Shattered heart... The stupid fool...

Oh the Heavenly Garden .... I found this Pinked Apple. It's look so delicious. I went close and take a look. I think it is very pretty, it looks so delicious. I wondered, if I were to take a bite of this pretty piece of apple just one bite, I maybe taste the heaven inside me, should i bite this? its look so nice to be true, will it give me pleasure of feelings? Suddenly, my heart said to stop. What is it I asked heart, why can't I take this bite~ nothing wrong with just wanna try. "My dearest, there is nothing wrong with tasting this such beautiful fruit but to be warn .. As you such a pure innocent new born body to this paradise, you see it as it is because you never tasted or being touched by the real damage of heavenly heaven... To get what you called a taste of heaven, you must understand that there is a hell in every heaven." And then I said...maybe I will just try just one bite it won't hurt it won't hurt that much...the feeling of hell shall be destroy by the sensual feeling of heavenly taste of this Apple. "Alright, then I will allow your body and soul to merge with heavenly taste, don't forget I have already warned you."