have for several years, giving you a taste of things to come.

The Olsen twins,13 June,1986


2011 looks like a great year for Gemini romantically. Venus pays two visits through your relationship sector. The first of these is from January 8 till February 5. If you are single, look for new opportunities to meet someone during this period. Whilst many of the signs are laboring under a heavy influence from Saturn just now, Gemini is not. Quite the contrary. Saturn will continue to bestow much wisdom on you this year. During the early part of the year friendships will be very important to you. After June 5 you may find you wish to become more in tune with your own spirituality and seek a partnership that will help you to grow in this way. Your intuition will also be heightened and you may find you are seeking outlets to nurture this aspect of yourself. By the time Venus comes back to Gemini's relationship sector from November 3 to November 27, you may not be the same person you were at the beginning of the year. Quite exciting really -- this is a year of growth and unexpected changes which you can choose not only to benefit yourself but also to benefit a relationship.

Natalia Vodianova
Natalia Vodianova. 28 February 1982


It will be nice for Pisces to have Uranus leave your sign on April 12, when it enters Aries. Pisces may have been laboring under Uranus's effects for quite a few years now, perhaps making everything around you seem erratic and out of your control -- not least your love life. Mercury is in Pisces' relationship area from July 29 to August 8, at which time you will need to be careful what you say to others, as all may not be as it seems. Venus will give a boost to Pisces' love life from August 22 to September 16, and for part of this time Mercury will revisit your relationship sector and also help you along (September 10 to September 26) much more than it helped you in July/August. You may think nothing much is happening in your love life in 2011, but wait till November! On November 11, Mars enters Pisces' relationship sector to shake and move you… for eight months! So just when you think life may be boring and not so exciting, Mars will see you through to a good part of 2012, and it will be anything but boring.

Keira Christina Knightley . 26 March 1985

Your love life this year will be full of anticipation. With Saturn in your area of relationships though, Aries, you may find that you are getting more than you bargained for. Saturn's influence will have the effect of trying to hold you back and keep you in line. Given that your basic nature is anything but this, Aries may find it a bit frustrating. From January 23 until June 5, Jupiter, planet of luck, will be in your own sign and you may find you are willing to try new things and give yourself permission to be a bit reckless (as if you need permission for that!). Venus is also in Aries from April 22 to May 15, which may find you going after what you want with such force that by the time Venus reaches your relationship sector to join Saturn from September 16 to October 9, you had better be ready to do some serious thinking on what it is you really want. This year is about finding your own balance within relationships. You are usually the one who likes to lead but sometimes a bit of balance is needed for a relationship to go forward and deliver its gifts to you. Remember this when you feel frustrated.

Kirsten  Dunst . April 30, 1982

The first part of the year may have you thinking of your "self" more than you have for quite a while. Early February will find Taurus in a contemplative mood over which way you would like your love life to run. However, you may find you are in a kind of limbo-land in pushing for changes until October/November, when Venus is in Taurus' relationship sector. This would be the time to push for any changes you have been wanting, and with all the thinking you get to do during the first half of the year, make sure you put it to good use so when the time comes you have a plan. Jupiter, planet of luck, is also entering Taurus on June 5. This will bring in a time of fresh ideas, expansive thoughts, and new opportunities. It is the first time Jupiter has been in your sign for 12 years, so perhaps think back to 12 years ago and see what changes have occurred in your life. Even though this year seems to be about "you" more than others, with Jupiter travelling through your sign, anything is possible.

Liv Tyler (born July 1, 1977)


This could be an intense year for you romantically. Pluto has been in Cancer's relationship sector for quite some time now, gradually breaking down areas of your relationships you no longer need and, on the bright side, transforming those you do. Your year starts with Mercury also in this area of your life from January 14 to February 4. Any misunderstandings or issues you want resolved would be best looked at during this time. I'm not saying it will be easy, but it will be illuminating. Cancer also has two visits by Venus through your relationship sector this year. The first is from February 5 to March 5. You may find this period to be washing away old ideas and patterns from your past as you focus on what it is you really want in love and not what has been put upon you. The second time Venus visits Cancer's relationship sector is from November 27 to December 21. 2011 may be a very transformative year for Cancer romantically and I feel it is carrying over from 2010. Something started in 2010 is still around you (even if the other person is still around you or has left). It is the influence of the past which you need to cut through to get the best from 2011, and you are being given ample opportunities to do so.

Charlize Theron Steal The Show of GQ Magazine July 2008
Charlize Theron . 7 August 1975


For quite a few years you may have been "wondering" (for want of a better word) what has been happening in your love life. Neptune has been in Leo's relationship sector for this time and possibly casting a shadow of doubt, confusion, or mystery upon your love life. However, Neptune will move out of Leo's relationship sector from April 5 to August 5, when it will retrograde back in to Aquarius. What this will do is give you a 4-month period this year to start to "fit back into your own skin" and not feel that you are lost within a relationship (or love). Venus is also in Leo from July 29 to August 22, which will help you reinforce any changes you wish to make for yourself. This year is a good year to think back on what you have learnt during the past few years about love and relationships; where you were in that equation and where you wanted to be. Venus will add "oomph" to Leo's love life from March 3 to March 28 when she is in your relationship sector.

Evan Rachel Wood
Evan Rachel Wood,September 7,1987

From April 5 to August 5 you may be experiencing a shift in your love life and how you view your relationship. Neptune enters the relationship area of Virgo's chart at this time, giving you a taste of what is to come in future years. From March 28 to April 22, Venus will be shining her light on Virgo's relationships. For those of you who are single, you may find you are feeling the urge to take steps towards a relationship. Those of you already in a relationship will be feeling as if you are on the verge of change within this relationship. The movement of Mars through this sector of Virgo's chart from February 24 to April 3 is urging you to act to take charge of your own destiny in matters of the heart. Whilst the past few years may have been about other people in your life, Virgo is firmly being led up a path this year where you may be forced to answer to your "self" and your own wishes in relation to love. Surprisingly, there is a certain amount of freedom in the answers you come up with.


Gwen Stefani
Gwen Stefani,October 3, 1969
You're probably sick and tired of hearing about Saturn currently being in Libra, where he does remain for the duration of 2011, but… there are some interesting movements in the opposite sign of Aries, which houses Libra's relationship sector. Jupiter moves into this sign on January 23 to June 5, during which time you may feel you have been endowed with a lot more freedom in your love life than you have been experiencing for quite a while. On top of this Uranus, planet of sudden change, also moves into Aries on March 12 and remains there for the remainder of 2011. From April 22 to May 16, Venus is also in this area of Libra's chart. Watch out for sudden changes to your love life during these periods. You may feel you are reassessing what you want in a relationship, but there is large scope for circumstances to be taken from your control during these times. Libra may be at the mercy of others, and I daresay this may be in a nicer way than you anticipate. Still, that is no reason not to have your own thoughts and feelings counted, and it is always easier to do this when you have a plan and a roadmap of where you are wishing to go. Start 2011 with this plan and know that whilst the road may be bumpy, it will certainly be interesting.

Anne Hathaway
Anne Hathaway (born November 12, 1982)


In May, both Mars and Venus will enter the relationship sector of Scorpio's chart, at which time you may find you are so focused on your love life that that is all there is to life. Dates to keep in mind are from May 12 to June 21 (summer equinox). Mars will be giving Scorpio extra "oomph" and sex appeal. Concurrently from May 16 to June 10, Venus will be doing much the same. However, the major change you have happening this year is that on June 5 Jupiter, planet of luck, will enter Scorpio's relationship area for a twelve-month stay. Need I say more? For this reason alone 2011 is shaping up to be a great year for you and your love life! Jupiter's risk factor will help Scorpio overcome obstacles within yourself that may have been holding you back in allowing others close to you, whilst at the same time giving you such an inner glow that your natural magnetism just shines through no matter what you do.

Scarlett Johansson
Scarlett Johansson (November 22,1984) 


Relationships will be high on your list from June 9 to July 5, when Venus moves into this sector of Sagittarius' chart. Joining Venus from June 10 to July 4 is Mercury (without a retrograde in sight). This will give Sagittarius the extra confidence to possibly tackle any issues which have been on your mind and share them with your partner. For those of you who are single, be on the lookout for an interesting person entering your life who is full of good conversation and who may also manage to ignite passion you have not felt for a while. Also helping Sagittarius along with this quest is Mars, which enters your relationship sector from June 22 to August 4. So all up you have quite a busy time mid-year with many interesting, overlapping segments to your emotions hopefully being triggered by a partner who is curious to get to know you on many levels. Sagittarius will be ready to take risks during this period also, and for those of you who are already in a relationship, passions will be high on the agenda, so use them to your best advantage.


Sienna Miller
Sienna Miller (born 28 December 1981)
If there are two days to watch out for in 2011, for Capricorn it is August 11 and 12 (and the days around them). At this time Mars is in Capricorn's relationship sector and also in opposition to Pluto, which has been transforming you in ways seen and unseen for quite a while now. At the same time Uranus will be squaring off to this opposition, so Capricorn may speak, act, and feel without much thought. You have been warned. Mars is actually in Capricorn's relationship sector from August 4 to September 20, which will be bringing to the fore your need to take the lead in relationships. So whilst I have given the above dates with a caution, you may actually need to walk a thin line in what you do and don't say, whilst also being ready to take the initiative to straighten problems out. Preceding this period, Venus is also in Capricorn's relationship sector from July 5 to July 29. If you use this period wisely (July 5 to July 29), you may be able to counter any negative impact from Mars in August and September.

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